Dragon Jysaiozetth
Wing Coatyl (Weyrling)
Firelizards Dacote
Craft Beastcrafter
Rank Senior Apprentice
Specialty Hunting Canines
Mentor Master Takk
Posting Fort Weyr
Age 18
Birth Place Eastern Weyr
Significant Other(s) N/A
OOC Casting Call Ashley Greene


From the slight jut of her rounded chin to the spread stance of her feet, Siobhan's stature screams spunkiness. Her porcelaine-pale features are accented by the challenging blue-green scrunch of her eyes and the light pink plush of curved lips, with high-arching brows and a gently upturned nose rounding out her overall look of arrogance. Shoulder-length brown hair flies loose as it will, knotted with curls one day and nearly-straight the next with a mind that must be its own. The only part of her that really seems soft are the curves of her body, which she carries with the air of a young woman that knows what they are and has decided she just doesn't care.

This is often emphasized in her choice of clothing. While Siobhan is no stranger to slinky dresses and hip-hugging skirts, she often opts for loose, comfortable tunics that she can move and work in. Her pants are made of a tougher material that clings closer to her legs than she is sometimes comfortable with, but they tuck neatly into dark wherhide boots and easily bear the weight of her pouch-laden belt. It is easy to tell when she's been at her craft, for her casual attire is dressed up by a vest of a heavy, decorated fabric, and her left wrist is bound by a tough cuff of leather to protect her arm from sharp claws. Now that winter has set in, Sio often adds a heavy, dark coat to her attire whenever she's out of doors, and upon it or the shoulder of her shirt, she always has the white-stranded brown and black Fort knot that marks her as a candidate.

OOC Note: Though she trains canines, she does so in conjunction with her mentor, who raises and trains Gryphhawks. In the event of emergency, she may have to call the avian in, so she always wears the cuff just in case.


Siobhan's history is far from tragic or dramatic; the fact that she rarely talks about it hints that it was even quite plain and boring at times. Born to a pair of journeyman beastcrafters posted at Eastern Weyr, Sio should have thought it inevitable that she'd end up adopting her parent's profession from a young age. They were always taking her out on their jobs instead of leaving her with the nannies, giving her a blanket and a set of wooden toys to entertain her while her father tended the weyr's flock of herdbeasts, or her mother teaching her to speak while simultaneously training hawks that would later be sold to nearby cotholds and the larger holds for hunting. As she aged, Siobhan began to pick up the basic commands for each task, and at the ripe old age of six could be found giggling and bouncing up and down in a field misdirecting her father's dogs so that the caprines ran willy-nilly across the field (something her father appreciated very little).

Her parents will claim that she's never stopped being mischievous since. Taking time away only to complete harper lessons, Sio ignored all protests and hints to try different crafts in order to raise canines, so that she could command them to herd like her father's dogs or hunt like her mother's birds. It was tough going at first, especially because she was given no leeway as an apprentice when it was her training /and/ her family's professions on the line, but the more Sio fell into the pattern of living with the dogs and learning their capabilities, the more she settled into herself and her craft. Around sixteen years of age, however, it became apparent that there was little more Siobhan could learn at Eastern. After moving to the main Beastcraft Hall, she would spend the ensuing two years under tutelage of a master crafter, picking up tricks of the trade and creating a bond between hunters and human that she still has today with her sleek brown-black canine, Jex. While she would have been just fine remaining at the crafthall, when her mentor put in a transfer to Fort Weyr to raise and sell hunting Gryphhawks, Sio felt inclined to follow rather than have to find another master to train… under. Train under. Of course.


Name Relation Location Position Age NPC/Adoptable
Belasio Father Eastern Weyr Journeyman Beastcrafter +25 Yes/Yes
Thaintia Mother Eastern Weyr Journeyman Beastcrafter +23 Yes/Yes
Lisdania Cousin Fort Weyr Seamstress +4 Yes/Yes
Dolman Cousin Fort Weyr Stablehand -1 Yes/Yes
Madana Cousin Harper Hall Apprentice Harper -5 Yes/Yes


Courage in Spirit Blue Jysaiozetth
Stormy skies never dreamt a blue so deep and dark, whose noble lines are toned by muscle, the slightest of movements sending ripples along clouded flanks. Echoes of the inky abyss haunt the shadowed realms beneath his wings, enormous membranes of windswept midnight hue, dotted by tiny, barely glimpsed specks of light, like stars blown across his back and shoulders to flash and shimmer and disappear, motes of brightness swallowed in the impenetrable darkness of his hide. Large for his color, and built more solidly than most, this dragon nevertheless carries himself with a sense of grace, a sort of quiet dignity present in every twitch or subtle shift, seeming fluid, as if almost deliberate. Neither clumsy bulk nor clunky angles mar his form, this fellow clearly cut from a somewhat sleeker mold. Like a carefully coiled spring, there's waiting potential in the strength evident from the smallest black-taloned toe to the sweeping length of his tail. The regal curve of his neck is touched below by the faintest tint of charcoal upon the blue, washed down along his chest and belly, and up across the underside of his jaw. There's even a hint of it brushed over pronounced headknobs and eye ridges, the latter set close above faceted orbs.


Big Furious Guy Blue Dacote
Big and bulky, this guy is all muscle and hard edges, with a burly barrel chest and strong, sturdy legs. Every movement is a ripple of raw power, from the arch of his thick neck to the pinions of his huge, perhaps somewhat oversized wings. The membranes are steel-blue, fading into a greyer, duller hue at the tips, while the undersides and joints bear faint, almost rust-like patches. His entire body is a more or less grimy-looking, stormy sky color that darkens considerably across his tail and snout. The only bit of brightness, almost electric in its vividness, is at the tip of his nose, a streak of pure, blazing cerulean. Wide nostrils seem perpetually flared, and short, chunky knobs barely stick out from his blocky head, muzzle blunt with a well-defined jaw. His claws are black as midnight, curved and sharp. The firelizard is large for his color, built big and tough, with a menacing slant to his eyeridges and a no-nonsense set to the line of his back.

Canine Jex
Uhm… He's black, mottled with dark ground, and endlessly patient as the sea. That's… about all I've determined. ;)