From seashore to source, the hues of a mysterious river drift sedately over the elegant form of this pale green dragon. Though she lacks distinctive markings, nevertheless she is a beauty, for opal shimmers faintly across her hide mingling with a subtle milky pearl that gives it the appearance of frosted beach glass. Translucent tints, blending where they meet, fade from more vibrant jade, teal and lime to marine, seafoam and ocean then back again as though playing hide and seek with sunshine and shadow through frond and fern. Beneath subtropical forests of moss-shrouded oak and cypress, shadows cast her delicate muzzle in slightly darker shades that flow down her graceful neck pooling in more lambent jewel tones across lithe back and shoulders before trickling to the tip of her sinuous tail. Liquid markings ripple across her chest, much like the rings a pebble makes when dropped into the crystal clear waters of a natural spring. From there the colors wash over her lower portions where greens dissolve to luminous aqua on her extremities. Her underbelly appears nearly bleached save for those glittering golden motes which coalesce forming dappled patterns that mimic the dance of sunlight on sandy shallows. At the end of nimble limbs her dainty toes conceal claws - sharp thorns biding their time. Her wings - no strong pinions these. The sails are stretched so thin between an almost lacy framework of wingbones that they look as insubstantial as the spider's gossamer web, as fragile as the sheer veil of butterfly wings. And yet they are exquisite, for here too the dusting of gilt kisses them with the glow of moonlight through mist.


Egg Name and Description

Not Your Typical Scapegoat Egg


Is this tapered and lopsided egg’s shell too soft? From a distance it seems that way and on top of that it sports no flashy colorings or markings. In fact it almost blends into the sands themselves and would too if it didn’t look so… hairy? What is wrong with this egg? Hues of off white, beige, grays and taupe all gather together on this egg in a seemingly chaotic manner with no rhyme and reason until one approaches closer. Then the shell certainly looks tough enough and the colors now take on a textured look, coarser where the strokes are longer nearest the wide and lopsided base, softer where they are minutely blended near the narrower tip. How odd this egg is… and should it be disturbed?

Hatching Message

Not Your Typical Scapegoat Egg splits wide open, dumping its occupant on the sands – or rather onto Kouzevelth’s toes. Aw! Lookit that. Mom delivered one of her offspring.

Impression Message


There's sand trickling between your toes. You are on the hatching sands in sandals, so there's nothing remarkable there, right? Oddly, the sands are no longer burning hot. In fact, they're cool on your feet, the grains are finer and the color seems to have bleached from golden to sugary-white. Heywait! Whaaaaaaaat just haaaappened? Your sandals are gone and you're barefoot! While you eye your toes, a wavelet of cool water shoots past, engulfs your feet, then retreats, sliding back the way it came. A stiff breeze carries the tang of salt to your nostrils and stirs your hair. The cry of sea birds and surf fills your ears while another larger wave sweeps by, this one to your knees, followed by yet another until you are engulfed by a tide that carries you not out to sea but inland. The sounds of the shore fade as you drift between the tall grasses of a wide marshland that gives way to pine, oak and cypress. Deeper still, past bogs where lush fern and twisting moss-covered branches hang overhead. Amongst them, orchids and butterflies vie for color. As the water flows clearer and mud banks give way, you enter a secret place - a limestone pool where pure water emerges from the earth. « Gabriela. » The words seep into your mind, « Your path lies with me now, there is no going back. I am your Ahzavayth. And you are mine. We will explore that path together. Shall we begin by scaling those interesting ledges overhead? »


“Not to waste the spring
I threw down everything,
And ran into the open world…
— Rooftop Soliloquy; Roman Payne


Even when young and fresh from her confining shell, your Ahzavayth shows her traits of ambition and determination and often with an honest outlook and plenty of humor to go with it. To say she hatches and hits the ground running won’t be far from the truth and her boundless energy seems to be something shared among her and her sister siblings. Despite her whirlwind of spunk and feistiness, she displays a knack for thoughtfulness beyond her age, though it won’t truly come forwards until she is an adult.

For now, in those early weeks and months, Ahzavayth will be up at dawn and ready to tackle the day until the last of her energy is spent… which may mean you will have to be very careful, Gabriela or get used to carrying (or pleading, lots of pleading!) her back to the barracks. Just like her sisters Xianeth and Yschavith (who are both terrible influences on her being they are energetic too!), she will be ever seeking something new and fun to try and you may be hard pressed to keep up!

« Hurry up, Gabriela! Why are you so slow? Everyone’s already out there and I’m ready to go! We’re going to miss it! »

Don’t mistake her comments as those of a petulant child though some days she may come across as such, given her impatience to just GO, go, go! She’s not one to waste away the day if she can help it.

Goats are insatiably curious. They will poke and prod at everything within their environment.
- Symbolic Goat Meanings

Ahzavayth is the essence of curiosity and inquisitiveness to go along with her already vivacious personality and it’s something she will never lose in all her Turns of life. In time it will become focused to greater things and for the duration of Weyrlinghood it could be either a blessing, as it will help you succeed in some of the more puzzle oriented lessons, or it will be a curse as her curiosity leads her right into mischief (and not often alone!). You’ll soon learn that she is not one that is shy to push boundaries, constantly “nosing” along the edge as she seeks the freedom to pursue what interests her — and she will want you to come along with her in most cases.

« I saw Am’ry sneaking off again and he’s moving things out there, Gabriela! Wonder why. »

And while she doesn’t mean to, sometimes her curiosity will be so insatiable that it delves into nagging. Luckily this will last only the first month or so at best. You may come to relish the silence Gabriela or learn very quickly that TOO much silence does not bode well. Generally speaking, if Ahzavayth stops asking her endless questions, one has to wonder if she was satisfied with the answer or has gone of to seek it for herself.

For “worst”, her curiosity leads her to mischief, sometimes all on her own or with accomplices. Expect her to get into things! And sadly, expect the consequences if you’re not quick enough to catch her. None of the “trouble” Ahzavayth causes is on purpose (though good luck convincing M’icha of that!) and is almost entirely unintentional. You will have your hands full cleaning up after Ahzavayth! Not to mention doing it FAST enough to keep out of double-duty!

Capricorn's have a keen intellect. They see the inner-workings of things and deftly maneuver elements to strategically obtain goals. And in doing so, they employ admirable determination and discipline.



As training begins, Ahzavayth will begin to show her more determined and disciplined streaks as your training progresses further. She possesses a keen mind and an uncanny knack in seeing the inner-workings of things, much of which she applies to the very lessons you both undergo each day and so much so she can often maneuver elements to obtain the goals set to her or to you, Gabriela. Could be it be considered cheating? Some might wonder at first until Ahzavayth explains just how she came about her solution.


This will be made quite clear when it comes time for flight lessons. Because her wings are so fragile-looking, the WLM staff will be concerned about whether they will actually support her in flight (they will, of course, but no one will really quite ever understand how for the dynamics will always remain a mystery). It’s likely that she (along with some of her smaller sisters will be held back and given more exercises before taking to the skies. Even then, Ahzavayth will be watched closely for awhile, perhaps limited until she proves herself able.

Ahzavayth will never doubt her own capabilities - she just has to understand all of the nuances of flight. She’ll study others’ flight techniques, watching landings and takeoffs, eyeball up close and personal any dragonwings she can - especially Xianeth’s overly long wings. If Hallenayth takes it upon herself to encourage and coach Ahzavayth in their free time? She certainly won’t object! She may even coerce Akleteyth to piggyback her up where she can study the currents aloft (unbeknownst to the AWLMS). She’ll even pour over the flight manual and body mechanics text through your eyes. But when she finally takes to the skies? It’ll be pure magic, her style all her own with flutters and swoops, flirting with the wind like a puff of down as if she commands they take her where she wills them to.


« Hmm. I see the trick in this! Clever! Now to have some fun… See if we can’t make it a little more interesting for the rest! »


Statements like that are often implied with a mental grin as her humor shines through. Ahzavayth loves a good challenge but beware if she grows too bored. It wouldn’t be beyond her to try and stir the others into a little game, whether you (or everyone involved, for that matter) are aware of it!

«… It’s just to spice things up a bit! »


Ahzavayth is not afraid to get dirty and seems to relish in it. This is no prissy little miss who sniffs and huffs over a bit of mud and hard work. In fact… Good luck keeping her out of swamps and bogs, though she much prefers swimming in clear springs once she has discovered them! and hard work! Oh no. No, no… Ahzavayth is the opposite and she will consider it a waste of a productive day if she hasn’t worked at something and has something to show for it. She will strive to work hard and expect no less of you, Gabriela — and sadly no less of her clutchsiblings. She’s not bossy, per se, but she definitely instills confidence and enthusiasm (a trait shared with Xianeth to some extent) to get the job done.

Remember that humor? As she grows, she will develop a bit of a sassy and snarky attitude about her. Not of arrogance or of meanness but it’s just how she is. There is little to no temper behind that sass and most of what she fires back in witty retorts is just that: words. She’ll use it freely on you, Gabriela, knowing you have the hide to handle it but she will curb herself around others until she is comfortable around them.


Another quirk of Ahzavayth’s is her unusual love of heights. Even before she can fly, she will climb things, anything that can hold her weight. You may even find her in a large limbed tree before she grows too heavy to perch in branches without breaking them. When you find her sitting in a pile of kindling a couple of times? That’ll mark the end of her monkey business — until she finds something else. Don’t be surprised if baths at the lake suddenly turn into trying to coax her down from the rockfall as she nimbly perches and climbs from rock to rock, showing just how well she can handle her smaller stature.

« I’m NOT going to fall! Why would I fall? I’ve four perfectly good feet, thank you! »

« And I’m not ignoring you! It’s nice up here, I can see everyone — ooh, did you know there’s a cave hidden up here? »[[/span]]

… and you bet she’ll expect you to climb up after her. Where’s the fun in doing things alone?


They persevere where others fail because they slowly and steadily keep moving onward and upward.
- Symbolic Goat Meaning

No matter what is thrown her way, Ahzavayth will tackle it head on (probably literally in some cases…). Not headstrong, it’s her strength and determination to succeed that drives her forwards, as well as the ambition she carries in spades. She wants to see Gabriela succeed as well and so will push herself to her limits, just as she expects you to do the same! If she fails, no matter how big or small, she is not one to mope or wail or sulk in gloom. She will just give a figurative shrug of her shoulders, sunny disposition in check or perhaps a snarky remark and move on.

The faun is a half human–half goat (from the head to the waist being human, but with the addition of goat horns) manifestation of forest and animal spirits that would help or hinder humans at whim. Romans believed fauns inspired fear in men traveling in lonely, remote or wild places. They were also capable of guiding humans in need,
- Wikipedia

Ahzavayth doesn’t just spread her enthusiasm to you, Gabriela. She takes joy out of helping others. If she comes across someone in struggle, you bet she’ll try to be their guide (or instruct you to do so, Gabriela). She will always be there to help her clutchsiblings through training, paying back for the support or guidance she received when she was struggling.


She is a social green at heart and helping others is just a small slice of it. She loves being around other dragons but it doesn’t stop there! Ahzavayth loves to be around people too and does not mind if they crowd around her. She’ll likely be a favorite among the weyrbrats and youth, given she’s small for a green but also so welcoming to their attention (and she gets dirty enough to earn frequent baths!).

To sing what I could sing…
To dance what I could dance!
And join with everyone!
— Rooftop Soliloquy, Roman Payne

As she matures into adulthood, Ahzavayth’s energy becomes a little less overpowering. She is still a green that is full of life and energy as she enjoys her freedom but she is not wild and reckless about it. Just as she enjoys being social, she also loves just about everything to do with life.

There is a love of music and dance in her too that will be something she will mostly live vicariously through you, Gabriela. If there’s a festival in the Weyr? You better believe she’ll want to be there. A Gather in the Holds? Definitely there too. Don’t be surprised either if she’s drawn to Harper Hall should your duties ever take her there and good luck getting her

The Naiad was intimately connected to her body of water and her very existence seems to have depended on it. If a stream dried up, its Naiad expired. The waters over which Naiads presided were thought to be endowed with inspirational, medicinal, or prophetic powers.
- Nymphs; Mythmaniacs


Music and dance aren’t the only thing that draw Ahzavayth like a moth to the flame. You’ll find early on that she has a strange affinity with any source of water. Be it creek, river, lake, ocean and even marsh or swamp and the southern most jungles, she will want to be there and explore it. Don’t be surprised either when she seems to take a love of plants from her sire, Kainaesyth. Granted, they have to be very specific plants and generally only from those water-influenced areas. Even such a green as she needs a little “downtime” and every now and again Ahzavayth will want to escape, just you and her (maybe a few very close friends or a special someone!), to these wilds. A moment of recharge and then she’ll want to leap right back into the social swing of things — and maybe see if there’s a gathering somewhere along the way!

Goats represent practicality and stability. If you watch a goat in action you will see an animal that steadily bears all hardship with steady dignity and self-respect.
— Symbolic Goat Meaning

Ahzavayth is not easily angered or frustrated. Oh, she feels those emotions but very rarely to full extent. She handles hardship with dignity and self-respect and expects the same of Gabriela.

« Can’t make everyone happy and why make yourself unhappy in doing so? We’ve got better things to do! »

No matter what life will throw at you both, Ahzavayth is that ever steady anchor — stable and reliable — and just as she was in her early months of life, she is not afraid to get down and dirty if things call for it. She’ll be as hard working in whatever path chosen to follow and approach it all with that same bright, positive outlook. Very little ever gets her down and even when it does, she doesn’t stay down for long. Gabriela could have the worst of days and Ahzavayth will be there as she always is to help her find balance again.

She will encourage you to nourish your curious nature as well. Remember how Gabriela loved to dig into Weyr business?

« No harm in it! »


She’ll remind you of this and again with that cheeky mental grin. Ahzavayth means it too. If there’s a desire to get to the bottom of something, she will encourage you to pursue it and, if possible, solve it. After all, it may lead to new paths, new goals and new adventure and Ahzavayth can’t say no to that! She won’t stop you but she won’t let you get into any serious trouble either. It won’t be unusual at all if she gives little nudges should something be overheard or if you don’t guard your thoughts well enough.

« … I think the same thing. Maybe we should investigate and see if we can’t help! If not, we’ll tell those who can. »


Nymphs might appear in a whirlwind. Such encounters could be dangerous, bringing dumbness, besotted infatuation, madness or stroke to the unfortunate human.
- Wikipedia

When it comes time for flights, Ahzavayth will gradually become restless and her desire to roam outside of the Weyr and lounge near quiet streams of bodies of water grow more frequently. Other times she will be calm and slightly introverted, choosing to sun on high ledges but never begrudging company should anyone come calling. She never turns fully recluse and just as these odd changes seem to culminate into something more… she suddenly reverts back to her usual behavior.

I wandered with a reckless heart
beneath the newborn sun.
— Rooftop Soliloquy, Roman Payne

Don’t fall for it! It’s the calm before the storm. A day or so of normalcy and then her hide begins to glow and the brighter she becomes, the more vivacious she becomes and her energy spikes. No doubt you’ll feel it too, that restlessness that begins to creep into her. A social creature once more, she will begin to flirt and court her suitors, playing coy with them when truthfully she loves toying with them, amused by the way they trip and stumble over themselves to gain her attention.


Her flights are a thing of their own, a dance to a primal rhythm. The winds are her music, the skies her open fields upon which to lead her suitors. Here and now is when she is unharnessed, a maelstrom of her finest skills. Her love of heights come into play and she is not a green to dawdle too long with loops or acrobatics unless the males chasing her prove to be as swift as she. She is not vicious in her flights but she is not one to go meekly either, leaving it to the fates to decide who has it in them to snare her. Rare does she show preference in her partners but she may be swayed to yours if the desire is strong enough.

“Order is a lovely nymph, the child of Beauty and Wisdom; her attendants are Comfort, Neatness, and Activity; her abode is the valley of happiness: she is always to be found when sought for, and never appears so lovely as when contrasted with her opponent, Disorder.”
- Samuel Johnson

Final Summary

Ahzavayth is a kind hearted green but with plenty of sass and energy to her to make her fun and lively. She is daring and bold, knowing when and how to wield it and she will try to teach some of this to Gabriela. Not to force her into change but to help guide her into finding her strengths and then growing into them. For you see, she saw potential in you, flaws and all and is here to help you reach those goals - even the ones you may never have been aware of. She is as flexible and changing as nature itself and no matter how you grow, Ahzavayth will grow with you as her outlook on life will always be the same. Life is about living and happiness and pushing ahead, always walking forwards and never looking back.

« With great risks, come great rewards. »

Ahzavayth will never let you forget this and she will always be by your side to be sure that in taking those risks that you both make it, more or less unscathed, on the other side.




With Ahzavayth it is all about sounds, scents and places when she speaks to you. Poetically put, her little boats will sail the tides of her thoughts until they find yours. Then, the tang of salt air, sweet mangoes ripening in the sun, the the earthiness of dank vegetation decomposing in shadowy cypress swamps, or the cry of seabirds riding offshore breezes, the din of cicadas humming, the sweet warble of a solitary woodthrush may infiltrate your senses, inviting you to come splash through the shallows with her, or to dive into her clear springs hidden deep within dark oak forests. Touch with daring fingertips the velvet moss and feathery fern, but oh, beware that thorny plant, for the prickle of danger lurks!


Her wonder may oft be expressed as bright schools of fish darting through clear tropical waters that, for brief moments, glint in the lacy patterns of undulating sunlight playing on sugar-sand bottoms only to scatter elusively into shadowy depths. At other times she may be unable to contain herself, colliding with your emotions in surging waves of elation that erupt joyfully in a spray sent skyward. They’ll ebb to tickle your senses in a bubbling effervescence and finally dissipate as seafoam upon the sun-warmed beach of her contentment, her tides pulling you to bask in the warmth with her.

Caution, the tentative brush of seaweed against your ankle, will be just that. Should you notice, her wisdom will come to you then, timeless as a message in a bottle washing to the shores of your mind, offered corked with her thoughts rolled inside rather than laid out - the choice is always yours whether to open up to her sagacity and unfurl them or simply leave them for another time.

Her temper (and oh you’ll learn of it) may be simply the heavy, humid brooding calm before the storm, dark clouds of perturbation building ominously or the sudden torrent of heavy rain accompanied by the flash-crackle-boom of thunder. As a her ire fades, rumble-muttering away to the distances, the soothing music of gentle rain on leaf canopy and the clean cool scent of refreshed plants assures you of restored equilibrium.



You told us you like Florida, Gabriela, so we sought to evoke that in Ahzavayth’s description. Encompassing not only the beaches, wetlands and subtropical nature of Florida, but the historical aspect of the state as well. With the gold motes in her coloration. We alluded to the Spanish Conquistadores quest for riches as well as the treasure ships that foundered and sank along the Atlantic shores which to this day washes up on the beaches after storms. For the legend of Ponce de Leon’s search for the Fountain of Life, we used imagery for the so-abundant natural springs of the region, which are considered by many to be the real treasure of Florida. There are more than 700 natural springs in the state discharging more than 8 billion gallons of crystal clear fresh water each day. This represents the largest concentration of fresh water springs in the world. To see a film on these beautiful springs click here: Ahzavayth’s mind desc plays on more of that Florida theme, with a dash of tropics and nature overall.

The clutch theme for this cycle was Superstition. Not Your Typical Scapegoat Egg’s was: Goats bring good luck! No, really, they do! Aside from the usual stigma attached to them, there are some beliefs that crossing a goat’s path will bring good luck. Cross a black goat and be lead to treasure! Need luck on your travels or journeys? Be sure to have a goat… and so on and so forth. Not everything about a goat is bad and superstitions aside, they’re valuable little creatures! The egg takes elements from the lore behind the word ‘scapegoat’ and the desc itself based on a goat fur but left ambiguous enough. Ahzavayth herself is a neatly wrapped blend of the symbolism behind goats and some nymph/naiad to round her out a little further, as well as give her a link back to her Florida and nature inspired routes in her descriptions.

As for Ahzavayth’s name - oh, how we toiled over it! We came up with Ahzavayth and her name is a subtle and clever blend of letters from the following words: Hyleoroi (Nymph known as ‘watcher of woods’), azahar (spanish for orange blossom for that dash of Florida) and wekiva (seminole meaning springs [of water]). We figure the pronunciation goes something like Ah-zah-vahyth but you can pronounce it however you like!

Her egg and its mind touches were written by Th’ero, while Ahzavayth is a collaborative work between D’ani and Th’ero. You’ve D’ani to thank for her description and mind desc, while Th’ero cobbled together the RP Tips that make her tick (with much input from D’ani!).

In the end though, she is your lady to play as you see fit! Congratulations again and welcome to Weyrlinghood in Fort!

[] — Just a tune. Upbeat, cheerful, outgoing.
[] — For Ahzavayth

Clutch Siblings

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Name Name
Dam Gold Kouzevelth
Sire Bronze Kainaesyth
Created By D’ani, Th’ero
Impressee Gabriela
Hatched 1 April, 2015
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH