Tiri (TIER-ee)
Full Name Tiridyn (TIER-eh-din)
Played by Tom Holland
Gender Male
Current Home Fort Weyr
Place of Birth Fort Weyr
Occupation Stores Clerk
Hair Med. Brown
Eyes Warm Dark Brown
Song Run Like a Rebel - The Score


Slight yet strong, Tiridyn's 5'8" height isn't going to impress a lot of people, but the lack of it combined with his trimly muscular build does make him unassuming without lacking in a distinct presence. A chameleon in carriage and demeanor, the warm, dark brown eyes and charming smile most readily lend themselves to the appearance of amicability. His flop of medium brown hair is neither too short nor too long and often combed back or left to be wild. His thin lips are contrasted by the gentle curves of cheeks and nose, while being complimented by the fine bone structure of chin and brows. In a word, he's adorable, particularly when his charming smile lights up his face. He's rarely completely still, a bound kinetic tension not quite contained by his slender body and tempered expressions, like it's a challenge for him to be less, when he could be boldly more.

His clothes are tidy, though not especially new. The colors tend toward earth or jewel tones that contrast his dark eyes and pale skin and are of cuts that are functional as well as at least marginally fashionable. His knot and badge indicate him to be a resident at Fort Weyr.


Tiridyn is the son of a bluerider and a trader who happened to have the luck to be in the right place in the right time after a greenflight loss. These things happen, of course, and in a Weyr it was nothing to raise an eyebrow about. Raised in the caverns among the variety of other weyrbrats, Fort Weyr has been Tiridyn's home his whole life, but his mother, Ridys, came to terms early with the fact that her son's father had gifted him with a touch of wanderlust as little Tiri became rapidly precocious in ways that led to a number of small scale missing child searches that always resolved in his turning back up like a cat come back, or being found in some forgotten corner of the Weyr. As he grew, he became increasingly familiar with the nooks and crannies of the ancient Weyr and when he came of age, after proving his worth with mathematics and bookkeeping, he was taken on as a Stores Clerk.

Since that time, Tiridyn's job title hasn't changed but his job duties have expanded. No longer is he expected only inventorying or helping with supply shipments and signing in and out goods, but now he's tasked from time to time to go out and procure particular items or particular quantities of items wanted by the various people working out of Fort Weyr. He's ended up with a quiet reputation for being able to talk his way into and out of fixes, for he's had as many failures (usually owing to an illogical willingness to trust or try) as successes (because he has something of a quick tongue and mind, if not always a silver or entirely bright one). He's a familiar, if not flashy face among the weyrfolk of Fort Weyr and has no plans currently to edit the course of his life.


Name Relation Location Position
Ridys Mother Fort Weyr Bluerider
Tikrazdin Father ??? Trader
Half-Sibs Half-Sibs Fort Weyr probably Varies
Aunts/Uncles/Cousins Relations Fort Weyr probably Varies


Always… Always Angry Green Smash
She is a big girl — no, very BIG green and not just in height but sheer size. All those stereotypes for her color? Thrown entirely out the window! Her frame would be better suited for a brown or even an unusual bronze but no — she is definitely green. A rather eathy, murky shade of olive from blunted muzzle and blocky-shaped head to stumpy wings and a tail to balance them. At best, she could be described as stocky, all that muscle bulk built for brute strength rather than any alluring feminine curves. Not so bad when she's calm but if something makes her angry? Well… watch out everyone and everything!


Repeat After Me Blue Seek
He is a beast composed of all angles, shoulders strong but notched, chin thin and pointed, tail whip-flick long and kinked at regular intervals. While ordinarily that might be cause for alarm, those that are near him for more than a moment will realize it does little to nothing to keep him from being a fully functional firelizard - if anything, it seems to lend him a kind of worn charm that he otherwise lacks. He's a severe little creature, after all, one who takes himself a special kind of seriously, prone to perching on shoulders (or maybe hats) if only so he might look down at those he considers below him. His coloration suits his moue, a dark, solemn blue etched with paper-thin threads of gold rings and symbols around wrists, neck and the undersides of wings that hang low and ruffling around his haunches. Though exceptionally wide, the excess of aileron is rather cape-like when he's not in flight, and while it's certainly a look, it's a look he doesn't mind one bit.


Vengeance from the Grave Brown Grab
He's rather sassy, for a firelizard that will - undoubtedly - have so many brushes with death over his lifetime. His bulked out body carries a distinct swagger, strong posture reading arrogance, and no small amount of fight. Though loveable and protective towards those that are his, those who choose to mess with his people are bound to get a nose full of golden claws. Though predominately a rich, shimmery rust-brown all over, flaxen tones are a common feature, circling joints and outlining the lengths of legs and wings, as though someone had originally conceived him as an animatronic, and only made him real as an afterthought. Narrow eyes and animated wings do nothing to alleviate his tough-guy, wreck-you appearance - if anything, when considered in combination with blocky headknobs and 'ridges, they rather exaggerate his overall devil-may-care attitude.


No Matter How Dark It Is Bronze Snatch
Lithe and acrobatic, this firelizard flies in the face of stereotypical expectations of bronzehood, defies the terrible menace and musclebound pride that so often defines his kind. His long, dark body is traced with lines of molten gold, each rouge-touched web connecting to the others in a network that is as vast as it is complex. Bronze of a slightly paler hue arches about each faceted eye, bathing tailtips, toes, and the underside of his wings in a color that fades to pearlescent white when the light strikes him at just the right angle. His bone structure is sleek and fine, his musculature lean but far from lacking in power, with wings so quick and nimble that it should come as no surprise that he can execute just about any trick in the book, given the opportunity and maybe a leap of faith.