Portrayed By Shawn Ashmore
Gender Male
Place of Birth Cothold outside Fort
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Weyrling
Craft Smith
Speciality Fabrication
Status —-


Generically handsome. A man to get lost in a crowd. Though his face leans towards cherubic with it's large eyes and the lines all softened by baby fat, there is conflict in his body. The pale, freckled sheath of his skin hugs cords of work-hardened muscles, and his delicate, long-fingered hands bear the standard burn marks and callouses that announce his craft louder than any knot could. Flush cheeks and a snub little nose suggest - and correctly - a sweet, quiet nature, but there's tension that lurks in the set of his squared jaw and the slight hesitation of his smiles. He's tall, but not enormous at about 5'10". He's cute, but not ravishing. His eyes, however, are remarkable: a startlingly bright cornflower blue, deep set beneath thick, angled brows and framed by a fringe of ash blonde lashes that match the fussily shaped mass of thick hair on his head. He wears a rather utilitarian gray and navy outfit of thick cloth, and has exchanged his much abused work apron for a candidate's knot.


He's a Smith, and that's all he'll let himself be. Vossrik holds his cards VERY CLOSE to his chest when it comes to talking about his family. If asked, he'll mumble 'we're from fortish', and withdraw into a shell of silence. Not everyone would want to announce being the son of an infamous weyr arsonist, after all, even if he'd been rather estranged from the erratic Vossler for a few turns before his self-inflicted and spectacularly pyrotechnic demise. So, he's a smith. He works with his hands. He keeps things casual, vague.
His time in Fort Weyr has done well for him, even if the hatching cavern gives him the screaming mimis. The friendships he's begun to develop with his peers (and their so far lack of big telepathic dragons) has brought him somewhat out of his shell (and right into his own starring role in a harem anime as the women compete to see who can make him the most uncomfortable). Even though they tease him, he seems content thus far, and throws himself into his chores with the same industriousness he has shown in his craft.


Name Relation Location Position
Leia Weyrmate Fort Weyr Bluerider
X'fyr Weyrmate Fort Weyr Brownrider
Reksler Twin Brother Fort Weyr Journeyman Harper
Vossler father exploded all over the place
Riska mother deceased a sad little grave


Title OOC Date Cast
Dudes Feburary 19, 2017 Carellos, Leia, Reksler, V'sri
Book Learnin' February 22, 2017 Reksler, V'sri
She Fought the Door & the Door Won! October 7, 2017 K'yan, Leia, Baylee, Leuka, V'sri
Kouzevelth and Teimyrth's Eggs Hatch October 22, 2017 Ila'den, Sephany, Z'ki, Eiram, Inri, Leuka, Riohra, Kaitlyn, Jaelynn, V'sri, Syn, R'hyn, Kassala, Quinn, S'dny, Kelani