Dainty from her headknobs to the very tip of her tail, she may be smallest in stature but the picture of poise and grace. Dark emerald caresses her elegantly shaped muzzle, lightening in gradual brilliance as it trails over angular features and down to the curve of her throat and chest. There is depth to her, in a subtle play of light and dark beneath sunlight, with emerald hues in scintillating sequin-like patterning without the garish flash. Her wings lighten further, as opulent as the finest, thinnest silk in the form of her wingsails. Her neck ridges are brushed with jade at the edges, dream-like in quality with the way it plays and flows along each curve. Rich dark emerald forms each of her elegant talons, as if hewn from the very gemstone itself, completing the final touch.


Egg Name and Description

Vorbarr Sultana Egg
Albeit one of the smaller eggs in the clutch, there is a general sense of power somehow emanating from this egg. Its underlying color is a deep, dark green, almost reminding one of the water in the deepest part of Fort's lakes. The tip is capped with crystalline white, while its middle is dappled with a variety of elements, fading each from one to the next: broad, vast beiges, vibrant reds and browns blended with the occasional verdant forest-green, sweeping and curving lines of blue like a river flowing.

Hatching Message

Wobble Message
Vorbarr Sultana Egg does not look like it's doing anything. You'd have to look close. You'd have to look really close. But if your attention is on it (and excuse me but why wouldn't it be), it's moving. Juuuust a little.

Crack Message
Vorbarr Sultana Egg has someone's attention, right? All it takes is that one person! More would be better, but it's just one pair of eyes that it requires to take any and all actions. Once that's achieved, though, it shimmies a little in place and a delicate crack that almost looks like half a heart-shape wrapping around it. But there's no sign of a dragon. Not just yet.

Hatch Message
Vorbarr Sultana Egg seems to have reached the conclusion that it has seen enough, or perhaps enough has been seen of it. A fine, dainty little green snout, sparkling in what light is cast upon it, ekes out through the egg until she shimmies through the shell all the way, managing not to totally shatter the shell — that would be MESSY.

Sands Pose #1
The Perfect Poise Green Hatchling steps from her egg, cautiously and almost elegantly shaking off a small piece of shell and attempting to divest herself from goo. She cannot possibly meet her future lifemate, or anyone else for that matter, looking like this. And so it's a step here and a shake there until she's absolutely, positively ready — at which point, she immediately sets to focusing on the candidates nearby, sniffing out her next project. The first few she tests out are young boys, and while they may all be pretty cute, they're not what she's looking for.

Sands Pose #2
The Perfect Poise Green Hatchling isn't going to let not finding her rider yet get her down! Not everyone Impresses so quickly as those common folks, you know, and she's got a lot to give a lifemate so she has to be sure she takes her time. Even if that means every single person on the Sands is under her scrutiny — and boy, does she seem to find a lot of them wanting. Abandoning a girl from Peyton with a haughty sniff (who knew a dragon could do that), she redirects yet again. Maybe she looks a little tired, but it could be worse! The best one is out there! That head is still held high, confident — everyone must want her, but she has to find the one who is deserving.

Impression Message

Public Message
The Perfect Poise Green Hatchling is absolutely not stomping her feet just a little in frustration as she crosses the sands to start over on the other side, really she isn't. That would be uncouth. What she is doing is making sure she's considered all her options, because this candidate assembly is nice and all, but look at her, she needs the VERY best. She is showing off the swing of her sparkly tail just a little as she walks, but then her head raises higher, as she catches a scent, a glimpse, and then looks directly into the eyes of a rosy-cheeked brunette Weaver girl. Trotting over to her side, she sits as primly as possible and awaits her rider's first touch: together, they'll be unlimited.

Private Message
« Aignes, » comes brightly and instantly, an interruption to your thought process without the prelude given by many other dragons, « I think that's fine just as is, actually, it's perfect, I don't know why everyone else is so fixated on changing their riders' names! » Her voice — it is undoubtedly feminine — is sing-song and jubilant, carried on a wave of green lights and warm sensation, your surroundings bustling with a Hold's city center life (people might even be singing do-wop), emerald-lit buildings bigger than you've ever seen … even if you're still vaguely aware of the warm sands. But it's going to be hard to be more than vaguely aware of anything around you for some time yet, with the brilliant fanfare you've found yourself in. « I'm Czarduinath, of course, so I know from a good name. Yours is just right, that's something we won't need to work on. I think you have sweat in your hair, though, that's going to have to be dealt with IMMEDIATELY, » the hot sands are! no! excuse! « … except maybe for a light bit to eat first. I wouldn't gorge, of course, but I am somewhat peckish. »


Right out of the shell, Czarduinath is pretty sure she knows everything.

Maybe not everything everything, but absolutely no one is as amazing at the things she does know (otherwise known as the only important things, if you ask her) as she is, and that might be a problem in her weyrlinghood — but we'll get to that later.

It's not that she thinks there's anything wrong with you as is, Aignes, or she wouldn't have chosen you. But she's also pretty sure you need her, because you could be so much better. As a recently-shelled dragon, that's going to be her focus. Not improving her, or learning things the weyrlingmasters want her to learn, but a dedication to improving you and making you the very best human partner you could possibly be. Which, we're afraid to say, means being extra pretty.

How does a dragon know that pink is the best color or just what your eye makeup should look like? Who knows, but she sure does. She just picks up on these things, you know? She knows things because she's that phenomenal of a dragon! No one who is already as excellent as Czarduinath could possibly need lessons from anyone else. She'll figure it out on her own.

Training will bore her, both because she thinks its focus is unimportant:

« They're not teaching us the right things, Aignes. They should be teaching us about how to move right — »

"You have PT for your wings, Czarduinath."

« Which is UGLY. They should be teaching us about how to look good and how to talk to other dragons and how to be pretty and persuasive, not these things about FORMATIONS and why would you even need to know how to make straps? You can buy perfect ones from crafters who just do that all day every day! »

And because she's developed the idea in her mind that, well, training isn't that important.

The trouble with school is they always try to teach the wrong lesson ..

Because being a really, really good weyrling according to Aycheth's standards isn't actually going to get you anywhere …

Think of celebrated heads of state or 'specially great communicators
Did they have brains or knowledge? (Please! Don't make me laugh.)
They were popular - it's all about popular, it's not about aptitude, it's the way you're viewed!

… and because being a dragon who everyone else is predisposed to like – and the thing is, she is very much that, even if her motives might be less than sincere 100% of the time – she doesn't need that kind of stuff. She doesn't need the negativity that training for Threadfall might bring when it's not as if she ever will see those things! You might have difficulty getting her to learn to flame once she knows she's not really going to need to do it. Unlike Kaseimarlyeth and her skill for it, the scent and look of firestone will always just bother Czarduinath. It isn't elegant, it isn't pretty, it's just so awful and grody and there's no point! If she ever needs a fire, a male dragon will make one for her!

Which they most certainly will, as Czarduinath is a natural, perpetual flirt. She's quiet and coy about it, but she does collect her suitors, convincing male dragons to help her with things and get tasks done that might otherwise be hers. She'll try to convince you to do the same, molding you into someone Popular and Prettiful just so you can get others to help you out. She, of course, is helping you out of the goodness of her dragon heart, but you'll know that her motives aren't always the purest and best for others.

If, for instance, another dragon — especially a female — takes attention away from her, she'll set out to give them 'advice' that will go over about as well as the initial introduction of Elphaba Thropp's pointy hat. (Whether or not it goes as far as making Czarduinath's 'victim' more popular on her own in the end!)

« Yasminath, you are really pretty, REALLY really pretty, I know you know that! But you'd be even prettier if you wore … THOSE straps over there. Nymionth will really really like them! »

While she will never come between Nymionth and Yasminath's connection, she may yet ruin some other draconic duos, and lest she ever find out you have a crush, she will do everything she can to eliminate the competition, even if you don't actually want her to. She'll be very very "nice" about it, providing tips that aren't really, and encouraging the lifemates of those competitors for your interest's attention into taking them far, far away so you can get a chance to make your move.

Other than giving makeovers, which she will happily do for human and dragon alike, suggesting new hairstyles or a change to their straps or a nice pair of shoes or that fancy eyeliner they're selling at the Southern Boll gather this sevenday Aignes you really should go! Czarduinath isn't much of one for lifting a talon. Work is not her forte. She's a dragon who wants to enjoy life.

This may lead to her wingmates disliking her, though, and she won't be able to take that. She will work just hard enough to get recognition for whatever good thing she does do — because maybe she really, really wants to be Wingsecond for the reason that it will make her a more important dragon that some others even if she doesn't like … really doing the job. But she has a way of being persuasive, and she has a way of boosting morale, and maybe you'll end up in a wing where her enthusiasm, general witty brightness, and tendency to encourage other dragons into brilliant makeovers is all she really needs to do … because it's a role where the one who really carries the majority of the rank on their shoulders is actually the human of the pair. Czarduinath would just love that: she'll encourage you and make sure you stay beautiful and brilliant and you can be sure that everyone knows how important she is!

Because you, she will never step on to get ahead, even if others … maybe … probably … well, she doesn't want to admit it, and she wants to believe she's a great dragon to rely on, but if Czarduinath has a chance to elevate herself above others she'll take it. Even if it means stealing an idea or taking credit for a maneuver.

Wasn't that actually Szorvilkyth's suggestion originally? Why did you tell M'icha it was your idea?

« Aignes, sweetie, all Szorvilkyth ever does is lie around and eat things. He won't amount to anything ANYWAY. He might not have even remembered! Someone had to actually make sure it got noticed! »

It's also a little awful, and she knows it, but — even though everyone knows, she might try to pretend that she isn't really Velokraeth's daughter. Sure, he's the Weyrleader and all that, but he's so … well, how could he possibly be her father, have you seen him?

She will absolutely encourage continuation in your craft, so long as you make pretty things, preferably ones that sparkle. She will want you to join the crafters' wing and then schmooze with others to add onto your pretty things, like jewelry — and maybe some pretty things for herself, too! Kouzevelth has jewels inlaid in some of her straps and she'll definitely want to find the smith and tanner who made those happen.

Someday, the time may come when Czarduinath realizes that other dragons have true friends and she only has acquaintances, and may express secretly to you that she wishes they actually all liked her more. But she genuinely can't understand why other dragons might not, because as far as she can tell, she's doing everything just right and she really is wonderful, isn't she?

And of course, she is.

And she's nice enough to other dragons, most of the time, that they really do like her — even if she's being nice in a way that benefits her as well or even more.

But starting from her weyrlinghood and on, you're going to have to be the one that will help her improve in those places where despite her natural perfection, she falls short.

Right from when she met your eyes, she started to be changed for good.

We're pretty sure it's also for the better.

Even if she can still be a little stuck-up and awful sometimes; even if she always will be; even if her appearance matters more than the feelings of her clutchmates and she'll make you miss dinner and not sleep for two days to oil her perfect sparkling hide … even after all that, she is a good dragon. She does mean well. She just means well for you, and for her, first of all things.


Mind Name
Sparkle of the Square

One might expect boldness and finery in Czarduinath's mind, and one would absolutely be correct - it's positively bursting with finery and frippery. There's a sensation to being in her mindscape; if you were able to reach out a hand and touch the air, it might feel strangely like silk satin. When it's you and her and no one else, or a dragon she especially likes, there's even the sensation of fluffed down pillows and beds, with ruffly covers and maybe a (sparkly) stuffed animal or two.


The scents are all of the finest perfumes, dimmed to the point where they'll never make you cough — to be specific, they will never make you, Aignes, cough.

Speaking to another dragon, sometime, she might use that scent to be juuuuust a little overwhelming.


And much like several of her siblings, as well as her dam, Czarduinath's mind also forms more of a wider place when it's not just you and her, or the outskirts of draconic discussion. Her Emerald City, though, is open to all — no secret chambers or private areas, only shimmering emerald-paved squares filled with the sound of hustle and bustle and song. You might want to be careful where you look, though, those emeralds could blind you! And don't forget the hanging lights, twinkling like little fireflies.


Czarduinath is a dragon, and therefore while her mental city does have inhabitants, and so many of them, and they're all excitable and beautiful to look at, they're not humans. Her mental chorus is made of firelizards; they might not be able to speak, but they're certainly producing song. There's always a bit of singing, and always a place and time for dancing. You'll never see those dancers, but you can hear them, feet tap-tapping on yellow-brick-road stones.


If her mood is darker, or more somber or quiet, or if she's just had a very bad day, it's like goggles go on and everything's a little dimmer and more blacked out. The singing is more of a dirge, the firelizard fair faded out, the sounds of dancing vanished into nothing.

But if you're having a bad day, or she's trying to cheer up another dragon, everything gets bolder. Bigger. Brighter. All the firelizards are wearing sequinned collars and vests, the music swells into a grand act. There is always bright and beautiful there, and she loves to share it, pressing her music and fine-ness and brilliant, dancing energy into every conversation.


She may be small, but she is a presence. Between her beauty and the strength of personality, it's hard to miss Czarduinath; it's even hard to miss that she is the littlest dragon in her clutch (though not by much, as Yasminath is certainly no giant, close measurements will reveal that Czarduinath is just a little bit smaller). Not just the clutch — she's one of the smallest dragons in the entire Weyr, but she has a personality big enough to make her seem, mentally, as if she's rivaling queens for size. Czarduinath is graceful and deliberate with her movements, and will be growing out of that young-dragon gangliness and clumsiness more quickly than most of the others.

And yet, until she does, everything is terrible: Aignes, you'll have to console her in those first days of life when her walking is more like stumbling. Someone might have seen that. It will be the same with flight: before she learns to glide as perfectly as she someday will, every moment will be a humiliation. Of course she looks fine, she looks like a normal baby dragon, but it will be a hit to her ego every time her glide isn't perfectly straight, or any time she fumbles a landing.

Once Czarduinath has her flying down, though, she will be a marvel in the air. It's not tricks or acrobatics, but just a true elegance about her ambiance. Doing barrel rolls and other silly feats of athletics are just that to her: silly. She shouldn't have to do extra special moves to show off, because she just is that extra special right as she is. And that's not just her ego talking, it's true – her glide is lovely, her landings are dainty and neat. Her motion on the ground appears to have a dance to them as well; she is no purely sky-dragon and a clutz on the ground, nor is she an awkward flier with a lovely step.

At times, that shimmery hide of hers will bounce lights in a way that can make it seem as if she can bee seen through or as if she isn't really all there — not in the form of a dragon, anyway: sometimes Czarduinath is just a presence of sparkle. She doesn't shine the way a bronze or gold would, there's nothing metallic-shimmer about her hide, but if a dragon's hide were to be made of green, refractory sequins, that's what Czarduinath's would be. The subtle glimmer may make others believe that she's proddy when she absolutely isn't (and trust us, once you know her proddy period, you won't miss them!); she's just got a little bit of a gleam to her all the time.


My pulse is rushing, my head is reeling
My face is flushing, what is this feeling?

Flights are an inevitable part of being green, and one would suspect from Czarduinath's typically flirtatious and attention-getting sort of personality that she would be delightfully fond of having them. After all, she usually revels in male attention and thrives off being the star of any show. A flight is her own show, it's all about her, and from the moment she first learns that greens rise she'll look forward to having that experience whether you like it or not.
But, uh, when that actually happens …

Fervid as a flame, does it have a name?
Yes — Loathing, unadulterated loathing

… she is not as much fun as one would normally expect. Since most people think she's proddy when she's being normal, it's a little bit of a shock when Czarduinath does begin to glow (though in some ways it might be hard to physically tell for anyone who isn't a dragon or her own lifemate) because the darker side of her tendencies comes out. While she still wants to 'improve' other dragons, what usually appears as helpfulness comes out as judgment. Instead of being nearly cloyingly sweet to most and utterly genuine but also truly kind to those who actually matter to her, Czarduinath's commentary is openly biting and judgmental.
It's a strong and decisive contrast to her normal attitude, and in fact she usually dedicates a reliable stream of hatred for anyone who has caught her in the past when she's proddy again - while in between those periods (which are also blessedly short for your sake, since some of that judgment undoubtedly bleeds through) she has no recollection and is equally sociable with any male dragons that meet her normal requirements for "friendship."

There's a strange exhilaration
In such total detestation
It's so pure, so strong!

The chase itself is full of goading and taunting about how no one could possibly be good enough for her and that they're all terrible, though she does confide in you that there's absolutely something of a rush in being chased by a bunch of losers and feeling such strong hatred for them. Later, she will take credit for any improvement in further flights because her taunting (which, again, she won't remember, though she will be aware of it through your memory and strive to find GOOD THINGS rather than hysterical embarrassment) is clearly inspiring them all to do better and be better suitors.


Your lack of preference for an egg left it somewhat to random roll, but landed on Vorbarr Sultana due to the fact that it, like your dragon, was created by Inri. The egg theme was "Planets" and this one is based on Barrayar from Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan Saga. Its name comes from Barrayar's capital city, also the seat of the Barrayan Imperium, leading it to essentially be two capital cities in one. This combined with the impossible-to-resist Emerald City helped create Czarduinath's mindvoice.

Czarduinath's name was, as is typical of dragons, difficult to theorize but came together pretty well at the end. The first two letters are simply a nod to your request, with a bonus of creating 'Czar' - almost suitable to Glinda of the books, who was definitely a world leader, if not a czarina exactly. The rest of it is drawn from Arduinna, the goddess of the Ardennes Forest where Oz's Arduenna (of Arduenna Upland) gets its name. If you wanted something a little simpler to type and preferred shortening it to simply Zarduinath (or even Zarduinth), though, feel free!

While it maybe doesn't look like it, the prominent pronunciation options are three syllables: ZAHR-dwin-ath or zar-DWEE-nath.

All of the quotes should be easily recognizable as being from the "Wicked" OBC, though her personality takes some hints from Maguire's novel and the original Glinda of L. Frank Baum lore as well, plus a little bit of Fiyero in terms of her interest in schooling or lack thereof, as well as her rather laid back work ethic.

Czarduinath has been a labor of love, delight and annoying coworkers with showtunes brought to you by Inri, who was so pleased to get to do a Wicked dragon! But as you know, Inri cannot desc her way out of a moving box, so there we must thank Th'ero and Nyalle for their assistance turning Inri's flailing "how about this and this and maybe something like that" into something that looks good and reads well. Welcome to Weyrlinghood, Aignes, and remember all of this is just a guideline — make Czarduinath (or whatever easier variation you prefer) into the Good Witch of the Fort of your dreams. <3


Name Czarduinath
Dam Gold Kayeth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Inri (desc by Nyalle and Th'ero)
Impressee Aignes
Hatched August 11, 2018
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH