Cold, serious eyes stare from a square-shaped face. One is a hazel color, the other is half hazel and half brown, split down the iris in the middle. It's not the sort of thing you'd notice right off the bat, but once it's been observed it can make her steely gaze more unnerving. The rest of her face follows in the same quiet, unfriendly way. Her nose is large and broad, but not too strong for her face. Her mouth, at least, is attractive, with plump lips that are wide to balance her wide jaw, and though they tend to droop in an expressionless way, perhaps if she smiled she might be pretty.

She's about 5'8", and she long outgrew that scrawny kid period she went through. She's still got a tiny waist, but her chest has filled out and then some, and she's got the hips to match. She's not exactly trying to show these things off, however, wearing an oversized man's tunic that's a dull brown color, and a pair of tight-fitting black pants tucked into boots that have walked more than their share of miles. Her dirty blond hair is cut boy-short, with bangs sweeping across her forehead and helping to hide her unusually colored eye.

It might be hard to put your finger on her exact age, but it must be somewhere around 18 Turns.


As far as Zee is concerned, her mother's first mistake was sleeping with a Shipton. When asked to name her with a 'z' name in the tradition of his family (each generation being named the same letter), her mother sarcastically named her Zee. It really never got any better from there. As a baby she was bouncy and cute with chubby cheeks and dimples and lots of blond hair. As a toddler, she spent time between her mother's home at Xanadu Weyr, and L'ton's home at Western. Eventually she even began to spend time with her step-father T'eo when her older half-sister Teila moved away to live with him. Eventually, though, the novelty of living so many places wore off. By 8, Zee had formed some particularly bad habits. She was caught stealing food from the kitchens and her mother put her on kitchen duty for a month as punishment. Her behavior became increasingly insufferable. L'alie sent her to be an apprentice with the beastcraft when she was 11, but she was kicked out after less than a month. She made it two months at the HarperCraft, but only because she had a sweet voice. The Bakers sent her home before the sevenday was up, and by now L'alie had given up on her daughter having a craft.

At 14, L'alie sent her daughter back to Western to live with her father. L'ton was less than perfect as a father, however, and Zee promptly found a bad crowd to run with and made herself a problem all over the Weyr. She was Searched at 15, but was kicked out of Candidacy for breaking multiple rules. After her 16th Turnday, Zee excersized her rights as a legal adult and left with a Trader Caravan. As far as anyone knows, she's either Holdless or in bad company, but she does periodically turn up various places…and when she disappears, other things have a habit of disappearing too.


Name Relation Location Position
L'ton Father Western Weyr Bronzerider
L'alie Mother Xanadu Weyr Brownrider
Surie Sister Ista Weyr
Alistaur Brother Ista Weyr

*half-Siblings - over 60
*Cousins - too many to count




Before you sits a small green firelizard, her base colour the colour of soft spring green with a smoothly feminine form. She's quite curvy for a firelizard, almost perfectly proportioned from nose to tailtip. Her cheeks have a soft brush of pink blush over them, barely noticeable if one isn't looking for it. Each sinewy muscle is highlighted in a sort of iridescent dusting of silver which seems to glimmer as she moves. Wings are bathed in a soft red-gold, patterned like a cloak of feathers rather than smooth firelizard-hide. Thin legs travel downwards to small feet with deadly sharp red-gold talons. About her throat is an odd marking which looks almost as if the little green is wearing some sort of pendant which glows like flame against her pale hide.

This brown is big and brusque, full of sharp angles and oversized musculature. Wings are oversized for his body length in order to support his girth and a long whip-like tail. His hide wrinkles in ways around his joints that almost give him a spiney look, with sharper features and ridges than most. His coloring is a deep dark chocolate, with patches of reddish copper under his wings and feet. Copper spines trace his ribs, though they only make to accentuate the winkles in his hide instead of making him look skeletal. An average muzzle seems elongated by two large uneven head ridges that expand back towards his neck. Two black diamonds cover his eyes, like dark pits in his face and making his eyes pop out in contrast.



Title Date Characters
Cute, Like a Little Dumpling Aug 20, 2012 Zapallie, Borodin