Silky ebon hair hangs in a satiny sheet to her waist and matches the deep hue of arched brows that settle over inky, black-brown eyes. Her face is delicate of feature and gracefully wrought on a pallet of porcelain-like, creamy skin, painted with pale pink lips. Her body is petite and while appropriately curved for her gender the lines are gentle and sweeping, giving her a willowy appearance.


A pair of jeans wrap her lower body, riding low on her hips and reaching her ankles, her sandaled feet easily seen. Her crocheted baby-doll top is white and the lower half of it is comprised of strands, akin to pteruges, shorter at the hips than the back and abdomen creating a dipping hemline. A silver ring adorns her index finger on her left hand and she wears silver bracelets on both wrists as well as a sparkly clip to restrain her dark hair up in a neat twist. Most tmies she is seen carring a satchel.


The adopted daughter of a Healer at Eastern Weyr, N'drei does not know her birth parents nor circumstances of her birth. What is known by her adoptive family has remained secret and they intend it to stay that way as her father is a renegade and her mother the victim of a raid. She survived the attack by the renegades but was never the same, even throughout her resulting pregnancy, hardly speaking a word, trapped in some sort of shell-shocked trance until the passed away following N'drei's birth. It is said she took one look at the baby girl then pushed her away and simply gave up living. The mid-wife who delivered her felt a connection to the tiny baby girl and took her in as her own.

N'drei has always simply been told that her mother died during childbirth and that her father was a dragonrider who never knew about her, giving her a happy, if false, sense of being wanted and loved and a sort of romanticized view of her parentage. She decided early on to be a dragon healer, combining a sort of respect toward her adoptive mother and the father


Name Relation Location Position
Neve Mother Eastern Healer
Keno Father Eastern Tanner
Talan Brother Eastern Tanner
M'el Brother Eastern Bronzerider
Celeste Sister Eastern Resident
M'lo Brother Fort Brownrider
Remi Sister Eastern Resident
Pralius Weyrmate Fort Healer


Blue Meelo:

Borne on paws of dark purplish blue, the breadth of this firelizard is balanced by his long, thick tail of the same color. The dark color is streaked here and there with vibrant iridescence that fades upward to his round, bright underbelly comprised of vivid orange, pink and gold. Those colors whirl and twist into ray-like streaks that bleed up into the pure pale blue of his flanks where the azure hue takes over and darkens along his back, neck and face. Wisps of shimmering white float across one jaw and down his neck on that same side then recur again at the hip, fading at his tail.


Green Shisuth



Like my hat?

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