Standing at a height of 5'8", this young woman is composed of somewhat awkward limbs. Long legs, long torso, and long arms are the general making of her height. However, she is not so awkwardly to where these limbs are frail but she is muscular and well-built for a young woman of her age. Additionally, she has long brown hair that is often tied back in a braid, keeping it from her face at all times. Her eyes are brown and her lips are colored a soft pink, they are not full nor do they stand out in any shape or form. Her nose is one of her more prominent features, standing out for the fact that it is a little more large and round. Her brows are the other part that draws the most attention as they are particularly thick, but, well groomed.

The young woman wears rather fitting clothes, tailored to her size rather than something that was handed down. They aren't, however, stylish but simply meant to be worn. She wears mostly pants and fitted tops with occasional vests that serve a purpose in holding additional things.


Taegan can't say where she was born, only that she was born somewhere. Her family doesn't much talk about their roots or where they were from but it is safe to assume that they were likely from some Hold from the way her mother tried to raise her daughters. At least, she had tried to raise them a certain way before they settled down in Fort Weyr.

Fort is where Taegan has spent a majority of her life and she can't say she knows any other home. Uneventful, that is how she would describe her growing up and that she lived quite normally despite the fact that she spent most of her time observing the guards and their lifestyle, even coming to train with them until her family took off to another Hold settlement in the Fort area. It was there that her semi-formal guard training began and was short lived as her parents again moved to another hold. The politics of their moving had been lost on the young woman, and still remains unknown to her.

It was later that she decided to return to Fort Weyr, without her family, to pursue becoming a guard once again.


Name Relation Location Position
Gandan Father Fort Region Worker
Tarenee Mother Fort Region Worker
Various Siblings Siblings Fort Region Various




Title OOC Date Cast
Fresh Meat Janurary 11, 2013 Hotaru, Taegan, Yurolt
Utterly Blatant Secret Mission January 19, 2013 Gershel, Kazulen, Taegan, Unevyr (NPC), Yurolt
Find A Hobby April 17, 2013 Rayathess, Taegan