Nickname Skye
Email moc.liamg|nreprelyks#moc.liamg|nreprelyks
Sex Male
Position Fort Weyr Candiate
Craft Beast Craft
Rank Apprentice
Speciality Herdbeasts
Birthplace Keogh Hold
Home Fort Weyr
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Dirty Blonde



Shades and tints of golds, browns, reds and even a few hints of pale blond are all intertwined together in a mass of hair that might be considered pretty by some, however, the hacked nature of his hair leaves it sticking out at various angles. No amount of hacking can hide the nature of his eyes though. Large and almost soulful, the deep gray eyes are surrounded by long and luxurious lashes. The pixie nature of his face certainly adds to an almost girlish look with his small nose and what many might call rosebud lips.

He's not a large lad, being quite short and quite skinny as well. Arms and legs that hardly look like they belong to the rest of him, give him a kind of gangly look that doesn't quite match the pretty nature of his face. His body has that all knees and elbows look. Though his feet are almost dainty looking in shape and size.


- Keogh Hold -

It was late at night when Skyler entered into an already crowded world. Well, at least an already crowded cothold. With eight siblings, six brother and two sisters, ahead of him, there really wasn't a lot of space. Not that anyone really seemed to mind. When he was still a baby, his youngest sister and the last was born. From the time she was born, they were very close. She always slept the best when laid down with him, and so they grew up as close as twins. There was a lot of love in the family, and though learning was haphazard, it was fairly well-rounded. This was mainly due to the fact that Uncle Alder was a harper. Retired perhaps from the mainstream, but a Harper nonetheless. Aunt Genni, his father's sister, was also staying with them. She had moved in her husband, Yeshinal, decided that it was a bright idea to walk home after drinking one night. In a blizzard. That didn't work out real well. So all in all, most of the kids spent the majority of the day outside. Whether it be play, working, or lessons. Much of it was done in th open.
As he grew older, he started to follow along with his brothers and they all helped out their Da as he fed the herdbeasts out in the fields or helped to drive them back in to the pens. Whatever needed to be done, it was done. It wasn't always easy, but with all the extra hands it would go quickly. There were some Turns when food was scarce, but there was always something. Mother saw to that. During lean times, she and Genni would weave more fabric to sell, and spend much of the winter's embroidering it.
He showed an aptitude for working with the herdbeasts, especially in gaining their trust. So his parents decided that he should be apprenticed into the Beastcraft to learn specialized training so that he could return to the hold and help Honsforth who was getting on in years and was looking to retire. Skyler really wasn't ever asked for his opinion on the matter, but his upbringing and taught him to respect his family, and that they knew what was best for him. Even if he thought differently.



Skyler has longed to find his own path, but never really gave it much thought because of the conditioning of his parents. But the couple of times riding on a dragon planted the seed of a dream. He loved the heights from up high, the view of the world it gave him. It showed, in a more practical way how big the world his, and how small his focus has been.

So, though he's not entirely sure what he wants to do, he's starting to open up to the thought of being his own person in a world that's much larger than the one of his parents choosing. He's starting to think that maybe there is something more out there. Something more than herdbeasts. Something more. What? Who knows. But it's there.


Name Relation Location Position
Alder Uncle Keogh Hold Retired Harper - Master
Jasper Father Keogh Hold Herdbeast Driver
Coril Mother Keogh Hold Weaver - Journeyman
Gennie Aunt Keogh Hold Gardner
Thompsal Brother Keogh Hold Herdbeast Handler
Garailman Brother Keogh Hold Wrangler
Cyndal Sister High Reaches Hold Healer - Journeyman
Caris Brother Harper Hall Harper - Journeyman
Ishtal Brother Keogh Hold Gardner
Mishial Sister Weaver Hall Weaver - Apprentice
Kessal Brother Keogh Hold Stablehand
Jasoril Brother Keogh Hold Stablehand
Amberyl Sister Keogh Hold Child


Title OOC Date Cast
Nine versus Forty (Kayeth Clutches) May 11, 2014 Abigail, Brennan, Hazelon, Inri, Kera, Kimmila, Kyzen (NPC), Nyalle, Ravyal, Skyler, Th'ero, Therynn, Kayeth, Velokraeth
Clutching Feast May 11, 2014 Abigail, Brennan, Cyrus, Hazelon, Kera, Kimmila, Kyzen (NPC), Nyalle, Ravyal, Skyler, Th'ero
Can We Keep Him? (Skyler is Searched) May 12, 2014 Kimmila, Kyzen (NPC), Miyan, Skyler, Varmiroth
Choices May 13, 2014 Cyrus, Skyler
From Bark to Bodies May 16, 2014 Amethyst, Braln (NPC - Amethyst), Hazelon, Lila (NPC - Amethyst), Mr'az (NPC - Th'ero), Nyalle, Ravyal, Skyler, Therynn
Just Another Day in the Weyr May 17, 2014 Cyrus, Ezra, Laurali, Skyler
Trapping Triathlon May 18, 2014 Therynn, Brennan, Abigail, Kimmila, Th'ero, Feyran, Sairon, Cyrus, Skyler, Kiena (NPC-Th'ero) Judges: Mahlia, Quorel, Tradal (NPC-Therynn)
Short 'n Sweet (Egg Touching) May 19, 2014 Cyrus, Nyalle, Skyler, Therynn, Th'ero, Kayeth, Velokraeth
Crossed Paths May 21, 2014 Amethyst, Cyrus, Eliana and Ezsrisa (NPC), Kera, Kiena, Ravyal, Sairon, Skyler
Flying the Storm May 28, 2014 Kyzen (NPC - Th'ero), Sharaza (NPC - Nyalle), Skyler
A Camping They Will Go May 29, 2014 Cyrus, Hazelon, Kimmila, Kyzen, Ravyal, Sairon, Skyler, Th'ero, Therynn
Exploring the Weyr (Vignette) June 02, 2014 Skyler
Tempers Fray June 2, 2014 Cyrus, Skyler
A Letter to Amberyl (Vignette) June 2, 2014 Skyler
Kayeth's and Velokraeth's Clutch Hatches (aka: Liquid Pride) June 08, 2014 Amethyst, Brennan, Cyrus, D'ani, F'rari (npc'd by Inri), Hazelon, Nyalle, Ravyal, Sairon, Skyler, Th'ero, Therynn
The Newly Minted Weyrlings June 9, 2014 Br'enn, C'rus, Ha'ze, Rynn, R'yal, S'ai, Sk'ler, Thys, Tovihasuth, Jaicoureth, Kainaesyth, Mazzolyth, Livanyth, Zeruth, Ciesoveth, Rhenesath
Reboot June 9, 2014 C'rus, Jaicoureth, Sk'ler, Ciesoveth
All About Trust June 10, 2014 Abigail, C'rus, Ha'ze, M'icha (NPC), R'yal, Rynn, S'ai, Sk'ler


Egyptian Goddess of the Sky Green Nut

Clouds Cover Over Me Blue Mixcoatl
Sunlight glints upon each azure ridge and knob defining the cheerful countenance of this blue - but that narrow, inquisitive face is the only part of him touched by the light. Dark skies fall down to shadow the remainder of this lithe, limber fellow in the dusky blue of the heavens seen through evening rain, somber hues pooling in midnight puddles at obsidian-taloned paws and upon the underside of a concave belly and thin, whip-like tail. Still, there is an understated grace to each line and curve obscured by stormcloud adumbration, the silver-blue sheen of rain limning the subtle definition of each muscle and gleaming dully upon the backs of wide wingsails outstretched.


Challenge the Storms Blue Ciesoveth

Subtlety. The muddled, almost muddied blue of this dragon's hide makes him one that would blend in with either sea or sky, vanishing without a trace unless he wished to be found. A bit boxy shaped for his color, he seems to have inherited just a tad of his sire's looks in the slightly uneven shape to his face, one side a bit higher than the other to give him a tilted look, and prominent eyeridges. His coloration is muted shades of blue swirling and overlapping in graceful waves, though sometimes the mix of colors ends up more muddied than complimentary. The swirls give his hide the appearance of having texture, despite being smooth, and stare at it long enough and you're bound to notice shapes within, interesting little hidden pictures to be explored. Hints of blue-green like the arc of tropical waves are splashed here and there across his mottled hide, especially pooling between his shoulders and along the sweep of his belly. Forelegs are a bit shorter than average, which will give him advantage in the sky but make it a bit awkward for him to walk on the ground, his talons black and razor sharp.

His wings are broad and long, gracefully tapered with sails just thick enough to be perfect for catching drafts and gliding for an eternity. Here his color brightens, colors of the sea fading to pale steel blue and splashed with near-white foam. Bands of color arc down, tracing the contours of his wingarms and fingers, ghostly curves of darker blue that bend and curve between bone and sail as if to enhance and strengthen the structure of his wings.