Portrayed By Tyler Posey
Gender Male
Aliases Shu, Shug, Shuggy
Place of Birth A cothold up north
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Hunter
Status Point n' Shoot *wink*
Theme Song "Stakes" ~Vancouver Sleep Clinic


Of perhaps above average looks, Shugan doesn't really stand out in a crowd with his wide jaw, small mouth and dominating nose. That is, unless he smiles. That boyish grin of his could probably level small cotholds and considering how quick he is to do it, suggests he's clueless. Warm dark brown eyes are hung beneath neat and masculine brows, which have just enough of an arch to them to give give him a few extra points on the attractiveness scale. Thick dark brown hair tops his head, kept short at the back of his neck and somewhat more grown out above. None of it is long enough to ever obscure his sight even when wet.

Shu wears simple homemade clothing rather than anything bought from a weaver or leathercrafter. They are no less sturdy, but a trained eye might notice a few stitches that are just not quite right. There is always a tunic, trousers, belt with various pouches and a pair of calf-high boots. Slung across is body is often a rather subtly ornate and beautifully crafted hunting bow made out of one of the more rarer woods, as well as a full quiver of arrows.


Hunting. It's a way of life and the only way that you can put food on the table when you live in a tiny cothold such as the one that Shugan was born into. It was just his family against the wilds and it was glorious. Naturally adept with a bow, Shu was trained in all the skills necessary that made surviving without technology all the more plausible. They might not have had running water, but they always had food on the table. Among his many bothers, sisters, cousins, second cousins and extended relations there was no need for lying or cheating, everyone had their job to do and they did it well. Not to say that there wasn't the occasional cause or reason why someone didn't pull their own weight, like uncle Fhari who twisted his ankle back in '69 and never did recover. Just one example, of course, but it didn't mean that Uncle Fhari and his ilk weren't taken care of or loved just the same. Family was everything, but sometimes, there comes a time when a young man needs to strike out on his own. Especially if he feel like life is just too comfortable and safe, maybe needs a little danger and excitement. Such a time came for Shugan, and so he packed up what little possessions he owned and made the long trek across the woodlands towards Fort Weyr, where the dragons were more than just blackened blotches across the sky. Shu didn't now what to expect, but if nothing else, it'd be an adventure.


Name Relation Location Position
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Title OOC Date Cast
There's Something About Shu November 27, 2016 Inri, Rulayn, Shugan, V'nyk
Flustered November 28, 2016 Shugan, Sygni, Thys
Not Quite Cupid December 1, 2016 Shugan, Q'll



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