This dragon is long, lean, and lanky. Every part of him seems to be longer than average, but taken as a whole, he somehow seems just right. He is lengthy and wiry, built for speed and agility rather than strength and endurance. Some might even call him skinny. Even the toes of his feet and the fingers of his paws are long and thin - though somehow, still very masculine. Stretched over this gangling frame is a hide that is most definitely brown. It's a rather nice brown, the kind one sees in rich, fresh klah, deep and warm, catching hints of red and tan in the sunlight. That klah-brown color is broken in only a few spots - most easily seen, there are two small mirrored triangles of nearly-white tan on his chest at the base of his neck, as sharply defined as a gentleman's shirt peeking from beneath a coat. An identical shade of off-white coats the toes of his hind legs. Between his neck and his shoulders, in the absence of ridges where a saddle will be fitted, there is a dark nearly-black spot, perfectly round and as soft as the rest of his hide. Sweeping away from his spine at irregularly spaced intervals are very thin stripes of hard-to-see iridescent navy, none reaching more than half-way around his form, and none the same length. That same elusive tint is present on the underside of his wing-sails, visible only in strong, direct lighting, at just the right angle. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this dragon is the pair of large eyes in his rangy face. Not so large as to be alarming, his eyes are truly windows to his inner thoughts. Of course, as with all dragons, the hue of his eyes gives a good indication of his mood, but beyond that, his face, and his eyes particularly, are mobile and expressive, conveying a wide range of emotions both subtle and broad.


Through Weyrlinghood, Cikitsakath will be an endless ball of energy, inane observations made in the most excited way possible, and awkward bumbling. And he will NEVER stop asking questions. Some of those questions will be to you, asking about who he is.

The Doctor: I'm the Doctor, but beyond that, I - I just don't know. I literally do not know who I am. It's all untested. Am I funny? Am I sarcastic? Sexy? Am I an old misery? Life and soul? Right-handed? Left-handed? A gambler? A fighter? A coward? A traitor, a liar, a nervous wreck? I mean, judging by the evidence, I've certainly got a gob!

He's not afraid to talk to other people, either - be they dragon, human, wher, firelizard, or dolphin. He positively /delights/ in having conversations about anything and everything under the sun. This is the time that he will be exploring his boundaries - what is and isn't acceptable in the way of behavior or conversation, as well as his own physical limits. (He will try to lick just about anything he can!)

Whenever he's told he can't or should not do or say a certain thing, he will always ask why. And be warned, though he loves you beyond all reason, if you cannot find a compelling argument for your case, he's just as likely to ignore your advice or orders. Your biggest struggle as his rider will be to keep him from accidentally harming himself or others through his own ignorance and naivety. He's an incredibly fast learner, though, and anything approached from a scientific viewpoint will resonate more strongly with him than emotional appeal ever will. That's not to say he lacks emotion - far from it - but there is a natural tendency in Cikitsakath to covet reason over all else, except for you.

Boundless enthusiasm for learning more /more/ MORE is hard to curb, and honestly it won't be something that'll happen easily for Cikitsakath. For a dragon, he'll prove to have a remarkably good memory, often bringing up occasions and conversations long past that other dragons may have completely forgotten. As he matures, he will become more capable of a protracted attention span, and more comfortable with somber emotions. He prefers being bubbly and bouncy and buoyant (just as he adores playing with synonyms and alliteration, as well as puns and word-games), but by no means is he incapable of being serious, sad, or simply quiet.

Cikitsakath loves to explore, and if he's not engaged in duties he prefers to be out and about, poking his long nose where it doesn't belong. He will also develop a very strong sense of morality and if he sees something that he thinks is bad he will stop at nothing to fix it.

Rose Tyler: The Doctor showed me a better way of living your life. You know, he showed you too. That you don't just give up. You don't just let things happen. You make a stand. You say no. You have the guts to do what's right when everyone else just runs away!

He's not the kind of dragon to observe without taking action. He will not stand for an injustice.

Exploring is all well and good, but he likes nothing more than having a companion along for the adventure. His favorite companion is you, of course!

The Doctor: …if I believe in one thing, just /one/ thing, I believe in /her/!

If you can't come, if you're unavailable, he isn't one to stick around and be bored. Either he'll engage in a spirited conversation over philosophy or cooking or poetry with someone else - dragon, human, dolphin, whomever he can waylay - or find somebody to explore with. He absolutely delights in showing off places he's already been, and experiencing afresh the wonder of discovery vicariously through them.

One of the only times you'll be able to get Cikitsakath to be still is if you present him with a challenging puzzle to be solved. The more intricate the better, and once he solves it (and he nearly always does) he'll be so proud of himself that all you'll hear for a while will be how clever and impressive he is.

On the rare occasion when Cikisakath bothers to fly, it'll be because he actually /likes/ the green or gold he's going after, and he can't stand to see her mated to anyone inferior to himself. And mind you, he'll take the time to court her for at least a few days before-hand, even going so far as to ignore you (a little bit) in favor of her. He'll know that her cycle is approaching by the conversations he observes around him as other people discuss it. And maybe his tongue is particularly adept at detecting estrus hormones, who knows? During flights he turns all of his enormous focus on winning, at whatever cost - be it taunting the opposition, exercising his speed and dexterity, or even cheating if he has to. He's not above popping /between/ to lessen distances and save himself some of the work and endurance that flying a gold often demands.

If Cikitsikath ever does catch a gold and father a clutch, he'll be a dutiful, proud, and doting father. He'll be just as interested in brooding over the eggs as the gold will, and he'll be as solicitous to her needs and whims as any newly-bonded husband would be for his pregnant wife.

Nor will his interest end when the eggs hatch and his offspring choose their lifemates. Oh, no, no, that wouldn't do. In fact, he'll maintain an active interest in their lives, seeking them out to inquire as to their progress, offering advice (whether it's wanted or not), and cheering them on in all they do. He will /love/ his children. And should you, Jayashri, ever choose to have children of your own, he'll love them, too.

Additional Quirks
Cikitsakath is brilliant, and he knows this. He might be the smartest dragon on Pern - at least he /thinks/ he is. He simply loves telling people (of various species) what he knows, and always hungers to find out more. Sometimes this makes him come across as an insufferable-know-it-all, especially when he's young, but he'll soon develop the charm to carry this off without annoying absolutely everyone. When he's upset, though, he can snap things out in a way that comes across as egotistical and harsh.

The Doctor: Because I'm /clever/!

He's also /very/ male. He loves being male and he loves to flirt. He's kind of a serial monogamist. Even if he has no intention of flying a particular green, he'll woo her and compliment her, and show off his knowledge and intellectual prowess, as well as his physical speed and agility in order to impress her. These companions aren't the kind to last, however, and either he'll simply abandon them one day, or they'll grow tired of his ways, and it's on to the next. But you, you're the only exception, the only companion that Cikitsakath will never tire of or abandon, the only one he truly loves.

Rose Tyler: I've been to the year five billion, but this — this is really seeing the future — you just leave us behind! Is that what you're going to do to me?

The Doctor: No. Not /you/.

It's not just green companions that he enjoys, either, and he's not the kind to discriminate based on species.

Sarah Jane Smith: The Doctor likes traveling with an entourage. Sometimes they're human, sometimes they're aliens and sometimes they're tin dogs.

Sometimes Cikitsakath takes a liking to a particular girl or boy, or dolphin! In the case of his chosen human companions, he's more interested in them when the time for Search draws near - he will not recommend anyone to the sands unless they come on an adventure with him, and prove their mettle in some form or another!


Wants to Know Everything

Cikitsakath's mind is much bigger than the size of his skull suggests. At first it's all angular and blue, with corners and one single door, but when you go through that door, it's a whole new world. Behind everything, always, soothing in the background there is a Song and a Light. The Song is haunting and beautiful, slow and melodic and wordless… and impossible to remember if you're not actively listening to it, though you'll always try. It's hard to describe exactly what the Song sounds like, for no instrument or voice ever captured the correct timber and quality. It's like a voice singing, or a violin piercing the silence, or an oboe, or the wind. It's like all of these things, and none of them. The Light is warm and bright and golden, suffusing his most tender and intimate thoughts to you with a lovely radiance that hints at power and ageless splendors and sorrow. White-gold, this Light is, though sometimes hints of blue-green tinge the edges and swirl together in the brilliant motes of luminance. Once you've been touched by the Song and the Light, you'll never be the same, for his mind, beautiful and deep, will always be linked to you. You have only to reach for it to feel him, a mental holding of hands, an embrace of his intellect around your own. On the surface, though, Cikitsakath is bubbly and verbose, more than eager to talk and listen and learn and teach. He masks his Song with spoken words, with questions, with theories, with jokes and alliteration and puns, and he shades his Light with images of the world, with pictures of memories - his own, and those he's pulled from your mind. Always questing, always questioning, Cikitsakath's mind is rarely still, and you will be the only one he'll let in entirely, the only one to see his many layers, the only one allowed to peek into the endless and ever-changing rooms of his mental stronghold.

Egg Name and Description

Correct-a-mundo Egg

This egg is particularly long and skinny. Just sort of… brown. Not that that is a bad thing. But it definitely is not anywhere near ginger. Brown, brown brown. Or IS it brown? From some angles, the color seems to shift, like chameleon silk, to that of a uniform navy blue. Regardless of the light, the faintest hint of very thin stormcloud-blue stripes run from apex to vertex, at regularly spaced intervals. The only thing that breaks it up would be the slash of maroon, swirled through with navy blobs, that starts near the top of the egg and widens a little as it flows down.

Hatching Message

Correct-a-Mundo does something that is kind of wibbly-wobbly, and a bit timey-wimey. Ish. It reels around as if the dragon inside is drunk on too many banana daquiries, leaving half-crescents in the sand that trail behind the egg like so many scattered waning moons. It rolls down a small dune and spins like a clock gone crazy before finally settling, still and brown - or maybe blue.

Like a crack of thunder from an oncoming storm, Correct-a-Mundo Egg cleaves neatly into about ten large sections. It might just be your eyes, but somehow each one of the sections, themselves riddled with smaller fractures, almost looks like a face if you tilt your head juuuuuuuuust right. Old and young, all different, somehow conveying a sense of the same person, regardless. It's an alien sensation, and as soon as you think that, the cracks settle back into near-obscurity as the dragon inside stops trying to get out. For now.

Correct-a-Mundo egg quivers and shakes, shivers and dances and then — there's a tail. Long and skinny, forked on the end… that's about all you can tell because it's positively covered in egg-goo. After the tail pokes out, a couple of front legs make their own exit, and play with the sand for a few seconds before pulling back in. Out of that same hole comes a head, and draconic hands grip the edges of the shell and wrench it apart with a triumphant cry. In just a few moments Correct-a-Mundo egg is demolished, and a newly-hatched dragon lays exhausted on the sands.

Star-Eyed Wandering Brown Hatchling rolls around in the sand for a bit, reveling in the sensation of the gritty texture across his new, tender hide. Around and around he rolls until he’s absolutely covered in the stuff wherever there was egg-goo. And then he rolls some more, until that, too, falls off and leaves him scoured clean. Up he pops, all awkward wobbly legs and wings he’s not exactly sure what to do with. He takes a few moments to look himself over, craning his neck this way and that, inspecting himself from chest to tail. He seems to delight in wiggling his fingers and toes in the sand. A /surprised/ look comes across his face and he opens his mouth wide, his green tongue obviously exploring the sharp points of his teeth before he snaps his jaws shut again. Then he stands up, and takes a good, long look at the white-robed Candidates standing in front of him.

Star-Eyed Wandering Brown Hatchling meanders around the candidates, getting used to his legs and pausing occasionally to lick things. That long green tongue comes out and tests the sand, an egg shell, his mother’s foot, another hatchling, the occasional candidate — you get the idea. He gives a good long look to those candidates he passes by, tilting his head this way and that and considering them with avid curiosity in his brightly-whirling eyes — but all too soon he moves on to the next.

Star-Eyed Wandering Brown Hatchling goes faster and faster past the candidates, not bothering to lick them, any more, and hardly glancing at them — until, that is, he stops short, skidding in the sands to an ungraceful halt. He turns around with an awkwardly sinuous movement and parks himself in front of a short, slight girl with cinnamon-colored curls and hazel eyes. And he licks her, his long green tongue flicking out to slime her from ankle to knee. Apparently, he’s finally found what he’s been /licking/ for.

Impression Message

«Sand is definitely weird,» comes a golden voice into your mind, even before those great jewel-toned eyes meet yours, and joy blooms in your chest as if your heart had burst with it. With the joy you hear a song, as elusive and heart-breakingly beautiful as the most poignant dream. «But I like it. I'm Cikitsikath, and /you/ are fantastic.» he tells you matter-of-factly, for of course there is no doubt in his mind, nor should there ever be in yours. The name in your head is easy enough to think, especially sung out as it is within the Song of this little dragon's mind. though not so easy to pronounce. «Silly little humans with your silly little tongues,» comes the voice again, wrapped in deliciously warm white-golden light, and the brown dragon plants himself down in front of you with a somewhat exhausted air. «Thinking things is so much easier and faster.» There's quite a loud rumble from his stomach and he tilts his head, the expression on his long face positively plaintive. «I do believe that I'm /hungry/. And something over there smells absolutely gorgeous. How about you and I investigate, hm?» He turns to look over his shoulder at the exit, where food waits, and you can feel his excitement and enthusiasm rolling from his mind in powerful waves. «And you can tell me all about well, /everything/! I want to know /everything/!» He turns back to you. «As soon as I've eaten.»

Clutch Siblings

Bronze Oszarioth Impressed to Sh'koi (Shakoi)
Brown Iqsath Impressed to Polsie
Brown Mneoraeth Impressed to X'dis (Xandis)
Green Ronareoth Impressed to Melze
Green Sohnyuoth Impressed to Miki


This egg was inspired by one of my favorite kinds of people, nerds! Everyone has a concept of what a nerd is - awkward, shy, intelligent, socially inept, physically inferior, obsessed with the obscure. They have to know everything, and love sharing that information with everyone else - but they don't always know how to do that in a way that doesn't alienate them.

More specifically, this egg was inspired by my all-time favorite nerd, the Doctor, from BBC's "Doctor Who." He's the nerd to end all nerds. There is no one more clever than the Doctor, no one who knows more about every subject immaginable. He's saved the Earth, and yes, the Universe, on more than one occasion, but he never sticks around for a thank you, or to get a kiss from the damsel. His mouth has gotten into (and out of) more trouble than you can shake a stick at, and he /never/ stops imparting information. Several of his incarnations have been physically bumbling (#7 springs to mind), some have not (#3 and #9), and some have been downright shmexy (#5 and #10, oh, yeah!). He's never been shy, but then again, he's net exactly the most suave and debonaire hero around ("You're a very beautiful woman, I think."). And did I mention - his only lasting girlfriend is a space ship?


Name Star-Eyed Wandering Brown Cikitsakath
Dam Gold Vidyazath
Sire Bronze Otieneth
Created By M'lo
Impressee Yhri
Hatched April 8 2011
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH