Portrayed By Nathon Fillion (Malcom Reynolds, Firefly)
Gender Male
Place of Birth Frost Stone cothold, High Reaches Area
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Guard, Sergeant


When one first looks upon Yurolt a brooding fire is seen behind his cool grey eyes. He appears to be of over twenty turns until a closer look reveals his young age. Clean shaven and a close cut crop of brownish red hair allow for the more mature appearance. His skin is a sallow bronze, giving evidence to his time spent outdoors. His attire is that of Weyr guard. A thin knee length leather jacket buttoned to the top, dyed a deep black. Underneath a tight black undershirt seperates the jacket from bare flesh. His pants are of a tough and resilent black cloth, to resist tearing. His boots are high and made of leather dyed black as well. A rather plain and simple strip of old dark leather does for a belt on his waist with a rather plain short sword hanging on his right side. Across his back he carries a recurve bow of a rich red wood with a small quiver of arrows ever at the ready. Despite his young age he carries himself with a modest aire of confindence and determination.

His accent is hard to place as it seems to shift to that of whomever he is speaking with. Perhaps he isn't even aware of the subtle change or perhaps he is simply playing a game. Every movement this young man makes can easily be described as tactically thought out. Nothing is done by accident. As for his facial expressions, they too are willfully thought out and perhaps even rigourously practiced.

His build is that of larger man, dedicated to fitness, used to running and not opposed to manual labor. Broad shoulders and a barrel chest push his wher-hide jacket to it's limits, though he still appears "fit" in his clothing. If one were to glimpse his forearmes they would see the wiry sinews and several small laceration scars bearing evidence to work in fields years prior.

Due to more recent events in his life, Yurolt bears a wicked looking scar down the left side of his face. He is also known to limp, ever so slightly, on his right leg. However, this does not seem to impair his abilities, nor his duties.


Born to a journeyman Harper and a cotholder's daughter, Yurolt grew up in the High Reaches area. By no means a wealthy childhood, he nonetheless grew up loved for and cared for. Taught to play a few instruments by his father he also inherited a wandering spirit.

Leaving home a few months after his 15th Turnday, he has been wandering in search of his own place in Pern. What skills he learned at the cothold he has little interest. He merely dabbles in his musical talents, though they are better than he gives credit.

He would wander for just shy of a turn before he found himself in Fort Weyr. It was here that he would be stranded without any marks to his name. Guard Captain Breshir would off him a position in the guard corps, and he would take it. His life mettle would be tested, even more so by learning of his mother's death, but the lad would make a fantastic guard.

Shortly after being promoted to private first class, Yurolt was involved in the Gold Hill Hold campaign. During the ordeal, he was severly wounded in the Hold but managed to save his guard partner. His wounds kept him in the sick bay for only a short time, however, they forever altered his attitude. No longer the brash, foolhearted young man, he now carefully weighes his choices.


Name Relation Location Position
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Egg: Colors are elegantly draped over this egg, brushed on with the lightest of touches. Nature's pallet brings forth the most brilliant plumage as feathers cross and weave, from stem to vane, blues and purples shifting to whites and violets. Reds are prominent along the top, dangling invitingly down towards the sand.

Description:Pale, watery emerald green cloaks this small hatchling's form. Limbs are long and gangly, neck and tail a bit too long, wings a bit too broad. She is awkward, poor thing, but she makes up for it in charm. Over her face and around her wide, expressive eyes, her color darkens, deepening even more to a rich jade along the edges of her headknobs and down along the outsides of her neckridges. Outlined, almost, as the color continues down to pool between her shoulders before it fades completely, leaving the rest of her a rather monochromatic pale green.


Egg:This egg is small and oblong and grey. It's pretty boring, actually, though there are a few little bits of color to break up the greyness of it all. A dot of black there, four little pink dots here, and a little black swipe on the other end.

Description:Like the different layers of an ocean viewed from above, this blue hatchling's hide is multi-hued. A base of sky blue is cut by bands of dark sapphire, draping down over his back and banding around his legs and his tail. The stripes are a little indistinct at their edges, giving him a more flowing appearance rather than stark lines that have a clear beginning and ending. The dark blue continues over his face to frame his headknobs, and lines strike down over his forehead to give his brow a permanently creased look.



Title OOC Date Cast
Fresh Meat Janurary 11, 2013 Hotaru, Taegan, Yurolt
Smidgeon of Ale January 15, 2013 Abigail, Yurolt
Utterly Blatant Secret Mission January 19, 2013 Gershel, Kazulen, Taegan, Unevyr (NPC), Yurolt
Report Among the Ruins January 21, 2013 Th'ero, Yurolt
A Quiet and Belated Promotion January 30, 2013 Breshir (NPC), Kimmila, Th'ero, Yurolt
Two Fires Sparked February 03, 2013 Kimmila, Yurolt, Abigail, Polana, Th'ero
Of Wings and Guards February 16, 2013 Yurolt, Th'ero, Kimmila, Dtirae
Unsettling Discoveries March 04, 2013 Abigail, D'ani, Kimmila, Th'ero, Yurolt, Various NPCs
A Healthy Dose of Competition and Wagers April 02, 2013 Abigail, Angelique, Borodin, D'ani, Kimmila, Th'ero, Yurolt
The Princess and the Peanut April 19, 2013 Hotaru, Yurolt
Catch! (... that fish!) May 26, 2013 Abigail, K'drozen, Kimmila, Th'ero, Yurolt