Tawny hair flows all the way down this girl's back to her thighs and wisps around her face. She is tiny; her body is thin and awkward looking, with bones protruding from elbows and knees. Her eyes are the color of Fort's bay, and her left eye has a brown streak across it. They stand out from a dark complexion and are wide apart, fitting in well with her pixy-like features. Expressions flow across her face like water.

Today she is wearing a long sleeved blue tunic tucked into an embroidered skirt that falls down to her ankles.


Vanista was born at River Bend Hold, the wedlock child of a techcrafter and one of the many holdless hoping to find a place. Her mother took her along when she couldn't find a position there, and the two of them ended up at Fort with her mother working in the Hold. At twelve, Vanista enjoys sailing in the bay and helping in the stores caverns. She spends all her spare time up at the Weyr, and she thinks she's gotten the riders she's met to believe that she's one of them.


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