Portrayed By Veronika Vernadskaya
Gender Female
Aliases Tya
Place of Birth Norwynn Hold - Southern Continent
Current Location Harper Hall
Occupation Journeyman Baker


Tall and slender, this young woman's face is one that most would describe as beautiful, with an oval face and a gently tapered chin. Fine brows arch over grey-green eyes, and her slender nose hooks slightly over full lips. Her shoulders and elbows are a little bony, with no excess flesh to pad them, and her chest is of modest size. A slender waist tapers to long, shapely legs and dainty feet.
Most of the time she is dressed in simple looking but finely crafted working clothes, but each piece is impeccably made and the woman clearly has some salary beyond that of a Baker Journeyman, as her knot identifies her.


With five sons already, Goryn and his wife Mendalynn were thrilled to welcome a baby girl into the world. The joy lasted only a few days though, when complications from the birth quickly sent Mendalynn to the grave. In his grief, Goryn left the babe to the nannies and retreated into his work until the child was two turns old. Then, he began to dote on her. The child was showered with gifts and adoration and protection, every skinned knee or bumped elbow a huge Ordeal that required much fixing.
As the child grew, and grew into her mother's image, Goryn only wanted to protect her more. Sure, she learned to ride, to dance, to cook, but riskier pursuits were denied her. She was never allowed to go sailing, or hiking with her brothers. Instead she was taught to sew and to be a good young lady.
As she grew, she began to rebel, but any sight of her father's sadness would quickly bring her back in line. Suitors arrived, for their holding was a wealthy one, but Goryn found fault with them all and sent them away, leaving his daughter of 15 turns growing frustrated and confused at the lack of male attention.
The breaking point came when a young man (whose name she's already forgotten) dared to invite her on an evening walk. Disobeying curfew and sneaking out into the orchard for a sweet, platonic moonlit stroll, Tyani was stunned when Goryn found them in a rage and promptly exiled the boy from his holdings. Forever. Slowly, Tyani began to see the gilded cage he had wrapped around her, and she began to resent it.
On a summer's morning, filled with teenage rebellion, she snuck on board her brother's ship and set sail for Southern Hold. When he found her, he was upset but he was always kind to her and agreed to take her on the secret sail. However, Goryn found out and met them in Southern Hold, furious once again. Desperate to live her own life, Tyani sought refuge with the Bakers, and claimed an Apprentice knot for herself. Unable to argue with the Craft, Goryn returned to his holding, furious and heartbroken at the loss of his daughter. He took out his anger on his son.
Now a Baker, Tyani quickly found that she enjoyed the work, and it wasn't even that difficult for her given how traditionally she was raised. With her dog, Kilo, she worked in kitchens in Southern Hold, and earned her Journeyman knot after a few turns of hard work.
Newly transferred to Harper Hall, she's nervous to be in an entirely new place - half a world away from her old home with only Kilo for company.


Name Relation Location Position
Mendalynn Mother Deceased -
Goryn Father Norwynn Hold Lord Holder
Vahyl Brother (+1) Norwynn Hold Sailor

Plus four brothers older than Vahyl, unnamed in case of adoption. +3, +5, +7, +10


Title OOC Date Cast
Don't Judge a Baker by Her Cover October 03, 2014 Rayathess, Tyani
Better Left Alone October 06, 2014 Rayathess, Tyani
Can We Talk? October 07, 2014 Rayathess, Tyani
Give the Snow a Chance! October 08, 2014 Tyani, Br'enn
Westward Visit November 06, 2014 Briari, Tyani
Will You? November 11, 2014 Rayathess, Tyani
Spring is Here! November 13, 2014 C'rus, D'ani, E'tan, Inri, Kera, Rayathess, Tyani, Zhirayr
Festive Date November 13, 2014 Rayathess, Tyani