At a Glance
Portrayed By Genevieve Padalecki
Gender Female
Aliases Amethyst, Ame, Amy, Ames
Place of Birth Crom Hold
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Junior Weyrwoman
Dragon Gold Rhenesath
Craft and Rank Smith Journeyman
Specialty Jewellery
Status Unexpectedly in love


What was once a pixie cut has been allowed to grow out to somewhat of a shaggy crop with brown tips curling haphazardly just below Thys's jaw, if they're not fixed back in a more practical style. Despite the natural wave in her hair making it somewhat difficult to maintain neatly, her thick, dark mop crowns the girlish features of her face. Her big, dark eyes and fine-boned nose well-balanced, though her mouth may be a touch too big. Thys' skintone is naturally pale but she has a light tan, though not without its blemishes - beyond her freckles, she's got her fair share of scars and imperfections, both visible and hidden beneath her clothing. She's gained a little weight which softens her hips and belly and thickens her thighs, adding more pleasingly plump curves to her womanly form.


Things You'll Likely Know About Thys and Rhenesath

  • Thys' priorities in life are Rhenesath > Fort > herself > Smithcraft > everything else. 'Everything else' has always typically included relationships, though she seems to be focused less on her craft of late, and more on herself.
  • In nearly 12 turns at Fort she's had one public relationship, which started just after her weyrling graduation. There've been plenty of hook-ups, but nothing's ever stuck for long enough to make it to 'relationship' status… at least until a half-turn of flirting and fooling around led to A'ster's Akleteyth catching Rhenesath. While there had been something blossoming between them before the flight, after it Thys and A'ster seemed to be a little bit more…
  • She seems to have a thing for brownriders. Or is that just a coincidence?
  • Not only does she throw herself into Weyr-related work, especially with Craft liaison, she has her own section of the Weyr's smithy for working on her jewellery, which she sells across Pern. More often than not lately though, Thys will spend her time in the smithy tinkering - whether that's fixing pots or some other little task that needs to be done.
  • She attained her Journeyman's knot shortly before her 30th turnday.
  • In her downtime she frequents the Gemstone Tavern, and Shenanigan's. Her favourite tipples are Cromese ale and whisky (especially one called Cromese Curse), and she's fond of darts, pool, and other bar games. Oh, and she'll take on Th'ero's favourite ale, Black Damnation, any day of the week.
  • She likes protocol, and even though she's easy-going she will more likely than not insist on proper protocol being followed around her, especially in public.
  • Everyday Thys is all about business and duty. Get enough drinks in her for her to let her hair down though, and she's far more fun because she's actually able to relax and just enjoy life. Get a few more drinks in her, and she's a whole other person… ;)
  • She's very defensive of Fort, and won't tolerate anyone slandering her home, its leaders or its residents. Same goes for her craft, and her family craft, the Minecraft.
  • Thys keeps a little herd of goats, which are milked to make cheese. Sometimes she's seen walking them along with her canine, Heart.
  • Rhenesath is renowned for rising frequently, and preferring browns over bronzes. She's also basically a big broody hen. A tell-tale sign that she's proddy is when Thys can be found in the Weyr's nursery… somewhere she'd normally avoid like the plague.
  • Thys has lots of big ideas… but she's so busy with her time that she can rarely see them through. A lot of them get outsourced to people she trusts to complete them, while she supervises from afar.


Born into a family from Crom Hold, Amethyst was just one of her parents' children to be named after their work as Miners. She was preceded by brother Flint, sisters Jade and Ruby, and followed by brother Coal. Amethyst, or Thys, as she was affectionately nicknamed, grew up under the care of the Hold's nannies, then as a fosterling in her aunt and uncle's care at Fort Hold, where she followed in her mother's sister's footsteps to become a Smith Apprentice. Her speciality, chosen in her years as a Senior Apprentice, is jewellery, and in the lead-up to her inevitable promotion to Journeyman she took to touring Pern with her mentor, Master Smith Tashryn. The purpose was to study jewellery styles from around the planet, as well as to fulfill commissions as and where she could take them to build up her portfolio… though things didn't go as planned when they stopped off at Fort Weyr.

First, the typical jewellery display evening that they'd planned in every other Hold before Fort went off with an unexpected hitch, when it was discovered that a jewellery set had gone missing at the end of the night. There were investigations into the matter, with Tashryn flying off to smooth the ruffled feathers of the jewellery's owner, leaving Amethyst to handle things.

Which she was doing fine with, until she was asked to stand for Kayeth and Velokraeth's clutch by Anique and Typriaeth. Out of sheer curiosity (and not really thinking too much about what she was doing, if she was honest about it), she said yes.

The mystery of the missing jewellery was wrapped up during an excursion into Fort's forests, with one group discovering clues that led to the discovery of a dead body down a hole - a dead body with an expensive necklace, no less! Although it didn't completely solve the mystery, at least the stolen goods were returned to their rightful owners.

After that, candidacy was a doddle. Nothing spectacular happened, at least until Hatching day came; near last to hatch was one speckled egg that Amethyst had had an eye keenly on. From it came a dusty gold hatchling… who shocked the shards out of the Smith when she chose her. Rhenesath found her Thys, and they began a whole new life together.

Since then, things have… well, breezed by. Weyrlinghood came and went, ending with Thys's first real relationship with Glasscraft Journeyman Ralik. It was serious enough for 2 turns or so, until eventually Thys's commitment to Rhenesath and her new career, amongst other factors, led them to split. The rest of her 20s were unremarkable; she worked hard, Rhenesath had several clutches - mostly by brown sires, she ended up close to falling in love with Ashwin after Rinxyth caught her dragon but shirked that relationship as every other since Ralik, and she gained her Smith Journeyman knot midway through her 29th turn. That was a feat on its own, and one that she's exceptionally proud of… even if she's since given less of her time to her Craft, having recognised that she's as far advanced in it as she will ever go.

The first turn of her 30s did see one other unexpected development when surprise feelings arose for Thunderbird rider A'ster in spring of turn 2711; by late autumn, after more than half a turn of getting to know each other better, the 'I don't do relationships' goldrider found herself not only wanting to be with him, but actually able to admit being in love. It took time to realise the latter, and it only emerged after Akleteyth caught Rhenesath in flight that ended up in a spectacular crash as Rhen was unable, or unprepared, to fully compensate for her mate's short wingspan. There were bumps and scrapes at the end of it all, with Rhen ending up grounded due to a sprained wing and foreleg.



No Harm No Fowl Gold Rhenesath
Homely and humble could be words to describe her, but they are not what defines her. What makes her stand out is not the fact that she shines but from the decisive lack of it. Oh, it is still there of course because she is a gold and there is no changing that, but her hide tends to vary more towards an antiqued and dusty brown-gold which gives her a very understated and earthy look. She is a curvy and broad young gold, big-boned and while no slender waif, she still moves with grace and strength and lady-like flare. Her hide is not all brown-gold, with shades of lighter gold, almost cream-like, dusting her rounded cheeks and eyeridges and trickling down over the curve of her throat before fading away to nothing down the length of her neck. This lighter gold appears along her chest and down along her belly, accentuating her curvaceous build without drawing too much attention to it as it continues on along the underside of her slightly-thicker tail. Her wings, large and broad and a little shorter than they ought to be, they will still allow her to fly without struggle and when extended, only the undersides hold the lighter gold hues while brown-golds shade the top, mottled here and there with faint speckling of darker antiqued gold.

Rhenesath hatched from…

Beauty in Simple Patterns Egg
A creamy base coat curves, soft and smooth around this small egg. Perfectly shaped and petite, the egg is layered with splotches and splatters in all shades of brown. Looking like a wide brush was fleetingly kissed against the shell, each spot or speckle is unique and unlike any others that caress the egg’s surface.

Flight and Clutch Record

Rhenesath's flight record can be found here, and her detailed clutch record here.
Flight Log Sire PC/NPC Age Eggs
Rhenesath's First Flight Loxiath NPC 2.1 turns 5
Rhenesath's Second Flight Kainaesyth NPC 3.4 turns 7
Rhenesath's Third Flight Mokusoth NPC 5.0 turns 6
Rhenesath's Fourth Flight Rinxyth PC 7.0 turns 8
Rhenesath's Fifth Flight Vorlath NPC 8.9 turns 8
Rhenesath's Sixth Flight Akleteyth NPC 10.12 turns 4


Name Relation Location Position
Langton Father Crom Hold Master Miner
Surenne Mother Crom Hold Master Miner
Fl'n (Flint) Older Brother Fort Weyr Haast Wingrider, brown Rideth
Jade Older Sister Crom Hold Journeyman Miner
Ruby Older Sister Crom Hold Nanny
Co'l (Coal) Younger Brother High Reaches Weyr Wingrider, blue Taffryth
Flinna (Flinnara) Niece (Fl'n and Aennara) Fort Weyr Thunderbird Wingrider, blue Veedayruwinth
Fae (Faelin) Niece (Fl'n and Aennara) Fort Weyr Thunderbird Wingrider, blue Daytruindth
Daeryn Nephew (Jade and Madenn) Crom Hold Child
Crystal Niece (Ruby and Andwyn) Crom Hold Child


Bronze Firelizard, Smith
Broad shoulders and bronze brawn, this firelizard is as burly as they come. His hide is the colour of beaten brass, heated to a white-hot glow around his thick toes and along the forebones of his sturdy wings. For all he's thick and certainly robust, his face has an expression free of guile, with wide friendly eyes and a maw that looks to have a smile upon it.

Brown Firelizard, Shards
As cute as a button - or at least his owner thinks so. He's rounded from tip to toe, from his snub little muzzle to the blunted end of his stubby tail. A rich, buttery brown covers his hide, blending into creamy chocolate on his muzzle, each of his four paws and his wings - the spars of which are a liquid mocha.

Green Firelizard, Tabby
Tiny, wiry, and dark, this little green is as full as feline grace as they come. She may be delicate, but she oozes toughness through every inch of her tabbied hide, in which palest silver-green is patched with deep emerald and spring light. Around her eyes are darker shades, and along her wings, too, while her paws, silent-padded by pink undersides, are a vibrant new-leaf shade.

A BIG dog. OOCly, she's a merle-coloured Great Dane cross. She's called Heart because of a white heart-shaped marking on her belly. Spotted by Rhenesath when they were flying over the Igen desert; the litter of four roughly 2 week old surviving pups was taken by Thys to the Weyr. One pup went to C'rus, one to A'ster.


Title OOC Date Cast
Sayonara, 2711! (aka Turnover, Fort Style) January 13, 2017 I'rly, K'yan, Syn, Thys
Eggs and Bacon and Booze January 13, 2017 A'ster, Thys