Pronounced: Win-oh-la
Gender: female
Age: 16
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 132
Birthplace: South Telgar
Position: Gardener

Wynola has the face of a girl always on the verge of giggles, as if at any moment you would expect that little impish curl of her bow-shaped upper lip to lift into a smile, revealing the slight, childlike gap between her two front teeth. Her large, dark brown eyes and upward arching brows seem to hint at an expression of mild yet delighted surprise, set on either side of a straight nose, softly rounded at the tip. Sun-blonde hair, pulled back in a plain runnertail at her nape, accents the faint, warm blush of pink across the gentle rise of her cheekbones and along the square of her jaw. She is slender, but healthy, with the modest curves of a young woman not yet in full bloom.

Colorful attire and classic cuts often adorn her frame, demure for the likes of a trader, but somehow fitting. She wears sapphire-blue trousers with a high rise and no pockets. Snow-white linen tucks into the waistband of her pants, modest as always, in the form of a short-sleeved, button down blouse with a round collar. Around her neck she's tied a pale pink scarf that matches the pink threads in her buttery brown boots.


Somewhere between Igen and South Telgar, Weslan and Chaylea fell in love. They were just two kids, growing up in a trader caravan, and over one summer they found out that they had more in common than their parents’ occupations. Seven months later they found out that they were expecting a baby and Chaylea’s father suggested they handfast; told by Weslan, he more or less demanded it. So they married and four months later they welcomed their first son, but he was just one of many. Throughout the turns they produced seven boys: Leylen, Chene, Esan, Sewal, Hayes, Weyne, and Aclen. They were satisfied with their rowdy bunch and proclaimed to be through – then again, they were supposed to be done after Sewal too.

Four years after Aclen’s birth, they had their last offspring and only girl, which they named Wynola. She was her papa’s pride and joy, and a treasure to her brothers. But her mother’s affection dwindled each day until they all woke up one winter morning, three years after her daughter’s birthing day, to find her gone with a note in her place. She was tired of a boring life filled everyday with children’s whining and children’s cries; she had run off to a Weyr, for she had fallen in love with a dragonrider. Of course Weslan was crushed, he had been following her around like a lost puppy since he was a lanky boy of ten. He couldn’t break down to a blubbering mess though. No, he didn’t have that luxury. Weslan had eight kids to raise.

Life was pleasant for Wynola, despite the initial cries for her “mumma” in the middle of the night. After a few months, she forgot about the haggard face she knew and all recollections of her mother faded. They had a good life, not the most charmed or wealthy. Traveling with a caravan, she was exposed to many things, saw a lot of places, and met numerous people. One thing that never changed was how she was treated by her brothers. They saw the need to protect her from everything and as a result, she has led a sheltered, naïve life. Boys were not allowed to court her. Dangerous adventures were too much for her delicate conscience. And really, they had a right to be concerned for her.

It was when the caravan had settled near Fort Weyr that she took initiative, telling her father about her desire to stay at the Weyr and experience a stable life. She wanted to grow her roots, find home in the fertile, rich soil of ancient history. As a father, he just laughed and tousled her hair, but she persevered until he gave her permission under the condition that when the caravan returned, she would also return. Wynola easily found a niche within the Weyr, as she had a talent with gardening, or a green thumb as they put it. Two weeks after she joined the Weyr, the caravan left, and ever since she’s been enjoying the freedom allotted being away from her family.


Name Gender Age Relation Location
Weslan M 53 Father Trader Caravan
Chaylea F 52 Mother Unknown
Leylen M 36 Brother Trader Caravan
Chene M 34 Brother Trader Caravan
Esan M 31 Brother Trader Caravan
Sewal M 28 Brother Trader Caravan
Hayes M 26 Brother Trader Caravan
Weyne M 23 Brother Trader Caravan
Aclen M 20 Brother Trader Caravan