Small, lean and fast. Emeralds form this dragon's body, their many facets creating brilliant hues of nature's favorite color. Dark green graces her muzzle, dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves to leave honey highlights along her narrow and delicate face. Her eyes are large and round, perfectly set beneath dainty eye-ridges. Her hide glitters with a refraction of light along her chest and down her flat belly, her color taking on the texture of fine silk clinging to a sensual form. Her tail is long and slender, sure to be a worthy goal of chasers during her flights. Wild vines twine around the caressable tail, with hints of leaves and flowers growing, and even a few hints of semi-sweet chocolate. Her wings are narrow and slender, and display an unusual pattern. Spring greens darken to rich jungle hues over and over again, and if you look closely you might notice the pattern is vaguely reminiscent of feathers.

Egg Name and Description

Titanium Ice Egg
The smooth surface of this rather small egg seems to glisten with a cold metallic sheen, shimmering from pale icy-blue to hints of deep navy. Stark accents give the illusion of symmetric ridges along a set of six dagger-like points, each one seeming to have razor sharp edges along their protruding spikes. Though there is symmetry in the illusion, it is but a cold perfection that holds very little warmth and instead exudes the uncaring harshness of a glacier.

Hatching Message

Titanium Ice Egg moves just a little bit, testing the waters so to speak then it goes quiet for a few seconds before it starts moving again in a differnt way before seeming to sulk in silence.

Titanium Ice Egg makes a sudden movement and rolls halfway around. There's a screeching sound, sort of like nails on a chalk board and then all is silent from it again. Once more the egg itself almost seems to sulk.

Titanium Ice Egg makes a resounding crack and the egg splits in two spilling out it's surprised, though pleased, occupant onto the sand. Freedom! Course sprawled out on one's back is not generally how one envision's starting out life, but…

Impression Message

Soulful and Exotic Strings fill your mind, enveloping you in a symphony of sight and sound. Shadows of burgundy and black wait in the background, while the brighter visuals of purple's and green dance around and exuberant overtones « I have found you at last!» It dims down a little and begins to wrap you in sultry softness « We are one R'ja. Forever and always.» A soft chuckle and then « Can we eat now? »


Wild as the wind she is and just as nimble. Here is a dragon unfettered by conventions such as decorum and daintiness. She's a true daredevil, but she's also a woman plain and simple. She has no problems with her sexuality and even when not proddy she's quick to flirt and play with the males. During weyrling training, she's apt to push the envelope and will be a source of reprimands if not kept in check. Why glide when she can dip and dive? Why walk when you fly? She is an extremely optimistic dragon and has the belief that nothing can ever go wrong and it couldn't have been her fault.

She almost always seems to have some sensual plot or feat of daring she's working on, though she hardly ever thinks them through, being just a might too impatient to be working on it. If the Weyrlingmaster yells at her for endangering herself, well she'll sulk a little about it, more for the dramatic effect, « *sigh* Even a moron can ruin the best of plans with logic. », and then go onto her next scheme. You can't keep a good vixen down for long.

She's a creature of the air, and as such likes to be in it as much as possible, or at least high up. If she has to, and it has nothing do with cuddling or sunning, she'll deign to be on the ground. It's not her favorite place to be after all, especially as she tends to feel a little clumsy, but if she must, she must. She does, however, enjoy sunny days and warm ledges and will take any opportunity she can to enjoy them. Especially if she has a handsome male to share it with. She severly hates getting wet, even the merest little drop « That was /cold!/», and won't be too thrilled with baths. She might melt, and after all « R'ja, luv, there are /things/ in the water. Slimy things. » She does love to be oiled though, and if her bath can be accomplished with oil and brush, she'll be quite happy. After all, if she was meant to be in the water, she'd have been given fins, not wings, thank you very much. Rainy days also will make her quite grumpy and getting her to leave the barracks or her weyr is a chore in itself.

Gregarious by nature, she likes to express herself and thinks everyone else should as well. One that she likes to work on is Malieth, she just knows her sister has it in her if she jsut lets her hair and enjoy. She'll oft times try to engage her in some scheme « Come one, it won't hurt anything. Have a little fun. It'll be great! » But even if she doesn't manage to talk anyone into accompaning her, she doesn't hold it against them at all. She'll just try harder next time. Course some schemes she'll involve others inadvertantly, or well to just move the blame elsewhere « It wouldn't have happend if Endellioth hadn't been such a stick in the mud. »

Growing Up:
Weyrlinghood will be a fun time for her, surrounded by her clutchmates and their riders. She is very gregarious and quite enjoys any attention she gets. Flirting is second nature to her, though she may not always be good at it first, and she will use her feminine wiles to try and get what she wants. Even from the start, she practices on you. Her long tail takes some getting used to, and she might try to talk you into carrying her, but she'll suffer in dramatic style, her nose up in the air, until she ends up tripping herself up and then she'll just seem to laugh at it all.

Learning to fly is a very frustrating event. Just when she's gotten used to that tail of hers, she has to learn how to use it all over again. Her first attempts are wild, and in fact it is from these attempts that give her a taste for all that dipping and diving. If reprimended on her unorthodoxed flying she'll be a little snappish since she is honestly trying to fly well, « I am trying, I can't help it if my tail isn't ». Once she gets the hang of it, she's as graceful in the skies as she wishes to be.

There is nothing she can't do, and that spreads out to you as well. She believes you can do anything as well and will attempt to pull you to greater heights and in the end greater responsibilty. She likes to try things out and like a child who changes their mind on what they want to be when they grow up, she will has well, and she'll want to add some spice. « I think it'd be great fun to teach the Weyrling dragons how to fly loops.» or perhaps « You know, we could be a great Wingleading pair. Shake things up a bit, it's much too dull as it is. »

Her sensuous side shines through when she's proddy. Whereas she may have flirted before in merry fun, now there's a heat to it. She'll rub up and lean against most any male. Big ones, little ones, she loves them all. If she could have them all she would, but since she can't she'll just as likely choose on on the fly as to actually think about it. For at this time, she's rarely thinking past the moment and whomever she ends up with, she's just as happy to curl up with them on her ledge.

She will lead them on a merry chase as she indulges herself in her love of flying, so much so that it might seem as if she's forgotten the makes. This isn't true, however, she is very much aware of them and is flaunting her stuff. She has it to show, and by Faranth she will, and if any of them have a problem with it, she'll flaunt it some more.


Sultry Sensual Bliss
The soulful sounds of violins mingle with bright vibrant colors, adds an exotic and yet untamed sense to her mind. Brilliant purples and verdant greens, her voice is as alive as she is. And yet, it caresses and lingers, even after she has had her say, lying curled around your mind waiting. It's sweet serenity and sensual pleasure all in one, a sultry darkness that is both smooth and wild. Tones that darken into deep reds with shades of burgundy and edged in black. Her voice is never a roar, nor does it rich the higher octaves, but is more the dulcet tones of a cello.


Your Ashkalith was created by both Elara and V'gay as a joint effort. Her name and desc were written by Elara. The name Ashkalith comes from the name Ashkali, which is an ethnic group of Serbia and Albania. The name was discovered while reading a Wikipedia article on Gypsies. Her description has components of both De'chana and Sy'wren's descs, but is mostly a new creation from Elara's mind.

Her personality and mind was written by V'gay and was based on a mixture of things based upon your preferences. She's a wild and daring vixen. She's a touch of the gypsy image to her and a little bit of Liska, a vixen in the comic 'Tale from Mynarski Forest' It's only touches, for in all essence she is her own woman, and she's not one to let someone forget that.

Her egg was written by V"gay and is based upon the image and the theme was snowflakes.

The Impression message was a touch of both Elara and V'gay.


Name Jungle Vixen Green Ashkalith
Dam Gold Wiyaneth
Sire Bronze Limerith
Created By Elara and V'gay
Impressee R'ja
Hatched 18 November 2007
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH