Sleek and sensual is this rather classy dragonet. Soft jades wash over her head with faint touches of aqua and periwinkle adding depth to her expressive eyes, while touches of gold sprinkle over her eyeridges. Jade deepens as it skims down the length of her slender neck, becoming a luxurious emerald that coats her time body in its matte richness. A slinky shawl of shimmering apple greens grace her shoulders as well as the upper portion of her chest before blending in with the mossy greens of her belly. Wings that are by far stronger then they appear flare up from her sides, spars holding the hues of the forest and 'sails capturing the glistening swells of the oceans depths. Darkness pales only marginally on her dainty legs and paws with bands of coppery bronze making spirals of glittering brightness on her forelegs. The sweeping length of her tail is as richly hued as the rest of her form, though it ends with a flirty spade that glistens in a dewy dappled leaf green.

Egg Name and Description

Beyond the Moon Egg
What might be an ordinarily sized and proportioned egg is transformed by a soft coat of shimmery navy blue. Small imperfections are visible through the blanket of darkness, transforming an otherwise oppressive color into a softer and more inviting hue. Gentle smears of yellow blend into the rich blue background in what appears to be an entirely random fashion when viewed up close. From afar, however, there is the impression of some greater order to the placement of smudges and small marks.

Hatching Message

Beyond the Moon Egg begins a slow rythmic swaying, rippling from base to apex then down again. To add to this first hint of life in this egg there's a hint of forward and back rocking that ends within moments of starting. A few more wave like ripples wash over the shell before the egg totally stills.

Hairline fractures slowly spread out like fingers reaching out to wrap Beyond the Moon Egg in it's tender grasp. Those ripplings motions from before return to help the cracks spread with growing speed, even to aide in helping a few small shards that fall away to rest on the sands below. Through one small hole the tip of a dark claw can be seen for a moment before it's drawn back into the egg once more.

The movements of the hatchling within Beyond the Moon Egg become stronger, pushing the sides of the egg outward to make bulges that don't seem fully ready to break away. A steady beat begins within the shell, a low thrumming that sounds oddly like a low tune that's sure to mean the arrival of the eggs occupant. A final torrent of movements rattle the shell, rocking it to and fro with shards falling away to skitter across the sands. The remaining bits of the shell melt away as the hatchling within rises up with a low croon that cracks slightly as the sounds tappers out.

Impression Message

A slow throbbing begins out of now where and suddenly your swept way to a place that's far cooler then the hatching sands yet dark and seemingly smokey. A soft music that you can't exactly put a finger on plays around you, wrapping you in a blanket of security that has you relaxed and at ease that you don't notice the presence of another mind nudging at your inner most thoughts. « Rhian! Come it is time that you stop being so rash about things and let me show you how to be more careful » The voice is sultry, the tone soft just like the feelings you got when your hands laid upon her shell. As you look down before you the whirling eyes of the richly hued greens stare up at you in return. « Ankatrath, you must remember that. » Her head nudges your thigh and your belly begins to rumble « I ache for something to fill me, I'm so hungrey. »


Right from the start your lovely green beauty is quick to show you that there's more to her then just looks. Ohhhh yes, she's got a mind of her own and she's not afraid to remind you of that all the time. As a young hatchling she constantly want you close by, making excuses for you not to leave her unless it's at meal times of there's a chore you have to do. In her way of thinking, keeping you close will keep you from getting into trouble or jumping into something without thinking « That's what you have me for remember, I'm here to help you take a look at things from all sides. » She's got more common sense about things then sometimes you have, but perhaps she's far older in someways then she seems to be. Now as she grows she'll loosen up and become more laid back, learning to laugh and play some but still she's cautious about some things. The one downfall to Ankatrath is that as she grows up she'll become pessimistic, which may often lead to some battle of wills between you.

Ankatrath will be your steadying force, she'll be there to support you in your ideas but will also be there to doubt that they'll go as you want them too. She'll jump in and defend you, protect you, love you, and keep you on your toes all the time. « Look both ways before you leave the caverns Rhian, you never know when another dragon is going to land. » There will also be times when you'll hear things like « Rhian, I don't think you should do that, just what would Elara say if she found out. »

As Ankatrath grows her figure will become more curvy, but not fat or overly plush. No, she's more like one of those sexy Jazz singer types that one can read about in the History files on AVIS. Her body will always be lean and slinky, though she'll out more to become even more attractive « Can that be possible? Just look at me Rhian…How did I become more beautiful then I was when I hatched? » This transformation from Hatchling to Adult Dragon will puzzle her at first but when she sees the affect her graceful figure has on those male dragons around her, she'll just soak all the attention in like a large green sponge. This leads us to the next part of her Maturity…..

Let's Talk About Flights Baby! Now Normally Ankatrath isn't the most flirty of dragons, she's very often quiet unless speaking to you or telling another dragon just what she thinks. Flights are the one time she becomes openly chatty and flirty, tossing all her cares aside and letting things happen as they will. She's not one to fall for the first goodlooking blue or brown that looks her way and offers sweet words to her, nope she likes to take her time to find just the right one for her. When she rises it's with a first burst of energy that'll carry her far above those chasing after her, allowing her time to watch them. Then comes the furious test of strength and wills, for her flights will always contain hairpin turns, deathdefying dives and plenty other hair raising antics that surely test her followers. « They'll have to work hard if they want to get their claws on me! » If the one she wants is still in the pack then more often then not she'll let him catch her, if not then she'll happily take on the strongest of the strong.

After the flight she'll be happy and content to spend the next day or two in the company of her flights winner then it's back to her normal old self. She won't forget that wonderful male though, as she'll often seek out his company in the weeks that follow perhaps even allowing him to catch her again the next time she rises.

Why You - Ankatrath sensed your need of someone to keep you well grounded, to look out for you and to guide you as well as to give you a good dose of pessimism that'll make you rethink all that you do. In you she found her lighter side, the part of her that's able to laugh and love without boundries. You, Rhian, are the one person that makes things seem right even when she's at her worst.


Rich dulcet tones
Ankarith has a rather rich and melodious voice, almost as though there is always music going in the background that changes with the mood. It bounces up and down depending on her moods, though normally her voice as a steady rythym that nearly thrums through. Rich, sultry, smokey all describe her at times of an oncoming flight, beckoning her chasers to give their all and impress her.


Asiree came up with your Ankatraths egg as well as her mind touches, all are based on the song Under the Sea sung by Frank Sinatra. Sianne created her description and personality as well as her hatching poses. Her name came about while Sianne was at a loss for what to call her, names flew about on the search channel until Br'yn came up with the name Ankatrath - It was created from the name Frank Sinatra (he can explain it better then anyone can. Sianne based her description off a female Blues singer, with the tight velvet dress with a lighter shawl over the shoulders.


Name Ain't Singing the Blues Green Ankatrath
Dam Gold Wiyaneth
Sire Bronze Izelth
Created By Asiree
Impressee Rhian
Hatched 18 March 2007
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH