Gender Male
Age Young Adult
Position Thunderbird Wingsecond (Policing)
Dragon bronze Zeruth
Craft Apprentice TechCrafter
Quote "I promise it's only a mostly crazy idea."
Actor Garrett Hedlund
Theme Song Satisfied by Richard Marx


For sanity, I've broken up S'ai's background into sections.


Sairon is a bit of a confusion when it comes to pinpointing what he's like. On the outside, he's the laid-back sort who's quite content to spend him time gambling in a bar or sitting alone at the top of a mountain. Other times, he's a social chatterbox, gleefully yammering on about something or another with an humor that's both self-deprecating and eerily enlightening sometimes. When something really gets him going, he can become nearly manic in his intensity and adrenaline rushes seem to be his lifeblood. There are those moments where he shows more than just a young man who's admitted he has zero goals in life and no real hurry to find it, showing off someone who's got a keen eye for the soul and likely knows far more than he ever lets on. He's even shown instances where he can actually wage a philosophical debate and even mediate disputes, only to promptly return to acting like a harmless fool with no more intent in life than to find a good adventure and chat with a pretty girl. He's even shown he can hold his own in a fight, even the dirty life and death ones. All in all, it's quite likely he only plays the fool. The question is, why? Avoidance? Or just a desire to be underestimated?


S'ai is a man in his early twenties, just shy of what someone'd consider tall and the overall build of someone who keeps very active but just a bit too solid of build to ever be considered anything less than an average weight. He's Caucasian of skin tone, seasonally tanned by long exposures to the outdoors, albeit it less when his Fortian home is in deep winter. His eyes are a blue with a bit of a grey cast and his hair, platinum in his youth, is more a sandy blonde-brown with the lack of tropical sun to bleach it out. His jawline and mouth show a perpetual scruff bordering on a beard and mustache but never getting there. More likely it's because he's actually forgotten to shave versus an intentional grooming. Expressions come easy to him and there's the marks of often furrowed brows and smiles lines to show for it.

There's scars on the young man, evidence of rough activities and perhaps foul run ins. His nose has a light ridge evident of a bad-healed break or repeated breaks. There's another scar creased over his left brow and several other scraps and bruises. Most distinct is a deep one running vertical down the inner edge of his left forearm that bears old pinprick marks of stitches. It even looks like he took a knife slice across the gut at some point. He's often found in riding gear due to constantly be out, sturdy brown wherhide lines with fleece. Othertimes it's vests or even plain linen shirts and pants. Boots are a must. Regardless, his outerwear is always adorned with the knot and thunderbolt-over-Fort badge of a Fortian Thunderbird wingsecond, the knot threaded with a telltale band of bronze.


Bright copper-bronze flows over the smooth hide of this young dragon, polished to a fine gleam and without a single variance or flaw — or so one would think on first glance. Athletic and lean in build, he is a bronze that is perfected for the strength his color is often known for. Longer in body, limb and tail, he has a slight advantage for speed over some of his stockier kin and he moves with a confident and determined grace. Copper-bronze he may appear, but for those who look closer will see the subtle shifts in hues, barely discernable in most lighting. These discrepancies, merely a slightly brighter shade of copper, trace over the contours of his anatomy, following the natural line of muscle in solid lines and sharp angles, with even the occasional circle lined up over joints, a hand-with or so in size. They start at the base of his jaw, leaving his broad, angular head neck ridges untouched and follow the natural curve of his neck down to his shoulders, down his front legs and along his chest. From there they fade, only to reappear again along his hind legs and tail and when he extends his wide, long and proportionate wings the same fine tracery can be seen along the arms and wing-fingers. Wingsails remain untouched, formed of pure copper-bronze as the rest of his body but paled by the thinner membrane. He shows signs of an injury, scars across his muzzle, left foreleg and shoulder, and off-color patches on his left wing's membranes.

Zeruth has a length of 38.57 meters, and a wingspan of 64.28 meters.


Sun is cold and rain is hard in strange juxtaposition upon this angular, rangy brown, pale light lacking warmth harshly highlighting each neckridge, curve of rib, and leading edge of wing in dull copper while the purest brown of dampened earth sits heavy and immobile in each crease and dip of smooth hide. In between such contrasting colors, the umber hues of desert earth having seldom seen the rain trace faintly crackled patterns connecting copper and brown, mottled and illusive across the sprawl of his rawboned form to make his hide appear dry and weathered in places when, in fact, it is anything but.

Long and lean, this blue firelizard looks more serpent than anything. With his long spine and short limbs he tends to move with a shambling gait in the rare moments he walks, but in the air he moves with a wicked speed and agility. From nose to tail he's the color of an autumn storm - an odd mix of deep navy gray, twilight blue, and even a touch of indigo. When the light hits him right, jagged forks and veins of lighter blue illuminate across his smooth hide like lightning from the sky.