Portrayed By Kit Harington (Jon Snow; Game of Thrones)
Gender Male
Aliases Kel, Kelthero
Place of Birth Irondell Cothold, Torince Hold, Emerald Isles
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Weyrleader
Status Rider of Bronze Velokraeth
Theme Song A Small Measure of Peace, by Hans Zimmer


Taller then most young men his age, he has broad, tapered shoulders and an athletic build to him from his line of work. At first glance, he may also appear to be a few Turns older then he truly is, with narrow dark brown eyes, aquiline nose and thin-lipped mouth, he often comes off as reserved or cold, when both could be farthest from the truth. His hair is left to grow out, a mess of black curly waves roughly shoulder length and a neatly trimmed mustache and goatee to frame his oblong shaped face, another method of his to increase the illusion of age. His skin is slightly tanned and his long fingered hands are callused.

He wears a common uniform of a short-sleeved tunic dyed a dark grey or neutral shade, the neck square shaped and laced together. His trousers are also made of a heavy, durable material and also dyed a dark grey, almost black, hue. Around his waist, he wears a plain black belt. On his feet, he wears a pair of well-worn, thick leather boots. Pinned to one shoulder is his knot in Fort Weyr's colors, showing his position as Weyrleader, with a light bronze ribbon threaded through it to signify his lifemate and the pin itself engraved with the insignia for the Phoenix Wing.


  • Often viewed as aloof and withdrawn because of his mannerisms in public
  • His opinionated view on life from his upbringing has tempered over the Turns, but his rules on logic still don't always mesh with others
  • This "hide-bound" attitude has led to some heated arguments in the past and currently in the present
  • He can be arrogant at times, falling back on old habits when his temper gets the best of him
  • Can be a perfectionist in the tasks given to him
  • Has become a little more approachable and if given time to relax, proves to have a teasing sense of humor
  • He has a deep rooted sense of duty and honor, which often clouds his judgement and often results in most of his blunders
  • Prone to fits of brooding and dark moods; most know to avoid him when he's in this state

Things That Everyone Knows

  • His favorite ale is called 'Black Damnation'; only a few are known to be able to stomach the extremely potent drink
  • He is often out on dawn patrols with Velokraeth, a routine he's kept since first becoming Weyrleader
  • Once a Guard, he can be found drilling or practicing with them on occasion
  • Though he doesn't outwardly show much affection to her in public, he is very much in love and quite protective of his weyrmate, Kimmila

Things That Everyone Doesn't Know

  • At the age of 15 Turns, several Turns before his Impression in Half Moon Bay, he was disowned by his "father" Ilentho when the family visited Torince Hold; he's never told anyone, in Half Moon or in Fort Weyr; only Kimmila knows the whole story
  • His true father is a Masterharper (now retired) named Garan, who now lives outside Southern Boll Hold with Th'ero's mother Kenali
  • His relationship with his (half) sister, Kiena, is strained at best despite his efforts to reach out to her
  • He's developed a fear of deep waters after nearly drowning after taking down Laris
  • Neither he or Kimmila are entirely thrilled that their son, Kyzen (now K'vir), was Searched by Igen
  • He rents a cottage in the Keroon area, where he and Kimmila often retreat to


The many Turns that followed have changed Th'ero in many ways, though he still remains the same in others. Having held his position as Weyrleader for over a decade now, he's learned much and Fort has very much become his home and those within it a form of extended 'family'. He has formed many relationships as well and one in particular with a bluerider named Kimmila developed into so much more. They've been almost inseparable and later into their relationship Kimmila bore their first son, Kyzenviro and a few Turns later, twins Elladyr and Aranthi.

His life is often bound by routine now but certainly not dull. He has seen Fort through some of its darkest times, has been tested himself many times throughout it and has, so far, come out the stronger for it. Time will tell how long he remains as Weyrleader, but if he can last one decade… what's one decade more?


Name Relation Location Position Adoptable
Kimmila Weyrmate Fort Weyr Unassigned Wingrider No
Kyzenviro Son (Kimmila) Fort Weyr Child No
Ilentho Father (deceased)** Irondell Cothold Fisherman No
Kenali Mother Southern Boll common woman No
Garan Father Southern Boll Master Harper No
Ilenki Brother Irondell Cothold Fisherman Yes
Kiena Sister Western Weyr Bluerider No

Note:** This is NOT known publicly ICly, save between Th'ero, Kimmila and Kiena, but Ilentho is not Th'ero's true father. Th'ero is actually the son of Garan and Kenali, which makes Kiena and Ilenki half-siblings.

Vignettes and Logs

Title OOC Date Cast
Frustrations (with Holders) January 26, 2020 Inri, Th'ero
Variations (Vig) February 14, 2020 Th'ero, Kiena, K'vir, Rayathess, Ru'ien
Differences April 01, 2020 Alexa, Th'ero
That Escalated Quickly! April 6, 2020 Th'ero, Zurii
Be Reasonable April 10, 2020 Inri, Th'ero
You Again? April 15, 2020 Maizin, Th'ero, Zurii
Late Night Snack Judgment April 16, 2020 Ryan, Th'ero
Quiet Nights April 19, 2020 Emiel, Th'ero
Ambition is a Trait April 25, 2020 Dakalis, Th'ero
Curfews (Jian is Searched) April 26, 2020 Jian, Th'ero
Original Compliments Only (Zurii is Searched) April 26, 2020 Th'ero, Zurii
Intriguing Projects (Morozko is Searched) April 27, 2020 Morozko, Th'ero
Answer Me This (Zelien is Searched) May 01, 2020 Th'ero, Zelien
Perks of the Job May 2, 2020 Maizin, Th'ero
Competent Characters May 4, 2020 Th'ero, Tiridyn
Lines, Good Lines and Humor May 7, 2020 F'inn, Hanalee, Th'ero
Temporary Purpose (Maizin Is Searched!) May 27, 2020 Maizin, Th'ero, NPC O'mirel
Kouzevelth and Velokraeth's Eggs Hatch! May 31, 2020 Ansia, Dakalis, Emiel, Erestel, Hanalee, Jian, Morozko, Maizin, Ryan, Sonya, Yunwei, Zelien, Zurii, Th'ero, Inri, Orrion, Mekhael, various NPCs
Downers June 4, 2020 M'zal, Th'ero
Unintentional Outcomes June 21, 2020 Lhiannon, Th'ero
The War She Craved August 27, 2020 B'an, D'ax, F'yr, Ila'den, K'vir, Leia, Lhiannon, M'tras, M'zal, R'hyn, Th'ero
Conversation? Confrontation. October 17, 2020 Alexa, Th'ero
The Rise of Raaneth (Raaneth's Fifth Flight) October 24, 2020 Raaneth, Jocameth, Jovianth, Izzuth, Velokraeth, Zekath, Azirath, Glorioth, Xath
Favor November 22, 2020 Tejra, Th'ero
A Merciless Meeting of Minds November 22, 2020 Tejra, Velokraeth
Awkward November 25, 2020 Lhiannon, Th'ero


Achingly tired this green seems to drag from one movement to the next. It is as if she's at the end of a double shift with two bachelor parties and she's just done worn out. Of appearance her hide is a pleasant meadow green, dappled with leafy shadows along her back and mossy patches on arms and legs. Bits of golden pollen dust her head and ridges in an overall pleasant to look at type. Not one of overwhelming beauty, but of a simple pleasant fashion. Her build is a bit stockier for a green, the hint of stamina present sacrificing only a bit of the normal agility. It seems she needs both in her labor but for now there flops a cranky tired waitress who has more than earned her tips. You might offer a tidbit to help tide her over.

Curiously elongated, he looks more like a tunnelsnake than a firelizard, his wings are stubby little things likely barely enough to keep him aloft. Possessed of incredibly soft hide for a firelizard, he has a rounded snout, beady little eyes and almost nearly invisible headknobs. His coloration is quite unremarkable, or perhaps it's remarkable for the fact that is merely muddy-brown, a silty sort of hue that would enable him to lie camouflaged at the bottom of some shallow muddy little stream. Short of limb, but long in neck and tail, he's sinuous and lithe, beautiful and ugly all at once — and utterly fascinating to behold. There's an aura about him, an almost crackling sensation that sizzles in the air above his skin — and if one looked hard enough, they could almost swear to see sparks shooting off his skin. But he really isn't charged up, is he?

This stalwart creature is formed of pure physical strength and hints of prolonged stamina. A heavily armored head, by way of shapely knobs and ridges, stretches to a sharp point at the muzzle, where razor sharp teeth tend to show more often than not from under lips which are taught and slim against his maw. Shoulders are broad and help to support the weight of his muscled neck and the thick wing joints sprouting upon his back. Robust wings lend to flying endurance, with great sails spread between tapering wing-spars. A noticeable aspect of his wings would be the trailing edge of the sails, which seem to be more beat up than the rest of him, rugged here instead of streamlined or smooth. Lithe haunches and a shapely tail ensure he can be quick on his feet and whip-dash in the air. Above all, his hide seems to smolder underneath curls of fiery crimson and gilded gold's, a striking play of gold and crimson creating a burnished bronze wash rippling down his frame.


Unmasking the Ugly Truth Bronze Velokraeth

Bleached bronze, faded to a shade of pure spun gold in some places, covers this dragon's lumpy body like a piece of exquisite silk wrapped around a gnarled stump - not even the pale beauty of his hide can mask the fact that he's just plain ugly. Thickly ridged brows of a light flaxen hue slash diagonally across his blunted muzzle, one side dipping lower than the other to make his gaze seem oddly mismatched. Even his whirling eyes add to the lopsided effect, as one is always several shades darker and appears slightly sunken into its socket. Stubby headknobs sprout crookedly from his oversized head and his nose is squashed in, the nostrils wide-set and prominent. A curly thatch of wheaten bronze and soft copper covers his crown and spills back over his craggy ridges like a wild mane, flowing all the way down to the end of his stumpy tail and pooling into a splotch of gold at its spaded tip. Color leeches out of his stunted limbs and leaves them a washed-out bronze that pales to near white along his paws. His rear end is wide, boxy and prone to being wiggled as he moves along with his awkward, waddling gait. Only his wings have escaped without flaw, as the thin membranes fall from his shoulders like twin banners of red-gold, copper and bronze.


Note: Most of the images are of Jon Snow from HBO's Game of Thrones and a character from George R.R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice book series and found at random over the internet.

The artwork, however, is copyright to Th'ero's player: Zeralia

Th'ero's Icon Gallery can be found: here


There are a variety of songs out there that reflect Th'ero's past or character, as well as some that are linked to family and relationships. I claim no ownership of any of these, save as reference.

Title and Artist Description Lyric Snippet
A Small Measure of Peace by Hans Zimmer Th'ero's "Theme" Song None; song is instrumental
Humbling River by Puscifier Parts used as a traditional song sung only in Irondell cothold; Th'ero occasionally hums it Braved the forests, braved the stone; Braved the icy winds and fire; Braved and beat them on my own; Yet I'm helpless by the river.
Iron by Woodkid Reflection of Th'ero's past thoughts A soldier on my own, I don't know the way; I'm riding up the heights of shame; I'm waiting for the call, the hand on the chest; I'm ready for the fight, and fate.
Run Boy Run by Woodkid Garan's "song" to Th'ero Tomorrow is another day; And you won’t have to hide away; You’ll be a man, boy!; But for now it’s time to run, it’s time to run!
I Love You by Woodkid Garan's "song" to Th'ero Is there anything I could do; Just to get some attention from you?; In the waves I've lost every trace of you; Where are you?

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