Swathes of bright sky blue sweep almost uniformly over the back and wings of this dragon. The color deepens slightly as it spreads down across his shoulders and over his haunches, darkening to indigo at the joints and creases of his legs. Cerulean bathes his belly, streaming out over the arch of his long neck and tail. A wedge-shaped head holds wide, round eyes and violet-splashed headknobs, the purplish tint swooping down the length of his snout to touch the very tip of his nose. Though not terribly large for his kind, the blue's flanks and limbs ripple with muscle beneath the smooth skin. His talons are a cloudy blue-gray, elegantly curved and sharp.

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Avideth's mindvoice is the interraction between sea and sky, wind and water, from clouds to mist to breeze-blown waves.



Name Painted By The Winds Blue Avideth
Dam ?
Sire ?
Created By B'ky
Impressee B'ky
Hatched ?
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH