Sex Female
Age 13
Craft Harper
Rank Apprentice
Location Fort Weyr
Harper Hall
Birthplace Landing
Casting Call Chloe Grace Moretz


Taimri is only barely not a 'brat, and time has yet to shape her into the woman she'll become — for now, well, she hasn't figured out whether or not she's going to be tall, her figure is barely blossoming, and while the last vestiges of baby fat are melting away, it remains to be seen whether she'll end up stocky, willowy, curvaceous, or athletic. The only certainties are that her eyes are blue, her skin fair, her nose a delicate button, her dimples symmetrical, her smile winsome, and her hair a dirty-blonde tangle of waves that stretch below her shoulders — well, for now, at least, given that hair, too, has a tendency to change color with time.

Her clothing looks like it started out much nicer; neat pants and a long flowing tunic that have both managed to gain a few haphazard holes and tears, with the cuff of her pants all torn up from bootheels stepping on them.


Unlike most of her relatives, Taimri has lived most of her life an only child. She was the child of married parents at Landing at first, but their marriage disintegrated before Taimri can really remember. At this point, she is the content child of parents who never speak to each other, and while she never sees her father, his brother keeps in touch with her.

Several turns after her parents' divorce, Journeyman Healer Mirinda took Taimri with her to her new posting as Weyrhealer of Fort Weyr; Taimri celebrated her sixth turnday there as one of her earliest memories of Fort. She was considerably less lonely as one of a horde of weyrbrats, even if she looked so little like her mother in coloring (but much like a couple of aunts on her mother's side, as well as her aforementioned father's brother) people occasionally had trouble placing her.

A couple of months into being thirteen, the decision of what she was going to do with her life was finally (to some extent, or at least for now) made, and she persuaded one of the Weyr's Journeyman Harpers to sponsor her as an apprentice. Now she officially lives at Harper Hall, but you're just as likely to find her at Fort Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Mirinda Mother Fort Weyr Weyrhealer
Tasirn Father Ista Island Journeyman Healer
Ai'rys Uncle Ista Weyr Bluerider


Title OOC Date Cast
Cave-in: The Inside Perspective December 20, 2016 I'rly, Jet, Syn, Taimri, Thys, V'sri, X'fyr



Handsome he may not be, but he is large and he is quick, even if he does look as if his snout has been broken one too many times. With enormous paws, a slightly stubby tail and narrowed eyes, it's actually a surprise that most of the rest of his features are somewhat delicate, with wings that are just big enough to carry him, fine talons and elegant sails and spars.