"Now ev'ry gambler knows that the secret to survivin'
Is knowin' what to throw away and knowin' what to keep.
Cause ev'ry hands a winner and ev'ry hands a loser,
And the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep."


Frizzy; one word to describe a matte of hair trailing down Tarish's wide cheekbones to her curt, bony chin. Its dark, brown and black mixture is allowed to poof about her face except in some small pieces, sectioned off into brightly wrapped braids. Antagonizingly green eyes peer out from beneath her bushy brows and from her light brown skin, glazed on her cheeks by splotchy darker freckles and a large brown mole at the corner of her right eye. Nothing else is very surprising about her; a flat nose, strange tan-lines, and a height and weight nothing but average.
Brown clings stiffly to her form in the shape of a long, leatherbound jacket, that friskily stirs about her legs clothed in a deep shade of tan. Soft, but dirty-looking black hues a high-necked shirt that's tight against her torso, which is tucked into her pants and belted over in black wherhide. Black also tints the thigh-high boots she always wears, dirty from sole to knee in dirt, soil, and herdbeast blood.



While her heritage is rather unsure, Tarish's father, Shadis, often spoke of days long past where he was raised in Southern Boll, the child of a prospective trader; but alas, the family never did very well. To make matters even worse, he voiced his wish to handfast to a drudge of the Hold, who already was bearing his child. When the woman gave birth, the lack of proper care led to a very short death, leaving Shadis and his daughter behind.

From the shame of his family, when the child was able, Shadis left, but was unable to find a holding for himself and his daughter. Over time, growing increasingly desperate, he traveled with various caravans over the Northern Continent. After several turns, he made the decision to travel South; unfortunately, Tarish did not share his sentiment, and, at the age of 11 Turns, set out on her own.

From thenceforth, she began to scuttle from place to place, becoming invisible to most, and only associating with the lowliest of sorts. By the age of 16, she was a profitable gambler, and pocketed many marks from runnerbeast races and the like; this also forced her to keep on her toes, being unliked by many, and liked by few to none.

By the age of 19, she became a cunning little twerp. Her goal, to con as much as she can off of the simple-minded, or at least make fun by amusing herself with causing chaos in the local population before being on her way again. She was always on the road, but occasionally settled at a holding for a month or two before moving on.

Thus, she happened upon Fort Weyr in time for a standing clutch. Reluctant, but curious, she Stood, and however strangely, Impressed the Terror of the Seas gold Seviadith, her true pirate queen, partner in crime. Over Turns, she developed from a bucking mad, reluctant leader, into a resourceful, cunning entrepreneur who's gambling skills came into wonderful skill in her 'diplomatic relations'.

But when Elara suffered an accident and was forced to step down, and Kadesh shortly after, the knot fell to Tarish. At first unwilling, she suddenly came to realize the full power of the Weyrwoman knot. Unknowingly behind her Weyrleader Vi'leko's back, the goldrider began to ensure the Weyr's sudden wealth through smuggling rings of craft stock from nearby crafthalls. Over months, her junior weyrwoman, Kessa, noticed the plot, and attempted to foil it.

But before Tarish could be called to trial, the woman disappeared, along with all the others arrested for their crimes against the Fort area. Since, the woman has been a running fugitive, only kept hidden by the subtle tactics of her fiery gold, and those renegade folk willing to take her in for short times to keep her existence discreet.

However, many are suspicious of the occasional appearance of a dark, cloaked woman sighted in Fort's pubs over the past few Turns, raising question if, in reality, the weyrwoman ever really left… Or if she's still stalking the Weyr, trying to take back what she feels is rightfully hers.



Imagine a compassionate, caring, humble person with innocence that could paint a weyr white.
This is the exact opposite of Tarish.

While she doesn't know it herself, a good strain of Bitran blood runs in her veins, and it greatly influences her personality. Give her ten marks, and she'll have a hundred by the end of the sevenday.. At the expense of anyone that doesn't take her seriously. In short, she's an amazing gambler, and you won't catch her missing a good deal anywhere.

But, aside from her money-making skills, Tarish is simply a self-sufficient, cunning, carousing little bundle of annoyance. She's incredibly indepedent, and hates being told what to do. Even if it's against better judgement, if she wants to do it.. She'll do it.

She's sneaky; she'd give a master harper a run for his money when it comes to getting into odd places and finding out what she wants to know. Not only can she blend in with surrounding people, but she has a great talent for pretending. So, telling that she's lying? Put it this way; she's a queen of bluffing.

As well, she's a meddler. She loves messing with people's heads, embaressing them, scaring them, or just plain influencing people in the way she pleases. Typically, it's one of her few forms of amusement.

As for relationships? Tarish is heterosexual, but hardly ever enters sexual activity unless it somehow benefits herself. She has never been in-love, and doesn't believe capable of it; she doesn't have enough capacity to care about anyone but herself.. Right?


Name Relation Location Position
Shadis Father Unknown Wandering Trader
Unknown (Deceased) Mother Southern Boll Drudge



brown Twit
Many shades of brown glisten and change hue across this firelizard's hide, catching the light and reflecting it back. Sleek and shiny, he is banded across his wings, meandering threads of darker brown wandering along at random intervals to intertwine and depart from others.

green Lump
She may be of average size, but this little green lady packs a wild kick and makes it known she's anything but your average splash of refreshment. Her color is the vivid brazen green of a fresh summer lime, twisted with vivid flecks of lemon and orange, adding an extra zest to her brilliant hide and a sharp kick of tangy and sweet to the wild-eyed girl. The ridges running down her spine seem rolled in a quick coating of glossy, glittering salt, the granules evident against the hide and giving the smooth, liquid consistency of her body a bit of grit and sass - as if she didn't appear to have enough already.



gold Seviadith
Bronze shadows darken the already deep shades of this golden dragon and make this already small gold appear even smaller. An illusion, to be sure, and a deceiving one as well. For at first glance she may seem fragile, but in truth she's as limber and lithe as a young boy, giving her a look that is more masculine in appearance than feminine and one might almost mistake her for a bronze. Her shadings give her a wild look; a dark patch falls across an eye, and tendrils dance down her neck like wind blown hair. Her wings are like billowing sails, while her face holds a keenness that can cut to the quick, with the snarl that seems to be a permanent fixture upon her lips. Her eyes are tilted in such a way that she seems to glare, with glints that seem to speak of dire secrets. Her tail is almost like a saber to her, whip-like and likely to be slashed at an unwitting foe.

About Seviadith's neck sit straps of crudely coloring hide, but the stretching and binding of such are safe enough to ride. A large pouch of darkened brown hangs off to one side, filled with odds and ends — Sevi's sunken treasure, yarr.

Seviadith's Inspirtation