Egg Name and Description

City of Light Egg

Pastel hues filter around the peak of this egg, creating a magnificent backdrop of sky blue with mingling cloud-like streaks of orange sherbert. A brilliant array of color bursts into life along the central portion of the shell in the form of a choppy line of squares and rectangles that almost appears like a distant city. Several bright neon reds, yellows and blues touch the swaths of deep umber in zigzags and dots, like lights shining from afar. A sweeping streak of pale blue cuts through the jumble of colors, winding easily down the side of the shell and pooling at the bottom. Here and there a few round balls of green spring out against the expanse of color, a few reflections of the massive amount of lights clinging to them. Rising from the bottom of the egg is a striking tower of pure golden light, the very tip of it climbing nearly to the apex of the ovoid. A tiny ball of fuzzy blue-grey, accompanied by a curled streak of pink, sits almost unnoticed at the very base of the spire, seemingly staring up at it in

Hatching Message

City of Lights Egg is beginning to fall into ruin, the perfect scene torn apart by the cracks that refuse to be stopped. The lights are broken apart, the great tower is left in pieces, and the dream seems to be lost. Yet, even as the shell falls to the ground, a brown hatchling finds himself unexpectedly exposed to a whole different world.

Impression Message

Golds and rusts suddenly push into your mind like a roaring fireplace, sparks popping out and heating your thoughts. Yet, its not the dull roar of a fire that finds its way in as well, but rather the clanging of heavy metal pans, the sizzling of something frying, and a rhythmic thud against a chopping board. Steam drifts up and encompasses your thoughts, finally sorting themselves out into something recognizable. « Candia! » Happiness accompanies swirls of cinnamon, as excitement builds in his dreamy thoughts. « Candia, I have found you. We have much to see - we will see all of Pern - Candia and Cinrath! » And then a pinch of pepper starts to overpower the cinnamon. « But, maybe we should attempt food, first. »


Cinrath is, first and foremost, a dreamer. From the very beginning, he'll have ideas and goals spinning in his head that he'll be more than willing to share with anyone who'll listen, and his head will be in the clouds figuratively long before it is literally. His dreamy nature makes him a rather laid back, but personable, brown.

As a weyrling, he'll be perfectly happy to let the others pass by him to be at the meat vats first, or to be the first to be oiled, a trait that will likely grant him favor with the pushier greens like Toriath and Marjiath. He'll always be upbeat about it, caught up in some other place, thinking of the possibilities. How, once they grow up, there's a whole new world out there to explore, and a whole new group of people to meet, and learn about.

As soon as he realizes that while dragons eat meat - with the normal herdbeast, wherry, or seafood variations - humans eat far many other things, he'll be interested in sampling them. While he's smaller, it might not prove too difficult to snag an extra pie from dinner for him to sample, but as he grows larger, the small portions make it more difficult for him to truly appreciate them, and you'll either have to talk him out of it or find a way to provide larger quantities when he asks.

While he's often dreamy, his laid back nature will earn him many friendships. While others are arguing over who's best at flying, or the favorite of the weyrlingmaster, he'll just sit back, and eventually attempt to placate whoever came out behind. « Oolath, don't be upset. I think you are a good flier. They will see it with time. » He'll simply take his turns when they come, and do his best without attempting to show off or upstage any of the others. Along that same line, he'll take credit for what he does, but not for anything else. And, he'll give credit where credit is due - if he had trouble that was only solved through the intervention of another, he'll include that. « Vetrath showed me the correct way. I was making mistakes, before. » He'll admit without any prodding, only hoping that the others do the same when he helps them out of a similarly tight spot.

Once he's freed of restrictions, he'll adore getting to travel, to see the exotic, and to experience new things. At times, he'll clearly be antsy while you finish your duties, finally bursting at the seams. « Candia! We should go somewhere new - I want to see a jungle today! » And while you're out and about, he'll revel in every minute of it, comparing it to High Reaches, and going on about what could be done there.

When it comes to flights, his dreamy nature will prevail - he may chase, but he just as likely may not. But, at times he'll have to remember that the goal is to bring the female down from the clouds, not to revel within them forever. When the flight is over, while he may have lofty goals of long term attachment, the disappointment of the green planning otherwise can be dispelled with a special trip, or a stolen treat.

Why Candia? Cinrath knows that Candia comes from a large family, and has many expectations on her. He wants to help her reach her goals and make something of herself, to set her apart from the others, and to make her something other than just one of the kids.

These are just some ideas I've had while I've been making Cinrath - he is yours and yours alone, and you're welcome to play him however you wish.

Welcome to High Reaches, and congratulations!



Cinrath's mind is reminiscent of a busy kitchen, the scents of multiple meals in his mind, spices mingling and intertwining to create a savory smell. The happier he is, the sweeter the scents of his mind - contentedness brings cinnamon and cocoas, dessert clearly being prepared. "Sweeter" colors accompany his thoughts - rich golds and oranges like carefully baked treats that have toasted in the oven. With anger comes spice - paprika and garlic, a hint of onion - the strong scents overpowering, bringing with them deep reds, and browns. Yet, no matter what his mood, there is always a swirl of steam floating through his mind, like that rising up from a boiling pan of water, casting bits here and there into shadow.
His voice has and always will have a tinge of youthfulness to it - like a young boy still naive about how the world works - and its constantly padded amongst the sounds of the hustle and bustle of the kitchen - the backdrop of his mind being clanging and clattering, pops and sizzles, and the dull thud of a knife hitting a heavy board. While generally there's no issue with picking out his voice, in moments of great excitement, sometimes find himself getting lost amongst the noise. But, with time, you'll be able to ignore the dull roar that is constantly in your thoughts.


Congratulations, Candia! Welcome to High Reaches!

Our clutch theme this cycle was Summer 2007 Blockbuster movies, and the City of Light Egg was Tylia's take on the movie Ratatouille. The movie is an animated film about a rat in Paris who wishes to become a gourmet chef, but given that he's a rat, it proves to be rather problematic. However, he forges a friendship with a lousy chef, and the movie tells of their trials, tribulations, but also their triumphs.
Cinrath is based loosely on said rat, Remy. He has dreams and hopes, and despite being a rat, he's rather personable. He loves food, and the exotic, and he's very loyal. Those are the major qualities that carry over to your Cinrath.
Cinrath's name is a combination of 2 things - The first is 'Cinnamon' which seemed appropriate given his name of Sugar and Spice as its present in so many different dishes. The other is from the first portion of Ratatouille, which is a French dish, traditionally thought as a poor farmer's dish. It is a mixture of vegetables and such, and can be a main meal, or a side dish.
But, as always, he's yours to play as you'd like!



Name Brown Cinrath
Dam Gold Rhadamanth
Sire Bronze Hesketh
Created By D'ana
Impressee Candia
Hatched High Reaches Weyr
High Reaches Weyr
PernWorld MUSH