From a sea of dazzling tropical blues arises the spectacularly crafted form of a regal dragon. With all the grace of an esteemed lord he holds himself, his gently curved headnobs and long blunt muzzle kept aloft by a smoothly sloping neck held in a pose that suggests one surveying his domain. These graceful qualities are, however, merely the refinement of that natural ease and grace that dragons are bestowed with. Every inch of him appears to have been lovingly crafted by a fine sculpturist, then worn slightly smooth by the gentle action of warm waters. Even his tail has a gentle, rounded taper to it, and in the fine bones of his wings and the powerful muscles of hindquarters and shoulders there are no harsh lines to be found. Sprinkling over the bright azure of his hide are the faintest hints of gold and green, much as though a brilliant sunlight were being reflected from shallow waters. The pale, taut fabric of his wings is merely a bleached version of the rest of his body, a pale pastel blue through which are the subtle suggestions ichor-carrying veins. There is but one flaw in his coloration and this is a large patch of pale grey-blue at the junction of tail and body. Belying the peaceful and graceful appearance are the distinctly sharp alabastor talons on his feet, though even they have the appearance of hard stone and careful work.

Egg Name and Description

Harmony of Colors Egg
Lightly washed over the gently curved surface of this egg are a multitude of colors splashed together. Clear blue, brilliant pink, vibrant green, and rich purple play across the leathery surface. Where any two colors meet there is a veritable explosion of brilliant white before wispy tendrils of color take over before quickly merging into the main patches. For the most part the egg is vibrantly colored, but here and there are small patches of dullness, as if the egg has undergone some weathering upon the sands. And, here and there, is a smudge of brown, as if dirt or sand were smeared and still clinging to the egg's surface.

Hatching Message

There's a gentle wobbling of Harmony of Colors Egg as the youngling contained within pushes against its shell, the round surface fairly pulsing with the movements. But finally there is give and a talon shoves out, grasping at the air. A snout follows, and then the rest of the egg gives way to reveal the hatchling contained within.

Impression Message

A heavy cloud of heat rises from the sands, coalescing into something a little more definite and hazy. The pressure increases, as if a great force were leaning against you. Finally there is the seeping of pale purple smoke, carrying with it a hint of delicate perfume. « Cal… Cal… ria? Calria? » The words are formed by this other presence, which is quite suddenly there and addressing you in dusky tones. « My Calria » it confirms, finding surety in a bright flash of love. « I'm your Celephath, and you are my Calria, » the other answers. « We shall be together forever, you and I. It will be spectacular. » Accompanying this is a light coppery taste of blood and the sensation of aching hunger.


During the first few months of your time together Celephath is nothing more than just a baby getting used to his surroundings and trying to find his place in life with you. Expect quite a few questions from him during this period of adjustment, and expect there to be relatively few problems from him. In fact, he'll most likely do his best during this time to keep both himself and you out of trouble, at least until he's gained a better understanding of surroundings and this whole idea of 'actions have consequences.' As he grows older he will begin to test these limits that he has discovered. In some cases he may find that he has misjudged those limits rather conservatively and change his behavior, appearing in some ways to become more rebellious and headstrong, mimicking many of your more promninent character traits in many ways.

Towards others Celephath will always be friendly, but reserved to a point. While he will enjoy the company of other dragons and enjoy dispensing some small bit of wisdom now and then, especially if solicited, he wouldn't be described as overly chatty. Nor is Celephath a mischievous creature, though there is nothing wrong with a friendly little game or chase in the air if he's got excess energy. As for you, he adores you. You are his Calria and you complete him in every way. Of course, this also means that he believes that he completes you. Think of him as your conscience, of sorts, another voice there to remind you that perhaps it is not best if you let your temper get the worst of you and slug someone. His judgement isn't perfect, so it will be up to you to filter what he tells you and also act as his conscience from time to time. A relationship goes both ways, after all.

Celephath will always have a weak spot for flights and greens, sometimes going to excessive lengths to be able to chase /that one/ green in particular. It will take a great deal of control and restraint to keep him from pursuing a proddy green, and it may be Turns in fact before you're able to gain such mental strength to persuade him away from the ladies. That is not to say that when a green isn't proddy or close to rising that he is a debonair lady-wooer, at such times he's quite level-headed and perhaps even indifferent to females. Expect to hear quite a lot of talk from him, however, about the attractiveness of a green and how he can't wait for her to go up, and which of those many riders out there are /you/ interested in?

Your Celephath is something of a dreamer, always concocting plans for the two of you. Occasionally this will prompt him to urge you along some course of action, presumably for the best for both of you. However, dreams are flighty and changing, and dragon memories are short, so he may often lose track of his ultimate goals. In such a regard he may appear a bit flaky and undecided. But remember, Celephath is yours and he is a dynamic creature that will be shaped by the events in both your lives — feel free to tweak and adjust him as necessary and play him as you see fit.


Thick clouds of perfume
Celephath's voice is full of sultry darkness. Accompanying his messages is often a thick cloud of perfumed smoke, a haze which he removes for you and only you, through which he varies the color and tone to convey his feelings. Although dragons cannot lie in general, Celephath can never truly mask his feelings — they will always bleed through to some degree, belying both his state and yours. Although the mind voice will often give the impression of a sluggish, laid-back character, there is a drastic change when angered or provoked. Gone is the veil of smoke, and his voice becomes sharp and direct, accompanied with bursts of sparks.


Our egg theme was 'heavenly things' and this egg was loosely based on hippie culture in the 60's, which promoted love, peace, and community. Those seem to be pretty well-aligned ideals to strive for, and seemed appropriate for this clutch. The hatchling theme was 7 Deadly Sins, of which Celephath's is Lust. The name Celephath is derived from Celephais, a magnificent city in the Dreamworld ruled by King Kuranes, who was once but a nameless hobo in the Realworld. The personality of Celephath is loosely based on King Kuranes, who dreamed up and ruled over wonders, but found himself longing for his familiar home of youth. Egg and dragon created by Navi — hope you enjoy him!


Name A Sea of Lust Blue Celephath
Dam Gold Seviadith
Sire Bronze Shidenisseth
Created By Navi
Impressee Calria (Calandria)
Hatched 30 July 2008
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH