Quick Notes

Tamsyn's voice is modeled after Julie Andrew's wonderful one. Listen to a sample of a medley from The Sound of Music & My Fair Lady, or Disney's Wish Upon A Star.



Tamsyn is a full grown woman, reaching just about five and a half feet in height with medium-pale skin. Her face is oval-shaped, though her jaw is square and well formed, her cheekbones also resting lower in her face – about level with the base of her straight nose. Her eyes hold no particular shape underneath minutely arched eyebrows, though her irises are a vibrant peridot green, lighter around the edges with a starburst of darker around her pupils. Her lips – neither full nor thin – are a touch on the wider side. Honey colored hair might be compared to a citrine with its natural variations, her roots and less-seen hair being a muddied brown, while hair constantly exposed to the sun obtain natural highlights, paling into that rich, honey hue as it drapes to her lower back with only a hint of chin-length bangs. Her figure is trim though not necessarily slim, with flowing curves to her shoulders, bust, waist and hips.

Traditional could define her clothing. As a base layer, she wears an off white chemise. Instead of being scoop-necked like most, it has a deep keyhole-neck cut to it, with trumpet sleeves and a long, semi-full skirt. Over that she wears a laced up peasant-vest of harper blue with capped sleeves sticking out over her shoulders, and a full-bodied skirt made out of black material. A black belt is tied around the top of her hips, the free end left dangling to thigh-level. Her foot wear is a simple, well-loved pair of knee-high black wherhide boots.


Nestled in the middle of the Great Western Mountain Range – just north of Ruatha Hold itself – there exists a small place by the name of Plateau Hold.

In the middle of fall, turn of 2664, Tamsyn was born to the new mother Isynthe and the first-time father Tamhas. As tends to be the case in small, close-knit communities, Tamsyn was raised communally with the rest of the children as soon as her swaddling and nursing time were over. She knew who her parents were, though besides for the occasionally disciplining or turnday present, she rarely had much to do with them; though it is not to say that she wasn’t loved by them. She is the eldest of her siblings, having a sister four turns younger, a brother nine turns younger, and another brother thirteen turns younger.

Plateau Hold was a small, relatively self-sufficient place. The couple bred a small work force of child labor, while able bodies tended to their everyday needs from fishing in the local river to tending the livestock and what land that would take to crops. The bit of time that was not devoted to work – or if the work left one’s mind free – was time for play, be it games of sport or intellect.

Tamsyn was of the small group that amused themselves with the poor Harper Journeyman assigned to the middle of Nowhere – though he did manage to leave (for assumedly a second posting) for a month or two at a time half-turn. Tamsyn and her group more often than not produced the evening’s entertainment after dinner, with the Teaching Ballads (of new and Old), badly performed music on makeshift instruments, and barely rehearsed skits from their imagination. Though by far, Tamsyn was one of the best. Especially with her born gift of perfect pitch and a certain smattering of natural charisma. And with that in mind, it was decided that at the age of thirteen, she should be sent to the Harper Hall near Fort Hold to further her skills as an apprentice.

At first Tamsyn was shy and almost recluse at the Harper Hall, finding it much more populated than she was used to at Plateau Hold. However, that didn’t last overly long as she found her classes exhausting, and other apprentices as similarly incline as her. She made friends readily enough at the hall, with anyone of the mind to be her friend in return.

As is the course for apprentices, she was asked to choose three areas of study to specialize in. Tamsyn found herself drawn to voice, theatrics, and instrument playing. Over the turns, she found herself participating in many low-key performances, as well as the occasional Gather piece. Her perfect pitch was even improved upon, and she found herself falling into the Mezzo Soprano range, though constantly she could be found doing scales; carefully pushing her range as far as it would go. Her theatrical talents have secured her a role or two of lead parts in small plays, while her instrumental skills have been honed to a passable level.

And so, it was with the improvement of those three skill sets, that Tamsyn found herself walking the tables one night at the communal dinner – one aspect of her life that has never changed – to the rank of Junior Journeywoman a few months past her 19 turnday. She started to teach basic classes to apprentices of theatrics; a class which usually ended with a few of the apprentices giggling, or at least grinning. Two turns later, she once again found herself walking the tables at dinner, to the rank of full Journeywoman.


Name Relation Location Position
Isynthe Mother Plateau Hold Resident/Worker
Tamhas Father Plateau Hold Resident/Worker
Multiple Younger Siblings


Bronze Maestro
This long, lanky bronze holds himself stiffly. Every inch of him makes it obvious that he's the captain of the ship, even when there's no ship around. From his over-long tail to the tapered wings that give him staying power in the skies, he's a gorgeous fellow. Solidly muscled, his hide is a gleaming, even mid-bronze color, dappled on knees and headknobs with shadows of antiqued bronze. The tilt of his eyes makes him look wise and old beyond his years, though that only adds to his appeal.

Green Dolce
The smooth colors of greenfruits and melons smoosh and meld together, darker on top and oozing down her sides like an oily film. Her whole build screams of strength, but physically she's lean and dainty. Her head seems to always cant at just the right cute, lovable angle. Her headknobs sweep back just right, with a little bit of curl on the end. But where most greens are lithe and sexy, this one is purely cute. Her nose is a little shorter, her eyes larger. And the very tip of her nose has a little darker smudge that just never cleans of.

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