Portrayed By Hiro Mizushima
Gender Male
Aliases Xhan, Slim, Rennie
Place of Birth Renegade Camp
Occupation Thunderbird Wingrider
Current Status Deceased
Theme Song "Close" ~Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo


There's a mischievous glint in this young man's almond shaped brown eyes that might suggest he's nothing but trouble, especially when coupled with finely arched brows that are quick to quirk expressively either in unison or alone. His full lips are more often than not curled lopsided into a smarmy half-grin, set above a lightly cleft chin which completes his heart-shaped face. His age is likely responsible for nudging a description of him from handsome to pretty, but perhaps its only a matter of opinion. While he appears to have build that is more delicate in appearance than sturdy, wiry muscle deceptively hidden beneath his skin lends him surprising strength when needed. He is of average height, and wears no adornment as it would interfere with his craft. His dark hair is cut in such a way that its slight wave is kept under control, but still does whatever it likes at the back of his neck and occasionally falls into his eyes with wispy ends. It's just long enough to pull back into a short and stumpy runnertail at the back of his head if necessary.

He wears clothing suited to Fortian weather, and changes with the seasons. Nothing overly flashy or showy, but rather plain and practical, such as a tunic and breeches. Oddly enough, they seem tailored as if they had been made especially for him. As a result, anything he wears suits him nicely and accentuates his attributes rather than flaws. Pinned to one shoulder is a Journeyman knot of the Beastcraft, and another for Fort Weyr with a thread of brown for his lifemate, Kamysth.



Xhanfyr could tell you all about the trials and tribulations of being the only boy born among a gaggle of sisters, but he probably could never fully express the horrors of being the younger brother of FIVE older sisters. Everything was experimented on him from makeup, to jewelry, to clothing. He stretched out shoes, tested perfume, and soothed broken hearts with cuddles violently and forcibly thrust upon him enough to bruise. It didn't help that his sisters adored him and thought he was the cutest thing on the entire planet, but this left the poor boy absolutely exhausted most of the time. Of course, this also left no time to wonder or ask about the father he never knew though he had faint recollections of a large man with big hands that smelled overwhelmingly of blood. His mother, a master weaver, never spoke of him and he was never discussed even between his sisters and so wisely he never asked, not even when he felt he might burst with curiosity. Eventually, this feeling faded and was replaced with something that consumed his very soul. Runners. He'd grown up around them, tended them at first as a stable hand in his early years, but later as an apprentice of the Beastcraft. It was his passion, and the one thing that guaranteed his sisters would stay away and let him breathe. Runners pooped, kicked, and sometimes stepped on feet, breaking toes. Considering all five of them were rather girly, this meant freedom in Keroon where they had settled for a time. However, when his mother was posted to Fort Weyr, the whole troop had to relocate. It's been a few turns now, but everyone has settled in beautifully. Each of his sisters had found their own passions and pursued them as persistently as they had once tortur…loved him. Which was fine with Xhan, as long as he had his runners.


Name Relation Location Position
Xahdenchi Mother Fort Weyr Master Weaver
Fenrys Father In the shadows Renegade Assassin
Sanso Uncle Renegade Encampment Swordsman and Hunter
Xhara Older Sister Fort Weyr Harper Jman
Dyrafla Older Sister Fort Weyr Healer Sr.App
Enahdi Older Sister Fort Weyr Weaver App
Ifhrae Older Sister Fort Weyr Weaver App
Fraeda Older Sister Fort Weyr Glasscraft App


Title OOC Date Cast


Don't Look Him in the Eyes Brown Fringe
Eyes. That's the first thing that comes to mind when looking at this handsome little creature, because he probably has the largest most endlessly curious pair of whirling facets this side of the equator. They dominate most of the space on his head with but a small space above leading into delicate looking headknobs. A swan-like slender neck blends into a sleek body built for speed, propelled by strong legs and graceful wings. At the end of him is his tail, perhaps overly long which tapers off into a distinctly heart-shaped fork. Talons are blacker than the void of *between* and are not only skillfully maintained, but polished to a high shine. Every inch of his body is well-oiled, accentuating his dark chocolate coloring, and also reveals subtle undertones of gold, bronze, silver and copper hidden amongst the deceptively obfuscating brownness of him.


A Virgin for the Black Flame Brown Kamysth
A spell for the ages weaves its way over the hide of this grimalkin dragon, accentuating shades of auburn so dark as to look almost black across the litheness of his figure. Although he may be swarthy enough to blend into the night, a keen eye will pick up myriad subtle nuances that paint him an umbrageous palette of bistred beauty. His sculpted face is gaunt yet not without charm, sharp eyeridges overshadowing his wide, whirling eyes and leading down to his pointed muzzle. Pumpkin freckles dapple the soft hide around his nostrils, muddling with cocoa to pale his lips, making his protruding fore-teeth all the more obvious. They curl over his lower lip, an obvious overbite that adds comical character to his angular countenance. A touch of gold curls around his sloping, slender headknobs, their tips faded to honey-pale blonde. The same pattern colours each of his neckridges, their very tips flaxen-faded as they crest the proud curve of his gold filigreed neck, the underside of which is dappled with the faintest hints of russet that continue through to colour his belly, and even the inside of his slender legs. Those russet dapples fade towards the midnight shade of his stealthy paws, imbued within the very strength and power that drives nimble movement and silent stalking. His never-still tail is a study in darkness, twitch-twitching with feline sinuosity - the upper side is auburn, the lower russet-dappled, with both melding into one obfuscous tip. To carry him into the night, his wings are wide - an expansive, impressive stretch of billowy sails and sturdy spars. Adumbral titian fades into a rosier shade towards the tips of his wing membranes, the trailing edges lined in satiny violet.


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