A jewel of coruscating emerald, the rich, bubbly hues of this hatchling coat her lissome form in lavish magnificence. Glistening teal bleeds into lustrous aquamarine over the tip of her snout, swirling up and over burnished chartreuse headknobs and dwindling down her bedazzled, though short, neck. Brilliant verdance smothers itself oer the exactitude of bejeweled sails, glowering to a deeper sea green on the tips of her shoulders and knees. Shorter, stubbd fore and hind limbs are smattered with clusters of jade, offsetting the gloss of sharp, raven-hued claws, whilst a speckled patch of may-green glimmers over the supple round of belly. A sword-thin tail of deep lime whips out behind her, devilish casts the only tarnished section within her reverie of charm.

Egg Name and Description

Misty Moonstone Egg
This egg actually almost blends in with the white sands. The shell itself has a sort of sheen, reflecting light everywhich way. It's also shaped oddly - The corners are squared, almost, and you can't really find a true 'point' on them, the corners of the 'square' rounded off smoothly. In color, is it blue, white, gray? A mixture of these three colors drift lazily over the shell. It's hard to tell where one spot of color stops and the other begins. There is one prominent spot of blue, however, in the center, that stands out brightly. The rest is a grayish white mixture, like a hazy mist.

Hatching Message

With a delicate shiver, the Misty Moonstone Egg rocks in its bed of sand, the nearly squared off corners holding it steadier than most as the hatchling within fights to scratch its way free of the pale ovoid. There comes a crack, streaking jaggedly down the face of the shell — like a flaw in an otherwise perfect gemstone — and with a shove of teal-tipped muzzle, shoulders and head, a wetly gleaming body slips free and struggles to its feet. Upright she is revealed now, eyes wide with curiousity, and perhaps demure innocence, her emerald green body shining wetly with egg fluids, the hatchling is revealed.

Impression Message

Slowly, delicately, awareness of another mind seeps into your consciousness. Curious tendrils of gray and white, the occasional electric blue spark, search through your memories. Without warning, this new presence sparks excitedly with light violet, sending you the name of the green dragon before you. « My name is Aikoth. Do you like it? » Her thought touch whisks through your mind eagerly. She extracts your name from your head easily. « D'kar. » she says excitedly, relishing the sound of your name. « So this is the world? I'd wondered. » she then pauses, and your mind is occupied by the occasional spark of light violets and blues. Her excitement comes across vividly in that pause, and it's plain that she's totally absorbed in you. Finally, she rises from that incredible rapport, that bonding moment, to query tremulously, « Food? »


Why: Why did I choose you? Your mind is so open, so eager, that I feel free when I enter it. Free to seek knowledge, free to be myself, and free to dream. I sense a great caring about you for those around you that appeals to me. Together we could do a great amount of good, helping your fellow wingless ones when they are hurt. You and I were made for each other, you are the only one for me.

Growing Up: Aikoth will lose some of her curiosity as she matures, and will probably realize that delving into every mind around her isn't a very good idea. Her curiosity won't diminish in the least, in fact, her thirst for knowledge of all types will increase with the more she discovers. She will become more self-confident as time goes by. OOC NOTE: Whatever else Aikoth will become, is entirely up to you and how you wish to develop her personality.

Personality Description: This lovely lady is a very curious and innocent creature. She will often delve deeply into the minds around her to find the information she seeks, until she's taught better. Her curiosity nudges her into asking lots of questions, sometimes to the point of driving her rider a little crazy. She can be very contradictory, one moment being confused and lost, the next moment diving into action, taking efficient charge of a situation when someone is hurt. She gets easily excited, especially when she's confronted by something new and interesting.


Curious Innocent Tendrils of Gray
Curious tendrils that seep into the mind of another, looking for secrets and for hidden information. Their color is gray and white for the most part, with sparks of light violet and blue when she gets excited, which is quite often.


Egg Theme: The semi-precious gem Moonstone
Hatchling Theme: Marie Antoinette of France


Name Curious Emerald Green Aikoth
Dam Gold Biancath
Sire Bronze Koliath
Created By Marja
Impressee D'kar (Dekar)
Hatched Match 17th, 2002
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH