Portrayed By Hannes Jernmark
Aliases Ryk
Gender Male
Place of Birth High Reaches Weyr
Current Location Fort Weyr
Status Healer Apprentice


This lad does not possess remarkable height, nor has he reached that stage in his development that he can be described as anything more than boyish. Atop his head is a crop of curly golden brown hair that tends to fall into face, the back of which does curl but is kept relatively short. Often times the odd bunch of curls will fall to cover one of his warm brown eyes, and the brows above those eyes are thin and arched towards their furthest ends. The rest of his face contains a slim nose, full lips, the barest indication of a cleft in his chin, and an angular jawline. Shoulders are broad, fingers long and tapered, and he has a long torso and legs.

He wears an oversized cream colored sweater with a high neck, the sleeves of which are longer than his arms, and a pair of dark brown trousers. Feet are clad in a pair of simple black boots, best suited to the snow. He frequently has to stop to retie the laces, as they are prone to coming undone. On his shoulder is a knot for Fort Weyr, and another for the Healer Craft that denotes him as an apprentice.


Venryk's parents met at a gathering at High Reaches Weyr, and hit it off instantly. Almost nine months to day, Venryk and his younger twin brother Nyoak were born. The twins lived with their mother in High Reaches until they were a turn old, until the three of them moved to live with their father at Fort Weyr. This was mostly for convenience sake and to avoid further need for N'ven to fly back and forth all the time.

Venryk, or Ryk as he came to be called upon friendly occasion, could not have been a happier child. He adored his parents and his brother, and their home was always filled with laughter. Nyoak may have looked exactly like his twin, but their personalities were completely different. He happily liked to cause trouble, and that mischievousness rubbed off on Ryk. The two all too quickly became the troublemakers that needed their parents called at least once a sevenday. If not twice, or thrice. The kind of mischief they tended to prefer was never anything particularly dangerous or hurt anyone, but there were a lot of pranks for a span of time and while it could not be traced to the twins, they were the top suspects.

Ryk loved the outdoors, and especially the snow. He spent as much time outside during the winter as possible. He'd build forts, throw snowballs, make snow dragons, and even oversaw a snowman building contest. Nyoak's love was for reading and writing, making up fantastical stories about faraway places that didn't exist. He'd be found outside as well, but only if the weather was mild or warm, beneath a tree with a book in his hands. He'd read to Ryk as he picked the wild plants nearby or while his older brother curled up beside him. They were different, but their bond was inseparable. Even as more brothers were added to the family, as their parents loved one another very much, this didn't change. It also didn't change when Nyoak was accepted into the Harper Craft as a scribe's apprentice.

Although not together all the time, they still managed to plan and carry out their pranks, their playful nature remaining throughout the turns. Ryk was the infectious one however, his laughter the loudest, and his mood always bright. Somehow he managed to not annoy even the grumpiest of the Aunties in the living cavern, finding local herbs for their aches and pains, or tracking down something they could put in their tea to help them sleep at night. This is when he discovered his love of caring for others. It wasn't the gratitude he was after; it was the look on their faces when their minds were put at ease. Recognizing his newly found passion, he applied to the Healers, not about to be shown up by his younger twin. They began a new game, much to the relief of the weyr, where they would try to show each other up in the area of accomplishment. Seeing if they could one up the each other. It was all in good fun, and it kept them connected.


Name Relation Location Position
N'ven Father Fort Weyr Bluerider
Rykia Mother Fort Weyr Greenrider
Nyoak Twin Fort Weyr Harper Apprentice
Rien Brother Fort Weyr Weyrbrat
Kolev Brother Fort Weyr Weyrbrat
Vryol Brother Fort Weyr Weyrbrat


Title OOC Date Cast
Let It Snow July 1, 2016 Jaelyn, Venryk
Hero July 2, 2016 Jaelyn, Venryk
The Next Day July 3, 2016 Jaelyn, Venryk
One Small Step July 09, 2016 Jaelyn, Venryk