Light never illuminated such a graceful creature as this, an ethereal form that, as a whisper in the wind, seems ghostly compared to others of her kind. Gold she is, but of a hue so pale and lustrous it appears more silver in tone, with the edges of her physique the only radiant points that glow in sunshine golden color. Like a metallic paintbrush wafted across her figure, swirls — like dusty fog curling around a source of movement — dance about her frame, accentuating round structure and delicate features, but thin into streaks, rather than swirls, along the functionally built appendages of legs and tail. The tip of her tail lights to pure white, edged in a striking hue that stands out amongst the almost lack-thereof; the hue, a pale but sensual metallic blue, coats the entirity of the thin membranes of her wings, whose spars hint a darker shade of such. The color touches only one other place; her face, between eyes but just before thin knobs, a dripping crown of glory is held… But not all glory is fame; for some, it only becomes a chain.

Egg Name and Description

Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens Egg
Wine hue a Benden would envy encloses three-fourths of a small, eliptical egg, deepest in color at the top, where, with the curvature of a waterfall, it flows into livid pink at the base. Thin veins of darker and lighter shades matte over this portion of the shell, but are encapsulated by bead-like glossy spots that dot over them. The blotches, all perfectly round, touch the edges of the color, before pulling in to the last part of the shell: a collection of calico oranges, grays and browns, that appear as haphazard as thrown paint splotches on the shell. Yet, that too is not left undisturbed; where would this furry section be without thin whisps of whiskers that pull outwards to the sides? There's no mistaking it; these are all just a few of my favorite things.

Hatching Message

Sand skitters a little as Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens Egg begins to waggle back and forth, the thin shell of the egg poking this way and that, as if something was trying to get out. Oh wait. Something IS trying to get out. It rolls a little bit, flopping down onto it's longer side, before settling and going to mere, small shivers once again.

Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens Egg begins to roll a little from it's original position, bumping into a hatched egg-shell as it swishes about. Hmm. Not that way. Getting frustrated and not being able to move in this form, the inward creature begins to pick more at getting out onto four legs. There's a thin vein growing across one side.. Then another, branching from the same source. Another, and another, before, with a rather loud -crriiiiicck!- a long black line enwraps half of the shell straight down the middle.

Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens Egg begins to rock more, as white talons peek out from the formed crack with increasing fervor. The crack is dug at more and more fiercely, but only until the crack becomes a gaping hole, the inside blocked by the shadows of the remaining shell. There's a hesitent pause, before one ghostly paw reaches out - then another - then a silver-lined, glistening golden head. They pause for a moment, before wretching the rest of the body from the shell, leaving a spectral queen laying, like a bright, sudden light source, amongst the sullen color of the sands.

Impression Message

Mists of Memory envelope you and your mind, tasting your skin with a fresh, but bitterly cold breeze. Everything fades and melts away… Your thoughts, your anxieties, your fears. « Do not worry, Kessa. » The voice, determined yet soft, wise yet gentle, echoes about the fog that sudden blocks all view in your thoughts. Then she is silent, soft morning birds chittering from unknown places, whilst the ground turns to moss and dewdrops form on the skin of your mind. « You know who I am, as you have always known. » A soft chuckle swirls the mists about, as a vision — an image incarnated even before your eyes — appears: that of a small gold and her rider, holding one another close. It shimmers in the wet air, fading slowly in and out before, with a hum, her sultry words arise again. « Who we were is -nothing- compared to who we will be. Kessa and Choth. You, and I. It may seem overwhelming now, but soon, you will believe… That together, we will change the world. »


"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future."
— Galadriel, Lord of the Rings

A beacon of hope when all lights run out, Choth is a creature who, despite being delicate in physical appearance (with graceful, angelic movements), has the iron power of optimism and faith on her side — a power that, even on the worst of days, will never fail. Even Kessa's own strength of spirit will seem weak in comparison, but only because Choth's is so great, it's hard to measure up. Not only will she never rebuke anothers' actions, for they are their own, she will have ultimate faith in the actions always being for the best.

« Misoganth is sleeping again? Ah well, let him sleep. May he have fair dreams that bring him happiness. »

She will urge you to do your best, but will never say it's not enough. She will always see the best outcome in a situation, and if it doesn't fall through, it will never bring her down. In reality, it may be confusing for some outside your relationship - long will she watch weyrlings practice, overviewing the going-ons of the wings in what some think is silent scrutiny, as she will never say much to them, and usually nothing at all. Choth may watch a practice session for hours, and then fly off without a word, only confiding to you later how much they were improving. Many will think she's critical, but in fact, she's the opposite of such. Will she ever correct them? Probably not. « If they believe that, let them. Maybe it will help them improve even further. »

Everything she does is for the best, for hurting another is completely outside her realm of thinking. And think she will, day-dreaming herself into places — mainly the future — that she may keep so private they may never even be shared with you. Even with you to confide in, Choth will seem rather distant sometimes. Some days, she may fly off into the surrounding Hold area, surveying, never telling you where she's going, or where she went. If you call her back, she'll come happily, but you'll only know the details of her excursion 1/3 of the time. She may take you with her, too — she's unpredictable. But, something to watch for, should she leave (sometimes even DAYS at a time, but never more than three) is, when she comes back, she may feel incredibly burdened by the things to come.

Ghanima: He runs and runs and runs. And when he's exhausted himself, he returns to me, puts his head in my lap and asks me to help him find a way to die.
Farad'n Corrino: But why does he want to die?
Ghanima: To save himself from the sacrifices he must make, sacrifices for the future of us all.
— Children of Dune

Much will Choth give up of her own for the good of others. Sometimes it will sadden her, watching as all your prized possessions of gold and wealth are given to the recesses of the Weyr, but when she returns to an empty weyr, with only a simple bed and you, she will see the good side in it all, and feel happy once again. Not just in possessions, but EVERYTHING that she and you share may be at stake as a "sacrifice for the betterment of the Weyr".

But, with all her watching and giving, the biggest flaw that Choth will have — and full admit to — is jealousy. « If only I were to be a healer, and put things right. » « If only I were a weyrling again, young and free from these burdens. » « If only I could say the things that Seviadith does! She's so brave. » If only, if only! They will often be contradictory, but one that will remain constant is envy of you — she may never express it completely, but, to be human, and make the differences that YOU can make? That, above all things, she wishes to have.


Even in the emptiness of your weyr, Choth is an expressionist, and will make use of the space. From your enclosure to the living cavern, she will either wish — or persuade — to decorate them into lavish scenery, in either painting right on the wall, or with heavy tapestries. In her silence, she will imagine them, and expect them to be brought to life before her eyes. You may come home to a weyr painted as an exact replica of the hills of Telgar, the sands of Igen, or the snows of 'Reaches, as she'll recruit greens to get their riders to find Harpers to take care of it — indirect, but she doesn't mind.

The other golds will be her only solace for comfort, outside of you, and likely only the ones within the Weyr — Wiyaneth for sure, and possibly Celimoth, she'll come to for advice and 'idle chatter', if you call it. She and Seviadith will butt heads more than occasionally, but it will be something that she may enjoy. "Why do you speak to her, if you differ so much?" « Maybe she will learn, maybe I will learn, from it. » She will speak to greens — especially those of her clutch — but not often, as she isn't sure they share the same burden she does, so relating to them feels like a mystery to her. In the end, it will always be you she trusts, putting every ounce of energy, even to the moment she falls asleep, into her love for you.

This will be a difficult time for Choth, as the attention will stress her, especially from the males. Being proddy will be more like a young girl blossuming breasts before the others — Awkward. Almost depressed. She may even hide. Come flight day, you may have to urge her to blood, but in the end, when she takes to the skies, it'll be a marvel of a dance that the crowds will gather to watch. She will be frightened to get caught, near silent and running until her energy burns out — and in the morning, she'll shun and ignore the bronze out of nervousness and embaressment. She'll only begin choosing winners in her later Turns, when — and if — she finds a bronze that she's comfortable with. Only time really tells.

The Sands will be a bit timid, but will be easy and trusting with candidates, and care for her eggs, not as her own, but as the Weyrs'. Precious commodities, they are, but she won't be possessive — like everything she gives away for free, she won't be very clingy, especially not to the dragons that hatch from them. She will watch them a bit more heavily than others, but in the end, she will be relieved when it's over. Things will go back to normal, and her devotion will go back to where it's needed — you, and the Weyr she loves so much.

Mind Description

Frodo: What will I see?
Galadriel: Even the wisest cannot tell, for the Mirror shows many things: things that are, things that were, and some things that have not yet come to pass.
— Lord of the Rings

Choth's voice is that of Galadriel - soft, low, and wise. There's a lot of expression, but it's more in inflection than in speed and pitch. Her speech will roll slowly, and sound almost mystical, angelic. I dislike referencing exact actors, but she fits so perfect, it's indesputable.

The smell will be cool, fresh, but heavy like that of fog— her mind will carry much fog and distortion, and, like the mirror, will constantly be showing events that have passed Turns ago, today, or even things she imagines might happen in the future. They will constantly burden her, so her thoughts are riddled with them. As she speaks, the fog will swirl, showing a surface of water that changes color and calmness based on her mood. Leaves, moss, trees, and other forest images may peek out from the backdrop. Sunshine may come, but it'll always feel generally cold— but, always, peaceful.

Mists of Memory is, in every sense of the word, quiet. Several moments pass, as the crescendo for whatever symphony this egg holds begins to grow — GROW — feeding into the surge of emotion that lilts in gently to the mind. But the symphony is not sound; not quite, at least. Thoughts begin to stray to a montage of everything that makes you happy — memories, people… every thing that brings you joy — and as if you were soaring over rolling hills alive with music, the beautiful melody carries your mind away…

Mists of Memory only increases previous pleasures. Everything feels so wonderful, doesn't it? The places you've been, the faces you've met, and the things that once seemed so dark and dreary melt in these thoughts… But there's something behind all of it, something making you not so alone. Warm colors, random images of wrapped packages, woolen mittens, and someone dancing and spinning in the wind suddenly halt as the presence notices you watching: and then it's gone, run away to hide, until… Perhaps… another day.


Choth is based much on Galadriel from Lord of the Rings — but, mainly from the interpretation of the song 'Stairway to Heaven', which was written about her. Her hope, her wisdom, and the envy she has for both the Ring and for those who get to travel to the West are basis' for her personality. Her mindvoice, in appearance in sound, is also central to her. The name 'Choth' was chosen by you, of course. Other themes/quirks in her personality were made up by either you or her writer.

The Theme for the eggs was 'Heavenly Things'— Raindrops on Roses, Whiskers on Kittens is a direct reference to a song from Sound of Music, which was altogether a very heavenly, happy song. The hatching was 'Seven Deadly Sins', of which Choth was 'Envy', as dictated in her hatchling name.

Choth and her egg were written entirely by Tarish, who hopes you love this dragon as much as she enjoyed writing it — but you're allowed to play her however you want! That would make Tarish the happiest. :)


Name If Only It Were -I- To Be Envied Gold Choth
Dam Gold Seviadith
Sire Bronze Shidenisseth
Created By Tarish
Impressee Kessa
Hatched July 30, 2008
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH