Always Seeking and Scampering Blue Hatchling

Ripples of azure ebb and flow over the smooth, glassy hide of this plump, squat young dragonet. Chilly sea blue splashes against his belly with hints of sea foam, the color lightening and brightening as it rises over his curved sides towards his spine like sea ice trapped for centuries at the pole. Layer upon layer of darkness and light are subtle, giving the suggestion that there is much more to him beneath the surface. Pale sky blue wraps around his long, long and narrow muzzle, thin lips recessed just enough to show two little baby dragon teeth. His rounded eyes bulge just enough to be noticeable, like squeezing a bag filled with water, sticking out from his face and giving him a slightly startled expression.

His neckridges are drenched in more icy blue hues, darker colors overlaid with lighter, as if he were sculpted from the sea ice itself, with all its complications and layers, fractures and imperfections. Wings are broad and short, almost stubby in their youthfulness, the membranes thin enough to see the veins running through them. Green ichor within his blue hide brings a turquoise depth to his sails, when lifted against the pale Fortian sun. His haunches are powerful and round, and his tail is thick and short and almost stunted, with a subtle banding running through it. This awkward little guy is definitely a son of Velokraeth.

Egg Name and Description

Sound of Magic Egg

Small, beige and oblong, this egg would probably fail to make much of an impression if it weren't for the huge splash of color that settles on its exact center - a smooth oval of purplish blue that's almost perfect in its symmetry. A tiny rounded rectangle of the same color sprouts from one of the curving sides, while a line of dark holes march vertically down the center of the indigo backdrop. Spirals of silvery white seem to swirl outwards from the central blob of purple, the lines blurring into a mini cyclone of creams, tans and whites. Miniscule flecks of green, brown and pure white seem to be caught in the spiralling eddies of wind, as though leaves, motes of light and other debris were trapped within. It's even possible to see the vague impressions of shapes within the seemingly random streaks of color that surround the indigo centerpiece - the shape of a galloping runner, the curve of a fishing rod and the serene outline of a face with closed eyes. Who knows what other mysteries this egg may hold?

Hatching Message

Sound of Magic Egg hops twice, a scratching, scrambling noise coming from within. Seems the hatching inside is more than ready to be out in the world, and a moment later cracks begin to spread with audible, sharp noises. Slowly at first, they pick up speed until the entire egg is pushed outward, bulging and then shattering, shards tumbling to the ground to reveal a rather startled looking dragonet.

Impression Message

Public: Always Seeking and Scampering Blue sits back on his haunches, peering around the sands with his front paws grasping at empty air. Pawing at it, as if he could make the object of his desire simply appear by reaching out for it. Turning his head, his overly long jaw parts a little bit, lips lifting to show off his little baby dragon teeth. His eyes sweep the candidates once more, and then with a sound that’s half creel and half squawk, he lunges forward towards them, scampering with all the mindfulness of a bull in a pottery shop. And once he reaches his chosen, he simply /grabs/ her, snatching her right out of the line to /cuddle/ her to his chest with a low, contented croon of ecstasy.

Private: Wings of Light flood your mind with a splash of cold, wakening all your senses and opening your eyes, ears, nose, to the glory that surrounds you. A boundless energy begins to fill your mind and body, making it nearly impossible to stand still, even though you’re being held tightly against a warm, soft blue hide. « Harmony! » a voice squeeees into your mind. « I have found you! Finally, I have found you and you are mine and I love you SO MUCH, we are going to be together forever and I’m NEVER going to let you go! » And he, apparently, is SO EXCITED that he forgot to mention his name, lost in the cuddling and crooning. But a moment later he will remember, his voice rushing into your mind again with all the joy of sliding down a snowy slope. « I’m Crosenturath! »



For Scrat, his acorn always, always, always comes first. - Karen Disher (voice of Scratte) - Ice Age DVD commentary

Guess who is Crosenturath’s acorn? That’s right, Harmony. Crosenturath is Harmony’s number one fan, her biggest champion, her grandest supporter, and the only one who can ever ever ever have her. Faranth help whoever tries to romance her or try to form a close relationship, because Crosenturath will constantly be there. He is not a dragon that can be left to his own devices. No, he always wants to be near to Harmony, though as he grows she might be able to convince him that mental closeness is just as good as physical, and get some of her personal space back. He is like the puppy dog tagging along at the heels of his mistress, awkward gait and all. Wanting to follow her into the Living Caverns…oh no, can you imagine? I’ll bet he gets in there at least once when he’s small enough to fit, squeezing through the door and causing all sorts of chaos inside. « What’s that? What’s /that/? I want that! What’s that smell? Where’s /this/ door go?! Harmony, look what I can do!! »

People will likely begin to head the other way when they see him bounding along, ready to cause some chaos. But with him, at least, it’s always accidental. « Whoops, » is something that Harmony will begin to dread hearing, because it will always be followed by some sort of disaster.

He is a blue that is awkward, gangly, accidental, possessive, hilarious without meaning to be, proud, fights for what he believes in, stubborn to a fault, and outwardly simple but with a lot of depth beneath the glassy surface. He chose Harmony because he needs someone to adore, and she is so perfect, she makes it easy! She is his everything, and his life is a quest to be with her as much as possible, and to make her as happy as he can.

He is easily distractible, making lessons difficult. He is so utterly captivated by his lifemate that oftentimes when a lesson is being given, he’ll be caught simply /staring/ at Harmony, eyes wide and jaw slack, soaking in everything she says, the way her voice lilts /just/ so, the way her hair shimmers in the light, and the look of whatever she is wearing. When did she get to be so beautiful? And he’ll have to reach out and grab her and just /hug/ her because she is so wonderful and he loves her SO MUCH.

While he is growing up (and maybe sometimes even when he’s grown), he will simply grab for Harmony with little to no warning. Sit back on his haunches, balance his weight on his tail, and try to snatch her up into his forearms. In his eagerness, there might be some ripped clothes and maybe even some scratched skin as his grabs are more instinct than thought. A fleeting, « I want this right NOW, » and then a grab for the object of his desire. And that won’t always be Harmony. Sometimes it might be a stick, or a Trader’s wagon, or a runner that catches his fancy. Whoops?


He can be a very awkward and clumsy dragon, inadvertently leaving chaos in his wake. It’s not that he actively seeks to make trouble, it’s just that his focus is always on something /other/ than what he is actually supposed to be doing. Maybe he’s watching how the light shines against Harmony’s skin, and accidentally knocks over the oil barrel with his tail. You can’t really fault him for that, can you? He just loves his lifemate SO MUCH. Or perhaps he’s watching the gleam of a rider’s strap buckles while he’s eating, and slowly starts gnawing on a clutchmate’s tail instead. Whoops? He is quick to shake it off when he’s reprimanded, focus broadening for a brief moment before he finds something else to zero in on.

Because of this, he might have a difficult time making friends. Not that he really minds being a more solitary dragon - he has his Harmony, after all - but sometimes a melancholy mood might strike him, when he feels left out or alone. During those times all he will want is to grab Harmony into his arms and cuddle with her until he feels better. And if something tries to prevent him from cuddling his beloved, well, he will throw a fit that includes high pitched calls, tail thrashing, and general chaos until he either has Harmony, or someone is able to calm him. But good luck with that. He is possessive to a fault and Harmony is HIS.

But despite his distractible nature and his possessiveness, he is not a stupid dragon. There is intelligence in him, but few will get to see it. It’s buried, like a treasure beneath so much snow and ice. Perhaps he feels it’s just easier to play the role of the comedian, rather than show off his own thoughts, or maybe he is very insecure that he is wrong in those thoughts. Harmony could choose to encourage that intellectual nature or not, and depending on what she does he could grow into a dragon who shares his ideas, or one who simply bounds along after the others, happily being a follower. Each path is different and valuable in its own way, and it will be up to Harmony to decide which one she and her lifemate pursue.

That’s not to say that Crosenturath will become a dragon with his nose in a book all the time, haunting Landing and learning all he can about computers - that is not his nature. He will never lose his accidental chaos, but if Harmony develops his intelligence, he will slowly be better able to realize the bigger picture that surrounds that chaos, and maybe he will even learn to direct it a bit better. To focus the energies of his actions towards more productive outcomes, instead of silly or destructive ones.

But in the end, it’s up to Harmony and her own actions to determine how her lifemate grows in this facet of his personality. Life is, after all, made up of choices and consequences.


Scrat constantly hunts for his acorn either to bury it or eat it, but fate always gets in the way. He invariably ends up in humorous or painful situations: being struck by lightning, pursued by avalanches, and repeatedly knocked unconscious while fighting for his acorn. Yet he never gives up. Scrat generally loses, except when he defeats a school of piranhas and successfully battles Sid for his acorn. - Wikipedia

Crosenturath is a lovable loser fighting against fate, and has such a string of bad luck some might murmur that the universe is out to get him. He is not a dragon who stands out as being any sort of leader or being influential, but often times he ends up changing something, even though it’s done purely by accident. Perhaps he is trying to dig out a stone in the rock slide that has captured his attention, and he knows Harmony would love. And in doing so, he triggers a rockslide that sends him tumbling into the lake. Things are fine for a moment, until the rockslide begins to move again, crashing down around him and sending a wave of water across the bowl, temporarily flooding things.

However, his failures are many times part of a larger picture, where he ends up winning in the end. Perhaps the flood angers people to start, but it turns into a great time for the kids, or unearths an entrance to an ancient room long forgotten? In this way, his accidents of fate can turn out to be beneficial.


As he grows, his focus will shift to other things - sometimes without any warning. He is very much an ‘in the moment’ dragon, and his attention goes wherever is the most SQUIRREL. Wrong movie, yes, but it illustrates Crosenturath’s attitude well. While his main focus will always, always, always be Harmony, there will be times when other things grab him. Sometimes it’ll be another person or another dragon, and he’ll follow them around for a little while, trying to learn as much as he can. Other times it’ll be a random object. And sometimes it’ll even be a hobby or a concept. Perhaps he wants to learn to paint, or do flips, or fish. He will seek that knowledge with a single minded intensity and obsession that will - briefly - give Harmony a little break from having his attention focused on her.

He will learn tenacity at a very early age. He will never, ever give up on anything. If he stops doing something, it will be because it no longer interests him - not because he failed at it. If he fixates on a certain type of hunting dive, he will do it over and over again - through the face plants, the clipped talons, the dragged wingtips, the tumbles - until he either masters it, or sees something else interesting to focus his attention on.

He relentlessly pursues whatever it is that he is focused on. He can scramble after /one/ particular herdbeast for candlemarks, until the poor beast drops dead from exhaustion. Or he can pester someone for information until they give it to him or try to block him out. He is determined and tireless in his pursuit of…whatever it is that he’s pursuing. But no matter what grabs his attention or for however long, he will always, always, always bring his focus back to his beloved Harmony.


Much like Harmony, Crosenturath will be obsessed with food. One would think that, being a dragon, his tastes would be rather limited, but not this blue. When he is young he will want to try /everything/. Cake? Sure! Juice? Why not? Sauteed chicken liver pâté? If Harmony can make that, he’ll try it! He’ll even enjoy tasting non-food or once-was-food items, specifically leather and cloth. He might even gnaw on his nails when he gets stressed - which is often.

As he grows though, his tastes will mature and he will become quite the connoisseur. He won’t be a food snob per-say, but if he has a choice between corn fed, free range herdbeasts from Keroon, or the grass raised, hardier (and tougher!) beasts of Fort, he’ll go with Keroon every time. Whenever they travel, Harmony might find herself besieged with requests to purchase him a herdbeast (or wherry, or caprine, or any other animal) so he can sample the cuisine of that particular region. Spiced, cooked, raw, he’ll try it all and slowly develop his own preferences and tastes. But no matter what he settles on, he will always be searching for the next culinary delight, be it one that his beloved Harmony makes for him, or that /one/ perfect wild wherry down on the Southern Continent.

His relationship with his clutchmates will be better than his relationship with the general population, just because they’ve all been through this together and that creates bonds that will hopefully grow all the more stronger as they all grow up together. « Let’s go see what Xucieth is doing! She’s always fun! » And off he will go. He and Xucieth will have a unique bond, with him so full of accidents and her so full of chaos. The two of them together will require watching, otherwise the weyr just might burn down.

His relationships with his other clutchmates might be more touch and go, though he will appreciate Lyrienth’s loyalty - especially if other dragons begin to be mean to him. He will seek her shelter and her council, but only for a moment. He is never down for long, and soon after someone (usually Harmony, but sometimes his clutchmates) has soothed him, he will be bounding off to find yet another adventure.

He might be the one to pull Dremkoth out of his more quiet and thoughtful moods into his adventurous ones. « Hey! I heard of this great thing over /there/, so let’s go see what it is because I’m sure it’s going to be /amazing/. »


Physical: It has finally happened. Some of Velokraeth’s looks have overridden the dam’s and manifested themselves in his offspring. Poor Crosenturath. He’s awkward in a cute way, but that long muzzle, stubby tail and wings, and his bulging eyes might have people looking twice at him when he passes by. He is rather oddly assembled, his body plump and round, short limbs seeming to be built more for climbing and scampering than actually walking. His talons are short but very sharp, made perfectly for clinging to things. Be it the beast he’s just taken down, or Harmony’s clothing when he doesn’t want her to go somewhere without him.

The way he walks is rather unique as well, preferring to push off with his hind legs in a more hop/scamper action, rather than your traditional walking motion. Especially in his youth he will bound along with leaps, muzzle to the ground as he sniffs for…something interesting. Sniffing to find a perfect spot to lay down, or sniffing to find somewhere to dig (and he loves to dig!), or sniffing to look for a rock that just smells /neat/. He will bound forward and then freeze, moving more like a prey animal than a predator, always halting and looking around, checking to see who is watching before he bounds forward again in a flurry of energetic motion. This is why he is constantly running into things or knocking them over. He moves without much care to his size or where his body is, lacking that natural awareness of others that most dragons have. He will often blunder into his clutchmates, other dragons, and even people, until folks know to be on their guard when he is near.

In flying he will be a bit awkward as well, lumbering off the ground like a fat little squirrel. Flailing more than flying, it will take him longer than his clutchmates to master the art of the air, and he might have to seek advice (or reassurance) from his sire. Though who knows if Velokraeth would give it. He will have to figure out how to get all of his body moving in the same direction at the same time, and that will take a lot of practice. But eventually he will get it - or at least master it to the point that flying won’t be an exercise in death-defying stunts or stupidity.


The other thing that will grow while he does are his teeth. Those little baby teeth that poked out from beneath his lips after he hatched will continue to grow. And grow. And grow…until they become a bit of a hazard. He will scrape them against things while sniffing, he will cut himself while trying to rub his muzzle against an itch…he will have weapons growing out of his mouth and it’ll take some getting used to! Plus there might be some drooling. But that’s cute, right?

Noises: He vocalizes a lot, though many of them from his nose. That long snout of his makes his breathing very audible, the inhales and exhales heard echoing through the Weyrling Barracks day in and day out. And he does /love/ to smell things, so sharp inhales and snorts and sneezes are going to be very common. And is there anything cuter than a dragon sneeze? Don’t be surprised if he even snores while he sleeps. His other noises will be from his upper throat and his nasal cavity, a bit high pitched despite his color. He is not a dragon to typically rumble or croon - his noises are soft gasps and squees of excitement, and even his roar is a bit on the higher side.

Flights: Flights for Crosenturath are rather hit and miss. There will be times when his focus is on the green, and he will try with all his single minded intensity to catch her - and it doesn’t matter if he has to grab the tail of the blue in front of him and try to haul himself forward, or knock another dragon out of the sky. He will try his very, very, very hardest to win, and when he loses he will be thrust into the pits of depression, having lost the One Thing that he really really really REALLY wanted.

But most of the time he will watch from a distance, while cuddling Harmony instead. It will depend on his mood in that moment, so it’s impossible to predict when he will chase or not. You can bet, though, with his knack for causing as much drama as possible, that the flights he does chase in will be the most awkward and the most uncomfortable ones.



Vast stretches of empty ice, the bright glare of pale blue against a deep blue sky, lit by a weak winter sun. Jagged peaks of glacier, and bottomless crevices going back millions of turns, each layer of ice darkening further and further until it is black with age and a lack of light. This is the mindscape of Crosenturath’s thoughts. His mind is like a Fortian winter: cold and yet hauntingly beautiful at the same time. Glaciers and crevices are the norm, shifting wind bringing swirls of snow and twisting them into hazy shapes half seen before they’re carried away again.

But there is life out here on the tundra, on the shifting sea ice that rises and falls with the currents, cracking with sharp sounds and sudden movements. Can you hear it? That soft sniffing. Talons against the slippery surface. The padding of paws. Exhaled breath of sea creatures rising plumes of icy mist into the air. There is always something to watch or something to hear, even in this empty space. Especially with Crosenturath’s attention span. Don’t be surprised if a rainbow suddenly appears, or it starts to rain without much reason. A black cloud might appear and strike lightning against a cresting wave, or acorns might fall from the sky (wouldn’t that be grand?).

Despite the cold nature of his mind, he is not a standoffish dragon. His thoughts might be vast, but they are layered, like the layers of sea ice built up over millennia. There is much to explore in his mindscape, and he will happily share it with anyone curious enough to probe a bit into his thoughts. Though to most he will seem a bit chaotic and stressed, thoughts flickering from one thing to the next, but if they can weather that and learn to appreciate the simple beauty of his mind, they will learn that everything else comes and goes and the tundra stays the same.

It is always there, that cold and vast shifting ice, and despite it appearing to never change, it is always changing. Ice melts, drifts, refreezes…glaciers calving, breaking apart, drifting along his mind only to bump up against another one. There are critters skittering from den to den, animals hunting, blood stained ice and then it all vanishes in a sudden and blinding snowstorm which will push everyone out of his thoughts - everyone but Harmony.


And for Harmony, there is a special place that he has /just/ for her. A warm cabin amidst the cold. A golden oak paneled room that smells of the trees and the soil, with hints of cinnamon and clove and the other spices that she loves so much. A fire burns in the hearth with a pot of chili simmering, and there is always something warm to drink, even if a storm rages outside. This is her special place in his mind, that is only ever just for her. No matter what troubles they might be having, if Harmony can master it, she can always escape here, to this cabin in his thoughts.

His mind is like the rest of his personality - able to intently focus on one Thing, but easily switched to the next Thing. Between will have to be learned carefully because it's hard to know when he will suddenly start thinking about something else. That is the nature of his thoughts and his personality - he can intently focus on something, but for an undetermined amount of time. Harmony will have to pay close attention to recognize when his focus is about to shift, so she can possibly prepare for it.

Always at the core of his thoughts is that scent of oak and ice, and that warmth and love extending to his lifemate. It’s detectible by others too, even when he is focused on something else. It is always there, that tendril of golden love and adoration, along with the warmth of oak - planks, trees, the deep earth and the satisfying meal. All of those things are comfort and security for Crosenturath.


Egg: Sound of Magic Egg was based off one of the best video games of all time (ha - time) - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Time is the theme and it's hard to think of time-hopping themes without straying into Zelda territory. A young boy in green with a magical instrument that can transport him back and forth in time. It's the ocarina itself that is pictured on the egg and is the sole inspiration for the depiction - the swirls of color surrounding it represent the magical music flowing from it. There are even images hidden within that hint at parts of the gamaeplay - the fishing side quest and riding Epona the horse, for one. 'Sound of Magic' is a play on Sound of Music. Music was the sole magic in this game, with the ocarina tunes controlling everything from the sunrise to time itself.

Wings of Light, the mind voice, follows the same vein. Link always was, well, linked with fairies. And it's the famously annoying fairy of Navi that the mind voice is based on. She was there to be a help - a guide, a helping hand and a source of knowledge. She was there to encourage and, of course, draw your attention to things that you may not have noticed. She often did this in such a way that annoyed people who played (Hey! Listen!) - which is why the mind voice often got impatient and hopped about if you didn't pay attention to what it was showing you. I went a little further on the helpful vein and expanded, letting the mind voice show paths that could have been and direct things. The mind voice turned out to have the essence of Navi but without too much of the annoyance - it turned out to be a fitting voice for your dragon! — Written by Ely


Name: Did you know that they discovered a saber tooth squirrel fossil after the Ice Age movies were made? They named the creature Cronopio dentiacutus, and that is where Crosenturath’s name began. I loved the ‘Cro’ beginning, and it also tied in with the egg concept, which was time (crono!). The middle part of his name comes from Pleistocene, the geologic time period of the last Great Ice Age. I also used a few letters from the word ‘quercus’, which is the oak tree subgenus. And, of course, I had to end it with ‘rat’, in honor of Scrat. You can even pick out all the letters to spell Scrat, from Crosenturath’s name. I know how important names are to you, and I went through over 50 possibilities before finding Crosenturath.

Personality: Just like you requested, Crosenturath is based on Scrat from the Ice Age movies. I tried to capture that in both his physicality and his personality, while leaving plenty of room for growth and more in-depth roleplay. I also tried to incorporate a few things from Harmony’s personality. My goal for this dragon was to make him into a true, in-depth character, rather than /just/ the comic relief or a background character. I wanted him to be the star in his own story, and I hope I was able to do that. As always, Crosenturath is your dragon to do with as you please, so don’t hesitate to make changes if you need to, and let him grow just like any of your other characters! I think he is going to be a blast, and I can’t wait to see the chaos he causes in Fort. <3 -Elara

Clutch Siblings

Cloaked in Storms Gold Kouzevelth - Inri
Immune to the Passage of Time Dremkoth - D’ani
One Cannot Make the Journey Alone Brown Niumdreoth - Abigail
Arcane Magic and Darkness Green Lyrienth - Kh’nai
No More Will I Wear the Shackles Green Xucieth - Eirwyn

The Aftermath of Stress Bronze Tezeveth - J’men (Jamen)
Samurai Betwixt Time Brown Zlicnith - K’vi (Kevi)
Timeless Giant Star Blue Zetath - Py’n (Pycian)
Drive by Blur Green Vetizath - Brilwen