Portrayed By Dylan O'Brien
Gender Male
Aliases Dove
Place of Birth Fort Hold
Occupation Harper
Dragon None
Current Location Fort Weyr


Troy is 5'10 with dark brown hair and very expressive brown eyes. He tends to wear casual Hold life apparel of plain brown pants, green shirts and a rusty colored tunic. He has an athletic runner build about him, one born of physical labor, but not too muscular to be considered a heavy lifter. He doesn't tend to stand out in any crowd but he has enough charm in his looks to be considered attractive. His voice is a soft, silky tone, one that easily conveys emotion.


Troy was born and raised in Fort Hold without too much fanfare. His family is of no importance in the grand scheme of life, though his mother was known to make a solid bubbly pie. He is the middle sibling of three, all boys. Where his brothers decided they wanted a life of dragon riding and smithing, he had a love of music and story and sought out a career as a harper where he can entertain and pass along the history of Pern to the younger generations.

As a youth, Troy was a typical troublemaker, running about kitchens and poking his nose where it doesn't belong, but that faded away into maturity when his mother passed away, and his father became more and more withdrawn and buried himself into a life of work. Even though his father was still around, he mostly came and go with little conversation, throwing himself completely into his work.

Raised by his older brother until he was Searched, Troy became the man of the house for his younger sibling in Fort Hold. He was admitted into Harper Hall as a musician and story teller, where he has worked his way up into the rank of a Senior Apprentice. Currently he is working on a couple of projects towards his Journeyman status, hoping to bring multiple musicians together to make a concert. When he is performing on his own, his musical style is very croonish and current.


Name Relation Location Position
Grant Father Fort Hold Smith
Cordelia (deceased) Mother Fort Hold Seamstress
Dalton Brother Fort Hold Smith
Samuel Brother Fort Hold Smith


This chiselled and lovely lad is a shade and sheen of bronze so perfect as to be the stuff of Harper's tales, a fine mixture of golden greeny-brown near unerringly flowing from nose to tailtips . Across his haunches there is a light variance: small and subtle dapples of old gold showing up only in bright light.
His sleek form is streamlined and graceful, every defined muscle and motion precise and flowing…his bearing that of a slightly shy and honest suitor. Romeo though he may be, there IS one thing that might just make for a flaw (or perhaps a mark of character?) upon his kindly self: one slice of a scar upon inner wrist…a mark of his battle to escape his sharp shell.
Larger eyes are settled beneath well-formed eyeridges, while his long wings rustle to show occasional dapples upon their near-pure surface, much like his haunches. If you fall head over heels for this fond fellow by just gazing at him…well, it was meant to be, wasn't it?! True love is never wrong!



Title OOC Date Cast
Song and Dance January 22nd, 2020 Troy, Alexa
Dessert with Alexa January 28, 2020 Troy, Alexa
Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself. And Maybe Getting Killed. January 29, 2020 Desmaris, Oddisa, Troy
Long Summer Days February 24, 2020 Rayathess, Troy
Not-So-Boring Breakfast March 19, 2020 Troy, Zurii