A sculpture of sand in the form of a hatchling poses before you. Perhaps he was once carved of ancient limestone and buried in sand, or perhaps he was simply sculpted directly from the sand. Either way, sand softens his curves and colors his shape an even buff. Heat seems to roll off him in waves as he sits composed. Speckles of cream and chocolate, tiny grains, smooth together in an even dun. There is no change in shade, no lighter or darker accents to hint at anything other than an unliving, unmoving object. Wait, did that sculpture just move? Did he blink? Suddenly, he comes alive and it seems he was not constructed out of sand at all. The illusion is born out, however, each time he pauses in his movement. Even his wingsails appear dry and gritty, speckled and made of sand. The only color to be found on this hatchling that does not match his sandy hide appears in his rapidly swirling eyes.

Egg Name and Description

Smoke and Mirrors Obsidian Egg
A misshapen lump of darkness sits onthe sands, waves of heat rippling in the air above it. Its shell is smooth and flawless, sleek as glass, and uponcloser inspection seems to actually be made of some opaqueglass. This is no fragile window, however, but a largesolid bead of molten earth cooling quietly. From the rightangle, light seems to filter softly through the shell of the egg, lightening it from black to a dark smokey grey.

Hatching Message

With the sound of shattering glass, opaque shards cascade to the sands to reveal….a sand sculpture?

Impression Message

Brightly colored gemstones of youthful exhuberance tickle your brain with boyish laughter. « I am Beydesseth, and I have made you my responsibility, » a deep bass rumbles through your mind. « Will you make me yours, as well? »


Why: You have a strong sense of duty, and I need that in a lifemate. You and I will go far together. We were made to take charge, to lead, and so we shall. But there is still a part of me that needs to be young, to play, and you recognize that and accept that. I chose you over all others because you are strong enough to handle the pressures life will put on you. With me by your side, we can handle anything.

Growing Up: As a newly hatched dragonet, this brown is all playfulness and fun. He is young and free, and he revels in his youth. All too soon, however, he realizes his responsibility. He may not be a bronze, but he certainly thinks like one. It is /his/ duty to protect his Weyr and his lifemate. It is /his/ duty to be a reliable and strong leader. No matter how young in turns he may be, he still must accept his destiny. There are times he regrets this destiny, times he regrets the loss of his innocence and childhood. But that is his cross to bear, and he bears it well. He will make a fine Wingleader, perhaps even be one of those lucky browns to catch the gold and make his rider Weyrleader. It is what he was hatched for. But there are times he wishes it were not so, and occasionally he gives in to his desires.

Personality Description: Somewhat mysterious, this hatchling is difficult to figure out. Not because he wants to be, however. It just seems that fate conspires to keep anyone from knowing much about him. He has something of a dual nature, that of a young boy who wants nothing more than to be a boy, and that of a strong leader, fully grown and very wise. He is loving and nurturing, very concerned about those he feels are his responsibility. He never shirks his duty, but that responsibility is one he shoulders somewhat begrudgingly. He's had to grow up too fast, too soon, and he longs to be able to return to the childishness of youth.


Brightly Colored Gemstones of Youthful Exhuberance
Boyish laughter mingles with a sedate adult bass in a strikingly homogenous mixture. Careful and considerate, this dragon is a strong leader…when he wants to be. He is constantly struggling with the desire to "just be a boy" (so to speak) while having the responsibilities of a grown adult. Always an adolescent, his mindvoice sometimes cracks from his deep bass to a squeak that reminds all he is not quite a "man" yet.


Egg Theme: The semi-precious stone Obsidian
Hatchling Theme: Tutankhamen, Boy King of Egypt


Name Tawny Sands of the Desert Beydesseth
Dam Gold Biancath
Sire Bronze Koliath
Created By Marja
Impressee Kel'ec (Kelapec)
Hatched Match 17th, 2002
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH