Challenge the Storms Blue Hatchling

Subtlety. The muddled, almost muddied blue of this dragon’s hide makes him one that would blend in with either sea or sky, vanishing without a trace unless he wished to be found. A bit boxy shaped for his color, he seems to have inherited just a tad of his sire’s looks in the slightly uneven shape to his face, one side a bit higher than the other to give him a tilted look, and prominent eyeridges. His coloration is muted shades of blue swirling and overlapping in graceful waves, though sometimes the mix of colors ends up more muddied than complimentary. The swirls give his hide the appearance of having texture, despite being smooth, and stare at it long enough and you’re bound to notice shapes within, interesting little hidden pictures to be explored. Hints of blue-green like the arc of tropical waves are splashed here and there across his mottled hide, especially pooling between his shoulders and along the sweep of his belly. Forelegs are a bit shorter than average, which will give him advantage in the sky but make it a bit awkward for him to walk on the ground, his talons black and razor sharp.

His wings are broad and long, gracefully tapered with sails just thick enough to be perfect for catching drafts and gliding for an eternity. Here his color brightens, colors of the sea fading to pale steel blue and splashed with near-white foam. Bands of color arc down, tracing the contours of his wingarms and fingers, ghostly curves of darker blue that bend and curve between bone and sail as if to enhance and strengthen the structure of his wings.

Egg Name and Description


Eternal Blue Egg

This tiny egg is blue. It’s really hard to describe it more than that. It’s small, round, and a rather uniform shade of blue. The color blue of the shell is a lovely one though. It’s like the blue of a sky on a summer’s day, as the sun has begun to sink towards the horizon and you look straight up. That rich, deep sky blue that you can truly imagine having the whole of the universe just behind it, if only the blue would shift aside for but a moment.

Hatching Message

Eternal Blue Egg finally breaks apart, those blue islands falling to the hot sands, and leaving an egg-wet hatchling spreading his wings for the first time.

Impression Message

Sands, burning sands under your feet and the overwhelming sound of the Hatching around you. Take a deep breath and… smell the salt in the air? Swiftly, it’s gone, only to return again with a cooling breeze that brushes against your skin. No, not your skin. Your mind. Another breath, another heartbeat and the wind rises and falls in time and rhythm with you. Is that the ocean too, approaching? Coolness tickles at your feet, much like the taunting edge of a shoreline where sand meets water. « Sk’ler! What has kept you? » It’s not the ocean waiting to greet you after all, but a blue hatchling colored just like the ocean standing in front of you. « Not that it matters. I’m relieved I found you! I’m Ciesoveth! I feel so… clumsy and hungry. Help me? » Like a crashing wave, his love for you envelops you and lifts you up again to the skies, soaring and elated, one and together forever more.


Maris develops from episode to episode, the scope of her ambition widening as her understanding of the world grows. She starts out as a little girl who only wants to fly…

In the very first days as you explore your bond with Ciesoveth, you will discover from the start that he is a blue that is born of happiness and fulfillment. That is his core, his stability and something that will not ever change in him even throughout the many, many Turns of his life and yours. At times perhaps it will seem forgotten as other passions and emotions reign but never will he deviate from that path and always will he return.

He is a gentle and unaggressive soul when he is so young and essentially carefree. The world is so bright and new and his to explore. Calming to the mind and soothing to the heart, Ciesoveth in essence is exactly what a hatchling is: a child. Naive, new and not yet jaded or tarnished by the world’s grievances and hardships and he will share this through the bond with you, Sk’ler. You are young as well and he will encourage your own inner child in every way to indulge his own, no matter how simple or mundane the task may seem.

« Let’s make a game of it, Sk’ler! I bet I can beat you to the training fields and all the others before they even know what’s happening! Come on! »

Ciesoveth, in his early months, is the essence of innocence and purity. A dreamer at heart, he takes each day as a new day and welcomes it with a youthful’s eagerness. He loves the new opportunities presented to him at the dawn of each new day and he will share this exuberance with you. In time, this may temper as he matures, but never truly wane. « It’s a new day, Sk’ler! Let’s see what it brings us. I can’t wait to see what we can do! »

“Maris felt her way carefully along one such dark stretch of corridor, nervous and a bit oppressed by the weight of the old fortress on her. She did not like being underground and enclosed; it quarreled with her flyer’s instincts.”

He is not without his quirks, however, that make him unique in and of himself. From the first few days he has hatched from his shell, Ciesoveth will have a dislike of being indoors. It won’t be as strong when he is so new a hatchling, but as the months progress and he grows, so does his discomfort at being within stone. « I don’t like it, Sk’ler. I can’t see the sky, the stars, the clouds or the sun. I like to feel the wind on my hide. Can we not sleep outside? »

Expect to hear that gentle plea most days and nights, when you’re expected to be within the barracks! Which poses a slight problem, given that all weyrlings are to sleep within and not without. Not that that will stop Ciesoveth and there will be some mornings where he will not be in his couch but curled up in the training fields. Close to the doors, of course! He’s not seeking to evade you, Sk’ler but it is simply where he is the most comfortable. Open skies and fresh air appeal highly to him and he will always encourage you to join him — even if it is pouring rain or the middle of winter. « I will seek shelter if I get too cold or if you get too chilled. » he will promise. It’s the truth, too and you may discover that he can be persuaded to stay indoors.

“It’s just for one night! We have exercises in the field first thing at dawn.”
« Well… I suppose. The sky is rather gloomy this night anyways and would only depress me. I’ll sleep in my couch then and you in your cot. »

That won’t be the end of it though. If kept indoors, Ciesoveth will have preferences as to exactly how he wishes to settle inside the barracks and later, into our own personal weyr. For he is a blue who always prefers to face south concerning his personal living space and even if sitting patiently for lessons. « Sk’ler, could we not have the south cot and couch, please? And if we can’t… could it face the south at least? I’ll help you move your cot. » Try as you might to get him to explain the reason why behind it, he will have no answer for you. Save for that he feels it is “right” and thus makes him happy. And isn’t that the key?

Bluebird is symbolic of the need to work hard and play hard… to not shoulder too much responsibility.

Bluebirds hold the energy of gentleness. They are not aggressive and will avoid confrontation whenever possible. They are patient and observant birds and choose to spend their time enjoying life, however, if a bluebird is provoked it will stand its ground and defend itself. The bluebird teaches us how to move through life with a gentle strength and a patient persistence.

Even before the tougher lessons of Weyrlinghood begin, Ciesoveth is obviously a blue who needs to work hard and play hard. His energy is as limitless as his eagerness and he will expect the same from you Sk’ler! For he does not wish to do this alone, at least not everything, though he can understand and respect your need for rest or a moment of peace. « You do need to take time for yourself. » he will be constantly reminding you (and perhaps himself!). « Maybe it is best we rest, but I still feel ready to do another lap of the bowl! »

He is gentle and unaggressive, not prone to pushing or bullying as some of his more exuberant siblings may be. If someone rushes ahead of him for meat or oil, Ciesoveth will simply take his place along the line in patient understanding.

« I’m not really that hungry or in need of oiling. If they need it so bad, they can go ahead of me. I’d rather go explore what’s over there, anyhow, Sk’ler! Follow me! »

His pacifism will be a shared trait between him and his bronze brother Tovihasuth and just like him, Ciesoveth can become very scrappy if threatened or if he feels you, Sk’ler, are threatened. If provoked he will stand his ground, feeding back to his dislike of bullies, but unlike Tovihasuth and some of his other clutchsbilings, he does not like to make a fuss or draw attention to himself. At least, not so much in his younger months in life. In time, as he grows, he will learn that there will come a time when he, and you too, will have to dig in your heels and say: « Enough is enough! »

Reliable and responsible, Ciesoveth will excel at his lessons and exercises. His enthusiasm helps in many ways and may hinder him in others, but such is the way of life and he takes it all in stride and will teach you to do the same. Weyrlinghood will have its ups and downs, for both himself and for you as you both learn together. Unlike some of his siblings, he will not try to deviate too far from the path given to him for a particular exercise but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t enjoy doing things his own way. He does and he has only to discover that he does and he will never look back at that point.

Encouraged by his siblings or simply acting on a whim of independence, he may surprise you on the day he decides to finally deviate off the path. « It just felt right! » he’ll explain, sheepishly, if you confront him about it or if his act leads to a bit of unintentional mischief. He doesn’t wish to intentionally make a fuss or draw attention to himself, at least… not so much in the beginning, echoing much of his clutchsibling Livanyth in this behavior . However, you can always rely on him to take control and do the right thing in difficult times.

For once you have tasted flight you will
walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward;
for there you have been,
and there you long to return
- Leonardo Da Vinci

As the time comes for Ciesoveth and his siblings to learn to fly, a change will come over the blue. Suddenly he is restless and impatient, often up well before dawn and too wrought with anticipation to settle down. He will want to be oiled, he will want to go over his exercises and stretch and go out and feel the winds and see the skies. Disconcertingly, he may be off on his appetite when the first lessons of flight begin and it’ll be a trial just to get him to take a single bite of meat.

“You need your strength!”
« It’ll weigh me down. I need to be at my best to fly!»
“We’re just doing take-off today!”
« So? It must be perfect. I will not stumble like some wood-winged beginner! »

Don’t despair, however, as this is the one and only rare time that Ciesoveth will show such behavior and emotions. As was noticeable when he was younger, he is fascinated with the sky and will spend candlemarks staring up at it, dreaming of the day he is permitted the freedom of joining with it — and bringing you along with him! It may be the only time that you see acts of rebellion in him and if he is allowed to have his impatience build too strongly, Ciesoveth may try to jump the gun, so to speak, for flight.

« I can do this, Sk’ler! We’ve practiced so hard and so diligently. I can feel the winds. Can’t you? The time is perfect. The time for flying is… NOW! »

“But it was no use: she’d lost the certainty. The wind and she were no longer lovers.”

Hold on tight and fast! Ciesoveth can fly, as any dragon can but he displays a rare and raw talent. Too raw, in fact and his first flights may go smoothly but eventually he will push himself just that much further. Just a little, to test, but it’ll be enough. A slight waver, a drop in the winds and his confidence will falter. Once he loses certainty, he will become clumsy and unsure and this applies into anything Ciesoveth puts his mind to, be it flight or an exercise or even when in play. He’s young and not invincible and in those times when he is reminded that he still needs time to hone his skills and improve he will need you for reassurance and guidance, Sk’ler. Not that he dwells on it for long and by the end of hte day, he is back to his carefree self and ready for the next day’s challenges!

Maris rode the storm ten feet above the sea, taming the winds on wide cloth-of-metal wings. She flew fiercely, recklessly, delighting in the danger and the feel of the spray, not bothered by the cold. The sky was an ominous cobalt blue, the winds were building, and she had wings; that was enough. She could die now, and die happy, flying.

And once airborne (hopefully with permission to do so!), Ciesoveth will always want to fly. It is his love and his passion next to you, Sk’ler. He lives and breathes the sky and the winds, feeling more at home in the air than he is on the ground. As weyrlinghood progresses and freedoms gradually extend, he will come to dislike being kept to the ground more and more. He’s aware that it is necessary, but with any opportunity that presents itself, he will wish to fly.

“Woodwings had won, Maris thought. He had flown, if only for an instant, and that made it all worthwhile, even his death. It was a flyer’s death. And the others, the flyers, they had not come out to mock him, or warn him off-no, they flew guard for him, because he was just a beginner, and because they understood.”

Ciesoveth has an uncanny knack for flying too, beyond what his color is often stereotypically known for. He will excel in flight, outstripping his clutchsiblings and even some of the more seasoned dragons in Fort in no time. Not that he ever boasts about it, as he does not even so much as once claim he is better than anyone.

He is humble enough to know that while he is an excellent flyer, he will bring more happiness by helping others than by looking down at them and mocking them, showing a nurturing side to him. So if any of his clutchsiblings should struggle, he will be there by their side to help. He is a beginner, just like them and he will try to patiently guide them. Ciesoveth may find that Jaicoureth will often come to him, as he is a blue who shares the same passions for the skies and the two of them together can test their mettle without risk. Don’t be surprised if Ciesoveth is the source behind encouraging a race or two, all in friendly competition, between his clutchsiblings!

« How else do we practice and learn but to test each other? Besides, it’s fun! Look how Tovihasuth chases Zeruth and Mazzolyth! »

“She made no wrong choices, was forced into no hasty scrambles above the leaping ocean; the tacking she did was all for joy.”

Flying is simply his joy, another source of happiness to him. Strangely enough, his interest in flight may extend beyond as well. Whether by lessons in history or plucked from your own memories, he will take a very keen interest in technology; especially those sleds! They are fascinating to him, alluring and yet so baffling.

« Show me the old, ancient sled again, Sk’ler! I want to learn how this clumsy looking thing of metal flew as we do! »

Don’t even get him started on the Yokohama! The tale of the ancestral First Crossing, of flying through the vastness of space? Is likely Ciesoveth’s favorite story and if he cannot convince you to tell it to him (for the hundreth time), he will pester Kainaesyth for it and any ballads too that speak of flight or flying. Of course he has interests in other things and subjects too, but none hold his fascination quite like this.

“Now you can never be happy. You can never be a land-bound, really, for you’ve flown, and you’ll always know how you are imprisoned.” His words stopped abruptly and Maris realized that he was talking of himself as much as her. - Russ speaking to Maris

His love of flight only grows as he grows older, even when weyrlinghood is long over and he’s now reached maturity. He hates being “land bound”, as he puts it and often pities those that cannot savor flight as he does, as you both do. Which is why he is never against allowing others to join you, should an offer ever be extended to a friend or stranger to fly, be it for pleasure or work. « If they wish to fly, I can fly and would be happy to let them savour the skies if only for a moment! » He is, after all, all for happiness and not just for himself.

“It was the feel of it, the love of it, not the thought: it was instinct and reflex and knowing the wind, and Maris was the wind.”

Challenge is a love and desire of his and often will Ciesoveth seek out the coasts for the wicked storms over the ocean or should one brew over Fort’s mainland territories, you better believe that he will be there to tests his mettle against the leading edge of it. Turbulent winds, strong winds, dangerous crosswinds and updrafts, still air and fickle thermals, it does not matter. Ciesoveth will fly them all and know them all.

The wind was cold and wet, angry, lashing at the waves; against the eastern sky a storm was building. “Good flying weather,” Maris said.

Despite his passion for flying, he is not reckless with his skill. He knows his limits, he knows the danger and never will he willingly put yourself or himself at risk. If you should not feel up to flying, Ciesoveth will go alone but never far if the mood strikes him and you will often feel the emotions brought on by what he calls: « A joy flight. That is all! » He does prefer your company, though and will often try to encourage you to come with him.

Flying is not all that defines Ciesoveth. Grown, he is a blue known for his trusting and trustworthy nature. He his honest and he is loyal, lending an inner security and confidence to you and to others if they so need it. Seeking peace and tranquility, he is the helper, the rescuer both to you and any friend in need, no matter how small or large the situation may be. It’s not out of act of heroism, but an act of kindness and love.

For Ciesoveth, success is defined by the quality and quantity of his relationships. He is a giver, not a taker. The relationships he does build, either with his own kind or through you are strongly built and rooted deeply in trust. If that trust is ever broken, however? He is deeply hurt — at least until his memory of it fades. Ciesoveth will not, however, so easily forget any betrayals you may face, Sk’ler, and he may pluck them from your memory if you ever brood over them.

Persistent and determined to succeed in whichever endeavor he pursues, alone or together with you, Ciesoveth never tires of routine. Things will never get old, never become mundane or dull. Each moment is something to be savored and not squandered and wasted away. Even time spent daydreaming under a clear blue sky he values as important and necessary, reflecting back on much of his behaviors as a young hatchling.

“… Maris closed her eyes and let the message flow. She didn’t know or care what she said. The words used her voice without troubling her conscious thought…”

Ciesoveth possesses another uncanny quirk to him, beyond his keenness and natural ability to flight and one that is both a blessing and a curse. He is capable of retaining information and repeating it back, word for word, without it so much as touching his subconscious mind. He is never quite aware of what he says, but he is spot on on his reiteration. Which will work great when it comes time to join a Wing… so long as you’re there to explain the message to him Sk’ler. Otherwise, Ciesoveth goes on with his day, never aware of what information he just passed.

« Cikitsakath sends word through Typriaeth through to all available riders that volunteers are required for additional sweeps to the east coast cotholds. Sickness spreads and Healer Hall has called on additional transport of goods and Healers … »
“ … thank you? “
« For? »
« Oh. That isn’t good! Sk’ler, we should volunteer! I can fly far and fast. We can do this! »

There will come a time in Ciesoveth’s mature life when flights takes on a different meaning. Of course he will begin to notice females, but he is not one for heavy flirting or winning her over with charm or woo’ing words. If he’s to dazzle and amaze a potential green, he’ll gain her admiration with his skills in the skies and perhaps even try to coax her for one of his “joy” flights prior to her rising.

Mating flights to Ciesoveth will be just that: more on the flying itself, coupled with his natural drive and instinct. He loves the chase because it brings a different sort of passion to flying. He has competition, a time to finally show his skill and compete against other dragons his size and much, much larger. Even when he does pursue a glowing green, his attention is more to flying the winds than the female herself and sometimes his attention can wane off the glowing prize if a particular thermal or wind catches his fancy.

When he does focus, he goes with the moment. Some flights he goes for fancy and some he goes for cautious and calculated. For some greens, he will be laid back and even playful. Others, he will be quite the opposite and should any green he chases prove to match him in skill and give a wild challenge of a flight, Ciesoveth will be bound and determined to catch her. His drive to snare such a worthy green as his mate will have him throwing almost all caution to the wind (literally). For it will mean he can win her, but also win at outflying her.

If he does catch a green, he is close to indifferent to her. There is respect and maybe fondness, certainly a happiness for having caught her and her prolonged company but beyond that he does not attach any particular ‘love’ to a green. His love is reserved for you, Sk’ler and the skies.

Should he lose, Ciesoveth will be disappointed and stung, finding failure in his abilities and skill. He is not one to rage or bemoan his loss and simply quietly turn back for home and settle on his ledge to brood and recover. He won’t remain so low in spirits for long. Once his strength is recovered, he will be back in those skies and flying again and his happiness restored with the rising winds.

“I do love him, and I want him to have a long and happy life. He will not be happy as a flyer; he does it just to make you proud. Coll is a singer, a good one. Why must you take from him the life he loves?” - Maris challenging Russ about Coll’s traditional right to his father’s wings.

“She had her wings again, she had the sky; she was whole now and she was happy.”

Ciesoveth will teach you to move through life with gentle strength and patient persistence. While he may have a need for order and direction in his life, he is also aware that there is a joy in allowing others to grow in their own time, in their own way. For that reason he will always be supportive of you, Sk’ler. Your goals may be a nebulous idea and he knows that you’re conscious of your need to work towards being a Journeyman.

« But will it make you happy, Sk’ler? »

It all boils down to happiness in the end and what you will enjoy. Ciesoveth loves to fly and he only wishes for you to find something that brings you just as much joy and fulfillment. And yet, he understands this: You’re both so young, what is the rush? He will never quite understand why one feels they must do something because it is expected of them or if it’s tradition. He knows of your dreams of adventure and he will nurture and support it. It’s what drew him to you, after all! Seek out your own passions and desires in life but remember that life is too short to rush and not to enjoy it. There is no sense to dwell on the bad when there is so much good surrounding you each and every day.

« Maybe try it and see if you enjoy it? If you don’t feel it is right, don’t feel you need to continue. You will find your calling! »

Forever will he be your quiet sounding board, an endless well of support and confidence and reassurance. He loves you for who you are and wishes nothing more than to see you happy, even if it’s just to dream those dreams you’ve held for so long. It’s true that Ciesoveth inspires to higher ideals, but he is a patient soul and he will allow Sk’ler to come into his own at his own pace, gradually showing him the assertiveness he needs to discover in himself to progress in life. Until then, life is to be enjoyed together and the skies theirs to soar and fly in boundless freedom with you, Sk’ler as his star among the clouds.



Return from the Brink

Ciesoveth’s mind is a vastness of oceans and seas, waters of every shade of blue and blue-green and murkier shades between. His mind is the openness of an endless sky, touching the horizon to meld almost seamlessly with the water below. It’s not all open oceans, however and a few islands and archipelagos rise up from the depths, scattered and so distantly apart, varying in size from small uninhabitable hunks of rock, to large islands that stand out for their beaches and lush greenery, looking almost comically out of place surrounded by so much water.


Each island holds a different sort of landscape to it and often reflects Ciesoveth’s current mood or to match the situation or to whom he may be speaking with. To all, he greets with open skies and calm waters and a gentle, caressing wind. For those he trusts, he will bring to the islands. To the ones in the south with more tropical climes and exotic waters and flora and fauna and warmer, humid winds, to ones that sit more northward and east and west with their soaring walls of rock. Cliffsides that rear up high out of the water and are capped by lush, vibrant greenery and clusters of old, sturdy and wind-battered forests. There are islands to the north completely of ice and snow and others to either direction southward that are nothing more that barren rock, sparse vegetation and smoking volcanoes.

That is not the extent of the islands either. Some hold simple structures: wooden lodges, small and simple cities and towns, stone fortresses. All have docks and if his mood is particularly creative or imaginative, ships will be at dock or sailing out over the waters. His mind is most active when he is in conversation or day dreaming, but when he is in flight or focused, the mindscape changes completely.


Of course all of those are shared with you, Sk’ler and in far greater detail and freedom than anyone else. None of these islands are barred from you and he will show you every little secret, every little nuance. You will become as familiar with each of these island landscapes as Ciesoveth is and in time come to learn what each will mean and be able to predict his mood and thoughts without even sharing a single word between you. There will just be an understanding as with as vast as his mind is, it is so beautifully simple and complex in the same breath.


Ciesoveth has one particular landscape that he reserves just for you Sk’ler and perhaps a rare, select few that you (and he, by extension) trust. This island, if it can even be called such, is a towering spire of rock surging up from the middle of the ocean, alone and utterly secluded and cut off from any other land. There is only the spire, the sky and the waters all around it. On the very top is a structure carved of stone, fortress and eyrie both. This, to him, is “home” outside of the skies that he effortlessly and endlessly soars through in his mind. It is sanctuary too and he will take you here if he feels the need to protect you or comfort you. Here you are safe and so is he and when he feels you are ready he will take you away and soar the skies again.

It’s not just the landscapes that change with his mood either. Sometimes there are no islands at all and just the sky and water. It will be his moods that determine how they appear. In calm, peaceful moments the skies remain a clear and summery blue in hue, varying from pale to deep, deep stark and vibrant shades. The sun will shine and clouds will drift lazily by. It could be nightfall too, with the moons and stars out in place of the sun. The ocean below is calm and if he is deeply focused, the waters may reflect his thoughts in flickering images. When he is in the height of his most happiest moments or filled with joy and elation (often while he is flying), his mind takes on a surreal mirrord effect. The waters still like glass and reflect the image of the skies above, giving a rather beautiful but disconcerting sense of floating between two skies.


Should Ciesoveth ever feel discourage or unsure, hesitant or a little down, the skies will darken as clouds gather and a gloomy overcast hangs over the oceans. If he feels sad, rain will fall and the heaviness will denote just how deep his sadness goes. In the occasional times that he shows his more assertive side or determination and stubbornness, the skies remain overcast but the winds will rise and the strength varies depending on the intensity of his feelings. In the rarer times that he is so truly upset to be angry, well, his mind becomes a raging tempest then. Sometimes his anger will gather slowly and the storm clouds can be seen building and growing, hovering in the distance to perhaps be dispelled in time. Othertimes, it hits with such a swiftness and suddenly his mind is chaos of heavy, blinding rains, gusting winds, dark clouds, lightning and a churning ocean below. Just like any storm, his anger is swift and there will be an eerie calm afterwards before his balance is restored and peace returns to the imagery of his mind.

Ciesoveth’s voice is gentle and youthful and often changes pitch depending on his emotions. The more passionate and excited he is about something, the more it can be heard in his tone. He will speak softly, almost in a quiet whisper when he is upset or feeling down, which is not often for him. His voice can be mellowing and soothing or an encouraging and boisterous laugh that is almost impossible to resist laughing with. As he ages, his voice may take on a more baritone note, but never quite lose it’s youthful charm.


Skyler, our youngest Candidate yet! We couldn’t have been happier for the chance to snare you. Welcome to Weyrlinghood to Fort Weyr!

The egg theme for this cycle was ‘Songbirds’ and each egg was described off of a particular bird’s actual egg, the bird itself and/or the location for which they make their nest. Ciesoveth’s hatched from Eternal Blue Egg, which was written by Nyalle and based on the Eastern Bluebird.

Ciesoveth’s name comes from a combination of French words: Resolu, Ciel and Voler, which roughly (very roughly) translated means Resolved to Fly the Sky. We took a little of each, rearranged them a bit until we found something that we felt fit your preferences in a name! It also works into his theme and into his personality.


His description was written by Nyalle with some tweaks from Th’ero and he is largely influenced by the sea, storms and as an added bonus, his wings take on details from the interpreations of the “Wings” from Windhaven. Two of the better examples I could find are here:
and here:


We did our best to incorporate your preferences into his description and even added some of Velokraeth’s… “charm” into his physical appearance.

Ciesoveth’s mind is loosely based on the world for which Windhaven is created from. Largely a world of endless oceans and open seas, the inhabitants of Windhaven make their homes on a cluster of islands scattered about a small portion of the world’s surface. The stone pillar is roughly inspired by the ‘Eyrie’, the home of the Flyers and one Maris found comfort in in the beginning of the books. It is also similar to ‘Woodwings’, the academy she later invests much of her time in in teaching youths and training them to compete for their own Wings and title of Flyer.

Personality wise, he is based off of a few themes and your own preferences outlined in your final questionnaire. I took some of the elements of Maris from the book ‘Windhaven’ written by Lisa Tuttle and George R.R. Martin. More information on the novel itself can be found here: I took Maris’ love, passion and desire to fly and wove it into Ciesoveth’s personality, which is fleshed out by the traits from the Eastern Bluebird totem and the color blue itself to give him a little more of a fleshed out feel.

More information on Bluebird as a Totem:

A lot of Ciesoveth’s drive for happiness and his carefree attitude comes from the Bluebird totem, as well as his passive, non aggressive behavior. His desire to work hard and play hard too comes from this totem.

And then I tossed in a few traits associate with the color ‘Blue’, mostly found here:

This is where Ciesoveth gains his reliable and responsible traits and where he’s developed his nature as a helper, among so much more.

In the end, the RP Tips are just guides and Ciesoveth is yours to play and enjoy!

His egg was written by Nyalle and Ciesoveth’s description with helpful tweaks from Th’ero. For his mind desc, personality and impression message, all were written by Th’ero with some suggestions from Nyalle.

Congratulations again!

~ Th’ero and Fort SCo

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Wandering Storyteller Bronze Kainaesyth and Ha'ze (Hazelon)
Dreams of a Digital Frontier Bronze Zeruth and S'ai (Sairon)
Transformation of the Spirit Brown Mazzolyth and Rynn (Therynn)
Of Life's Greatest Things Blue Jaicoureth and C'rus (Cyrus)
Rising Winter's Dawn Green Livanyth and R'yal (Ravyal)

At a Steady Pace Green Amidaeth and Annah (Ciannah)


Name Blue Ciesoveth
Dam Gold Kayeth
Sire Bronze Velokraeth
Created By Th'ero and Nyalle
Impressee Sk'ler (Skyler)
Hatched 8 June, 2014
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH