Copper bright hair falls nearly straight to her midback, glinting brightly and drawing unnecessary attention to the almost pretty - but not quite - features of the young woman. Her features are defined and well-shaped but her pale, washed out blue eyes are just a bit too small and her face just a bit too angular. Still, she has a pleasant enough smile, slightly mischevious but what weyrbred girl isn't a little bold? Her figure is in that transistion stage, just filling out as it should but not quite there yet; she's on the fringes of womanhood. She should fill out to be an almost-slender woman but not a busty one and she'll always been on the short side. She dresses in working clothes, heavy duty pants of dark green and a light blue tunic over it. Her left shoulder proudly bears the simple knot of a weyrling of Fort Weyr, her home Weyr: black and brown with a thread of gold for her dragon. Her bright red hair is pulled into a practical pony tail but some strands always seem to slip out, giving her a slightly disheveled look. She looks to be about 15 Turns of age.


Valhara didn't want to be a mother. Actually, she was probably one of the most ill-suited women for motherhood that could be found on Pern; beautiful, yes, but self-centered and cold. But sometimes motherhood is thrust upon a woman and this was exactly what happened to Valhara when her green, Marqueth, rose when she was delivering Candidates from Telgar Weyr to Fort Weyr without a sign or warning. Unfortunately for the pair, a Fort green was also on the verge of flying and the two, and all the chasing males, were involved in a fight mid-air. Brown Qyzyth saved the day, twining Marqueth, who was injured in the flight, and bringing her safely down. Despite the circumstances, passion ensued between Valhara and Q'yn, Qyzyth's rider, leading to much unwanted pregnancy. Normally, a greenrider can "take a short trip between" to rid herself of unwanted children but Marqueth's wing injury left her grounded for many months at Fort Weyr, during which Valhara sulked and remained in the background as she brought her child to term.

And so a child was born, an unwanted child, handed off to a foster mother as soon as it was safe to do so. Valhara felt no remorse; she wanted out. Besides, if the child stayed at Fort Weyr, she wouldn't be responsible for her. Valhara told the foster mother not to tell the child, or anyone, who her parents were. It wouldn't be odd; weyrbrats frequently were unsure of their parentage. As soon as Marqueth was healed, the pair returned to Telgar Weyr, believing their past was behind them.

At Fort Weyr, the baby grew up healthy. She was a lovely little girl, named Torissa by her foster mother but frequently called Tori by her and all others. She grew up looking more like her mother than her father - with coppery hair and pale eyes, though her angular features were a bit more pronounced than Valhara's so she lacked her mother's intense beauty. She grew up like any other weyrbrat, loved by all and surrounded by people. She was always a spirited and troublesome girl, too curious for her own good and inevitably involved in all the Weyr's pranks. Unfortunately, she lacked direction. She had few useful skills as her sewing and cooking skills left much to be desired but, like all the weyrbred she showed enthusiasm for the dragons that made their home at Fort Weyr. She put off making any life decisions, hoping it would be made for her.

And it was. When Tori was barely 14 Turns of age, she was Searched by her father's dragon, not even knowing then that Q'yn was her father. Thus, she was thrust full force into the life of Candidacy. She made many friends during that time and managed to obtain a small fair of firelizards. While her troublesome nature didn't subside, if anything, it increased, she took her position of Candidate seriously and never jeopardized that position. Almost a Turn later, Tori was allowed to stand to Biancath's clutch where, indeed, her life was chosen for her when she Impressed gold Orianath, much to her own surprise, and found out later that night who her parents were. A day Torissa would never forget and as she heads through Weyrlinghood, she knows she'll never be alone again.


A bold, fun-loving weyrbrat with a taste for adventure. She's still a child and she has boundless energy and enthusiasm for life. She's friendly and she wants to be friends with everyone, mostly because she's talkative and she's thrilled to find anyone who will listen to her. There isn't an ounce of shyness in Torissa and she can be alarmingly blunt at times, but fortunately age is beginning to temper that aspect of her and she is learning the meaning of the word "tact." Still, some habits die hard!


Name Relation Location Position
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This young green seems to radiate with clashing colour. The majority of her hide is a bright emerald green, swirled throughout with splotches and splashes of a twisted chartruse colour. Her talons are black, black as night, except for the odd looking splash of ivory at the tips. Her wedge-shaped head has been topped with a dark hunter green around the eyes and head knobs. She can be hard to look at, but hey, it gives her personality.

This little firelizard is a very simple blue color. In fact his whole body is covered in the same dark blue. The navy blue is like the darkest night, that Pern has ever seen. The only fault in the rich blue color is the star-burst of gold and red upon his stomach, other then that he is navy blue.

This is a rather large young brown firelizard of a warm, rich red-brown coloring. Like a bay runner this brown has darker points, the color deepening to almost black down his tail, his legs and forelegs, his wings, and his little muzzle. His proportions are exceptional, his tail long and tapered, his hindquarters well muscled, and his wings large and unblemished. He has a stern, silent look about him, as though a person would be wiser not to mess with him; he means business. What a darling, serious little fellow!


Warm Sunset Rose Gold Orianath
She looks like a gilded statue in the warm glow of the sunset, bathed in tones of gold, tinted with rose. Her elegant headknobs are brighter than the rest of her, almost glowing with bright gold. Ripples of darker, rose-gold, looking much like spilled silk, spill down her back between her wings, flowing down her tail and her legs, which end in midnight black talons. As she spreads those wings, you see that she lightens again, the red-gold of newly minted copper swirls along her wingsails. She looks rather regal as well as a bit demure, a sweet creature in golden hues.