Thin, but not frail, Xandis stands just a smidge over six foot, with narrow shoulders making him seem perhaps a bit taller. A messy mop of dark brown, nearly black hair falls in his face, often obscuring grey eyes, while the rest of his face is rather unremarkable and average. He wears clothing that while in good repair, has certainly seen better days - perhaps a bit outdated - but certainly gives him an air of importance.


Third cousin twice removed - that has to mean something, right? To Xandis, that relationship to the Lord Holder of Crom was always something to be proud of - a birthright that while perhaps many can claim, certainly made him at least seem more important when it really mattered.

Growing up, his life truly wasn't that different than your average holder child - lessons, chores, and of course trouble. Of course, with (very) loose ties to the Lord Holder, there were perhaps a few perks - extra lessons with the Harper when it was determined he had at least passing talent with a gitar.

Of course, all was bound to change when his father - eager to gain some marks and increase his reputation did exactly the opposite, and lost the family 'fortune' to a Bitran game of chance. Disgraced, and embarassed, Xandis took it upon himself to try and capture some glory for himself - and struck out to do just that. Who knows yet, where it will take him.


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**Face the Fire Brown [[dragon:Mneoraeth]]]

Built strong and long, this brown is a giant amongst browns. Burly as he is, his mien is surprisingly lean and somber. A tapered snout, elegantly sculpted headknobs, and wide set eye-ridges give him a look of wisdom beyond his turns. His belly and chest are a myriad of woody brown shades crisscrossing and accented with subtle rings, lines, and jagged slivers of shadow separating one tint from the next. Across his gut, there is a line of uneven hide, as though scarred by Thread, though he is certainly too young to know the menace. Edging from back to front, the softer oaks, maples, and deep mahogany, char to a homogeneous and burnt melanic brown that's corrupted in spots with smears of ashen grey-brown. From the surrounding darkness of the dragon's back, amber fire sparks along his spine, sending tongues of flame licking down to tail-tip and up to cover his headknobs, his near-black face crowned in flame. Dying embers of amber sparkle across wingspars, strewn across a smoky brown that's distorted, as if wrung through a heat haze. The coloring on his tail is obscured in much the same manner, while the tips are adorned with a twist of burnished bronze, chain links hinted at and mirrored again on his mighty limbs. There, the chain-pattern is warped, as if the dragon wrenched himself from that which sought to imprison so powerful a beast.


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