Zinovia Silverfield
Gender Female
Current Home Fort Weyr
Place of Birth Silverfield Hold
Occupation Journeyman Healer
Hair Black
Eyes Brown

Defined by soft curves that are not so generous as to overwhelm a frame that leans undeniably more towards sturdy than slender, Zinovia stands at 5’6″, though holds herself as if she were taller, her bearing more a matter of natural, steady grace or training than overconfidence. Black hair holds a natural curl and is apt to become frizzy if not arranged and treated as she often wears it, usually pinned up in the style of a crown or neatly braided down her back. An oval-shaped face holds high cheekbones and a well-defined jaw, her large, dark eyes often lined with kohl and a smudge of metallic, earthy colours. In her ears sit more than one pair of delicate silver studs, contrasting with the gold of the simple rings she wears – one on each hand.

Though some may consider it impractical, she wears dresses more frequently than trousers, often heavy, floor-length affairs in rich colours with elaborate embroidery, paired with simple, slipper-like footwear.


Born into a reasonably large family who owned a prosperous minor holding in High Reaches territory, Zinovia grew up knowing that, as one of the middle children, she would likely never inherit her home. This, it turns out, was something that not one of the children were allowed to focus their thoughts on, for all were encouraged to apprentice to a Craft as soon as they were old enough, so that they might have a means of supporting themselves and learn not to take for granted that they had a comfortable life and living. Many of her siblings chose to apprentice as Farmers and Miners, knowing that these were the skills that would most help the family with their holding and exports, but what connection Zinovia felt to the land led her to apprentice as a Healer. Early on, she earned herself a reputation as being possessed of a good bedside manner, able to put patients at ease with few, if well chosen, words, and her progress through the ranks of apprentice to Journeyman was quiet and steady – until that Journeyman knot was in her hands.

A gathering at home to celebrate her success turned out to be the beginning of the worst days of her life. Though feeling unwell, her mother had insisted that the party would continue, and through the few days that Zinovia had off following the celebration, sickness spread through her immediate family one by one. No matter how she tried, it seemed she could not save a single one of them, only a niece here and a nephew there spared owing to being left at their respective parents’ postings. Eighteen and a Journeyman who had yet to journey, Zinovia found herself the heiress she had been taught not to be, with all of her family’s possessions and savings at her feet – and not one of her family left to help her.

Operating on auto-pilot, she did what she could to see the hold sterilised and put as much to rights as it could be, then hired workers to maintain what crops and resources needed to be seen through until harvest. Next, she saw her nieces and nephews settled with members of the extended family. And then… too run down, what had been lurking in her system all along finally reared its head and struck on the day she intended to return to the Healer Hall and hand in her knot, too engulfed in shame and grief to consider continuing with the craft that had let her down so badly. A High Reaches rider took her Between to Fort Weyr first, where she meant to pay her respects to one of her Journeymen, only she never got any further. Upon exiting Between, it was clear that she was unwell, unable even to clamber down straps, and, by the time the rider had carried her down, Zinovia was unconscious. Quarantine in Fort’s infirmary followed, and though she was to wake when her family did not, she was informed it would be at least a couple of months before she had made a full recovery and could return to work.

…If she wants to return to healing at all. How could she, after it failed her to such an extent? And why should she, with so much money at her fingertips?


zinoviawhippet-224x300.jpg Originally given to her father for a recent birthday, Slate was brought from Silverfield Hold by Zinovia after the family's passing. Still a youth, he has become a placid companion and, in essence, a therapy dog for her during her recovery and as she tries to put herself back together.




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