Portrayed By Anna Popplewell
Gender Female
Aliases Nira
Place of Birth Benden Hold
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Weyrling
Status Rider of Green Yschazith


This young woman is taller than average, and her height is accentuated by the slenderness of her build. She is slim and willowy, with only the barest hint of feminine curves visible. Her chestnut-brown hair falls in loose, wavy ringlets to mid-back length, and falls away from an oval-shaped face. The skin of her face is fair and clear, except for a slight dusting of faint cinnamon freckles across high cheekbones and a prominent-but-not-overlarge nose. Dark-brown eyebrows rest over wide-set almond-shaped eyes that are an almost impossibly silver shade of ice-blue. A strong but feminine jawline ends at a dimpled point on her chin. Perhaps her most noticeable feature is her lips—a full, plump and rosy cupid’s bow. She appears to be somewhere around twenty turns of age.

She is currently wearing a pair of tanned wherhide pants that are a dull sepia in color, tight enough that they cling to her body in an effort to give the illusion of feminine curves to counter how straight her figure actually is. A pale-green tunic that is fitted through the waist but loose at the collar and through the sleeves adorns her top. It is embellished along the collar and the bottom with darker green embroidery stitched to resemble a grapevine. On her feet are simple gray slippers that do nothing to soften the heavy plodding steps she takes. From afar this young woman appears slight and graceful, but her actual carriage is surprisingly heavy and clumsy.


Synette and Irand met as newly-made journeyman vintnercrafters when they were each posted to Benden Hold. At first Synette, a Benden native, could not stand the Tillek-born Irand, and almost any interaction between the pair would end in argument. As so often happens, however, animosity eventually gave way to attraction and the pair came together in love and in their craft. They managed to successfully blend the rich and robust grapes native to Benden with the almost sickly-sweet white grapes most common in Tillek to create a smooth new wine all their own. Their union also eventually resulted in three children—two sons and finally a daughter, each roughly three turns apart. The sons followed in their parents' footsteps and joined the vintnercraft, but their youngest child, Senira, proved to have a hopelessy black thumb and no taste for wine.

Since Senira lacked either the ability or the passion to join a craft, she was instead content to serve the beverages her family produced in Benden Hold's tavern. Her youngest brother, Teryn, walked the tables and became a journeyman vintner and was granted a posting at Fort Weyr. Senira decided to shake up her routine by following her brother to his new home and experience weyr life. She spent some time slinging drinks for riders and cavernworkers at Fort Weyr's tavern. One evening, Fort's Weyrleader, Th'ero paid a visit to the tavern, and his Velokraeth asked Senira to stand for Kouzevelth and Kainaesyth's clutch. Senira accepted and after a whirlwind candidacy she impressed her lifemate, the bubbly green Yschazith.


Name Relation Age Location Position
Irand Father 50 Benden Hold Sr.Journeyman Vintner
Synette Mother 55 Benden Hold Sr.Journeyman Vintner
Rannet Brother 25 High Reaches Weyr Jr.Journeyman Vintner
Teryn Brother 22 Fort Weyr Jr.Journeyman Vintner

Teryn is adoptable! Please contact Senira's player if you're interested!


Fate in the Stars Blue Troilus

Dark as the night sky, this big blue is, with silver-spangling to reflect the heavens above across his satiny hide. The arch of his aquiline nose is daubed in stardust, which runs bright along the curve of his neck and onto his wide wings. Cosmos's shimmer brightens his rounded rump, while meteorite dust trails down towards the top of his tail.


Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Cupcaaaaaaaaaakes! Green Yschazith

Sugar-spun sweetness, that's what she is. From her dainty pretty nose to her dusky little toes, this effervescent darling is a spoonful of sugar to cure the world's ills. Apple-blush colours the sculpted features of her delicate face, peppermint freckles sprinkled playfully bright across her rounded cheeks, and dappling the expressive arch above her so-wide eyes. Cresting her slender neck are rose-kissed buttercream 'ridges - too large, some may say, but nevertheless a sinful delight atop the dream-cloud green of her petite body. Her wings are wide, sour punch-spangled across their salt taffy 'sails, each strong spar glistening with the pearly nonpareil that lightens her leading edges. There's a hint of hard candy shine trailing down her spine and tail, while a smudge of colour brightens her rump - three thumbprints of cyan and citrus atop her near-side hip, a stand-out sweet spot to sum up this sugarlump love.



Title OOC Date Cast
No Sour Grapes (Senira is Searched) March 09, 2015 Senira, Th'ero, Teryn (NPC)
Have a Little Break March 12, 2015 Beyrl, R'yal, Senira, Th'ero, Thys
Late Morning Introductions March 21, 2015 Senira, M'icha, various NPCs
Robes versus Loincloths March 24, 2015 Beyrl, Gabriela, Haristal, Lucy, Senira
Fort! Where Men Are Men And The Goats Are Scared March 27, 2015 D'ani, Gabriela, Haristal, Ha'ze, Inri, Senira, Th'ero, Zhirayr
Everyone Dyes In The End March 30, 2015 Alister, Beyrl, Brebain, Lucy, Senira, Tiye (npc by Inri)
Kouzevelth's And Kainaesyth's Eggs Hatch April 01, 2015 Aaron, Alister, Beyrl, Brebain, D'ani, Daralyn, Gabriela, Haristal, Ha'ze, Inri, Kera, Kyzen, Lucy, M'icha, Senira, Thys, Zhirayr, Kainaesyth, Kouzevelth