As smooth as silk sheets, he is, with a shine adding oil-slick shades to his midnight hide. Theres a shimmer of indigo and teal across the curves of his sleek physique, while along the inky slope of his muzzle, between those wide eyes and the atramentous 'ridges above them, is a Prussian smudge, fading into the dreamtime whirl that is the dusky darkness of his smutsy hide. The stuff of dreams tempers the candlelight that licks along the edges of his wings; a whimsical sprinkling of sleep-dust dappling the space between his star-studded sails, turning spars to arenaceous blue-gold that is cast along each leading edge to bespeckle the satiny depths of his inky sides.



Egg Name and Description

Upon Mackerel Skies Egg
Oddly lumpy looking, this egg is white and grey and mixed across its shell. Within its dips and valleys are soft protrusions of rounded forms, darker in the hollows and coloring to paler white as they emerge from the depths. Sprinkled across the mounded forms are the specks of brighter colors, nearly hidden in the whites and dark greys.


Beauxth is a sensuous dragon, very interested in everything - from the way things feel to the way they taste. He's got a mind that might not always be entirely appropriate to share with the weyrlings he works with, though the blue does rein back on the more mature content that would cause those naive little minds to blow! He's also playful and not afraid to prompt rough and tumble games with the Weyr's youngest dragons… or with the older ones either, for that matter.


Like satin sheets drawn over your skin - cool and ticklish, but it feels so good. His colours are mostly dark, shades of blue, purple and black, though they're glossy and warm, and almost like a star-spangled night sky at times with tiny studs of light sparkling through the depths of his thoughts. His 'scent', as such, is something that could be distinguished as carnal; it's difficult to put your finger on exactly what it is, but it's enticing, hot, and can be somewhat exciting. There's a hint of jasmine there too, and the tiniest bit of ginger's spice.


Beauxth's inspiration is simple - lovers wrapped in satin sheets beneath a star-studded night sky.