Dark brown tinged with auburn is gently brushed over a the dragon's compact and long body, through which the faintest splotches of reddish cream and dark brown peak through. Though not of a particularly large size and possessing lean shoulders and build, there is no denying that the outstanding feature of this brown is the length of his body, accentuated by a perhaps longer than normal tail that ends in a defined point tipped in dark soil. This color motif reappears at the tip of paws and talons, as well as in freckled patches that color his pale buttercream wingsails. Filling out his rangy frame are sinewy muscles that hint at the reserves of strength and power that lie beneath his brown colored hide.

Egg Name and Description

Fragile Threads Egg
Spires of pale yellow, just a shade creamier than the tendrils of white that wrap around the egg's equator, reach upwards from the base of the egg. Tangling this way and that, there is the suggestion of some degree of order to this pattern, most visible when standing a few feet back from the leathery egg. Here and there is a small aberration in the design, a small block of angular designs or a hint of the softest blue that deviates from the norm. The lower hemisphere of the egg is slightly darker, dappled lightly with darker threads of goldenrod and buttercream.

Hatching Message

With a little wobble here and a little wobble there, Fragile Threads Egg gets to moving around, disrupting its orderly placement on the sands.

Nearly bouncing off the sands with the force of the hatchling inside, the integrity of Fragile Threads Egg is soon compromised. Soon a crack begins to deepen along the lower portion of the egg.

Pushing against the crack that has begun to form along the bottom of the egg, Fragile Threads Egg soon gives way and a patch of hindquarters and tail are just barely visible through the opening. Thrashing of the dragonet results in the break up of the egg, and before long the hatchling is free.

Impression Message

« You know, you should try to help people, not cause them trouble… especially of the heart. » His mind is cool and gentle, full of pastel tones and the deep, encompassing openness of his heart. Here is a dragon who embraces you wholly and unconditionally, full of adoration and hope. « But we can talk later! I am Caluprith, and you are my Isa, and I am very, very hungry. »


Caluprith is a kind and personable soul. He's very much oriented towards being in the company of others. Of course, there's nothing wrong with a bit of downtime, if that's what you really need, but he'd much rather be out and about, showing you off and meeting new people and dragons. Although most dragons tend to bespeak only their rider, Caluprith is the type who might break that taboo for less pressing matters, but only because he wants to be friendly or help someone out in some manner. He's a very easy going dragon, though this may border on a tendency of laziness if you're too lax in keeping control over him. Remember, you're both supposed to look out for each other and try to make each other better people/dragons.

Though outwardly Caluprith is modest, inside he's got a swelling of pride for you. You're the pinnacle of perfection in his eye, and any successes that the two of you enjoy will be attributed mainly to you. In this regard he would also make a good negotiator and encourager of others as he can easily see the good parts of others and make others feel good about themselves. In addition to these guidelines, remember that Caluprith is very much an organic and dynamic individual who will react to events and be shaped by them. To accomodate this, as well as recognize that he is very much your dragon, you are welcome to follow these guidelines and build upon his character as you deem appropriate. Enjoy him!


Gentle breezes of snow
Caluprith speaks in soft tones and pastel colors that shift subtly. Beneath this layer there are hints of his true mood, which affects the patterns and colors that he presents to others. Additionally, his mind voice is cool, like a gentle breeze or a refreshing dust of snow.


Caluprith is derived from 'Canis lupis' - a family of animals which include the wolf and the dog, both known for their loyalty and companionability. The egg desc is based off this image of a snowflake: http://epod.usra.edu/archive/images/main_spinel.jpg. Dragon and egg created by Navi for Isa.


Name Rangy Auburn Brown Caluprith
Dam Gold Wiyaneth
Sire Bronze Limerith
Created By Navi
Impressee Isa
Hatched 18 November 2007
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH