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The dark hues of a midnight Fortian sea splash against this large dragon’s bulky form, coating him from muzzle to tail in dangerous undercurrents and tugging riptides. Starlight flickers over his muzzle and down along his throat, a light dusting of galaxies reflected off calm seas down to stormy tempests of sea foam which cover his paws. His belly picks up hints of blue green, like shallower seas in warmer climates, but it is quick to be swallowed once again by the darker, wilder seas of the north. His wings are sturdy and broad, able to hold him aloft in a glide for hours upon hours, never seeming to need to land.


Aycheth, despite his dark exterior, is quite a fun and light-hearted dragon. He enjoys play, exploring, and getting into things that he shouldn’t. But despite that, he has a very serious side as well. He is utterly devoted to his rider and to his duty and his weyr. Almost fanatically so. He can be chasing the weyrlings around one moment, but the instant lessons begin, he switches into this different personality of focus and sternness. He will tolerate fumbling, because that is how you learn, but he will not stand for goofing off. They are in lessons to learn and to grow, and if a dragon or rider is not trying their best, there will be punishments.


Name Aycheth
Dam Gold Wiyaneth
Sire Bronze Unknown
Created By Fort Staff
Impressee M'icha (NPC)
Hatched Unknown
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH