Vidiryleko is the only child of the union between a Smith journeyman and a Weyr nanny. Due to his fathers craft, the small family had to move around, always being posted in this area or another, so the chance of siblings was never meant to be. Due to being an only child, he was dotted upon, spoiled even, as they moved from place to place. Finally, his father, seeing his son become more and more rotten when it came to interacting with other children in new areas, demanded to get posted in one last area in an attempt to fix his only child's social issues. With a home to call their own at Igen Hold, Vidiryleko grew up to become a decent member of Pernese society, for the most part. He tried his hand at apprenticing as a Smith, under his father's instruction, but found he had no aptitude for it. Instead, his mind was always wondering to all the pretty girls of the Hold who walked on by his father's study. He watched and waited for the day that he would be noticed by any one of them. His looks took shape and more eyes started to get drawn to him. As years went by, there was one last thing he needed to be the object of affection: Height. But at 16 turns old, the growth spurt still had yet to occur, while his group of friends seemed to shoot up like flowers all around him. Annoyed at his lack of height, Vidiryleko declared to his loving parents that he needed to go off and become a man, one way or another. And where best to do that than at a Weyr, where his life had started. So on his 17th turnday, with a tearful goodbye on his mother's part, he took off to Igen Weyr, to stay with one of his aunts and try his hand at whatever job seemed the toughest.


Name Relation Location Position
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Gold Lady Luck

Blue Distracted

Green Aloha

Blue Spazz


Bronze Shidenisseth