Gangly-limbed and with a growth spurt still to come, Theodore is every bit a pre-teen from his weedy frame to his baby face. The youngster's skin is sun-touched but not darkened save by a smattering of freckles, complemented by an ashy mop of hair that hasn't seen a pair of scissors for a while, given that it's long enough to brush his chin. It's often in the way of his big, light blue eyes, when it's not tucked back behind his ear, that is. He's quite pretty in prepubescence, with fine features, a gently sloping jaw, and rosebud lips. Perhaps he'll grow into his manliness - only puberty will tell!


Theodore is the only son of a Fortian greenrider, Eleonora, and an unknown father. She never spilt the beans to him, and he's never thought to ask her.
Growing up, Theodore - who's gone by the nickname Teddy since he was a tot - was mostly in the care of the Weyr's nannies along with many other weyrbrats. From a young age he demonstrated signs of being a natural performer, and putting on little puppet shows was, and remains, an important annual Turnover tradition. There were assumptions that he might apprentice into the Harpers when he was old enough, but, despite having a pretty good singing voice as well as his inclinations towards performance, Teddy has shown no desire to join them… and he's not exactly being pressured by his absent mum to find a career, either.


Name Relation Location Position
Eleonora Mother Fort Weyr Rider of green Seleneyth


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