Portrayed By Vanessa Hudgens
Gender Female
Aliases Rynn
Place of Birth Western Weyr
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Brownrider/Huntress
Wing Thunderbird


Evading her slightly feminine features, the gal before you can be summed up in one word: tomboy. Over the past turn or so, the blunt huskiness previously maintained as begun to soften with bits of refinement. Dark brown hair, full of waves, is now more commonly brushed than not and settles just above clavicle. Oval shaped face is accented by an angular jaw and prominent chin that manages to be pointy, yet flat at the same time. High cheekbones run with the zygomatic arch, towards two round apples for cheeks that sit on each side of snub shaped nose. Below are small-ish yet pouty labella, often curled upwards with two tiny dimples accenting her mouth. Lips are naturally stained a vibrant shade of pink, and when tending toward the more androgynous side of her persona, she covers up the tone with a pale hued gloss. Above are deep-set eyes of a dark sable, fragmented by hazel shades of green and gold. They have an exotic shape and are fringed by a thick set of lashes. Complexion is bronzed from many a days in the jungle and overall, she is quite petite, with curves that are no longer hidden by baggy attire.

A fitted sweater-sytle top, dyed a verdant jungle green plunges down decollete with V-necked shape. Sleeves are long, traveling past wrist and cutting off at the palm just below the base of the fingers. To main body of the sweater is also longer in style, still snug and stopping at mid-glute and upper thigh. Tanned wher-hide pants have been lightened to an egg-shell cream and are thicker material to brave Fort's winter weather. They wrap snugly around thin stems of legs, tucking in to tall charcoal colored boots that stop just below the knees and are lined with a grey, white fur from a recent hunt.


The product of a mating flight between two Western riders, Therynn and Cherys know only vaguely of her mother from their childhood quest to have some idea of where they came from. Even at a young age, after all the diapers and such, Thachyel wanted next to nothing to do with the twins born of heightened emotions in the inebriated throes of flight passion. The only thing the girls ever got from her was a cold shoulder and harsh remarks about how she should've fled as quickly as she did when their older brother was born. This lack of motherly love prompted the less than girly appearance of the tomboy known as Therynn. Her sister, on the other hand, despite being an identical twin, is the physical polar opposite and about as feminine as they come. Therynn and Cherys spent most of their childhood joined at the hip and raised by weyr nannies, wondering if they'd ever find their long lost older bro. They were a troublesome duo, which was mostly provoked by Therynn's insatiable desire to explore and track animals until Quorel a well-known hunter took her under his wing to teach her the art of archery and jungle mastery. It was Cherys' 10 minute older mommying tag-a-long capabilities that made her guilty by association, and while the later eventually flourished as a harper, the former revolted from choosing a craft and stuck to the jungles. Therynn could be considered a free spirit for the most part, maybe even slightly unkempt when it comes to appearance and demeanor, much more comfortable on runner back, in nature and hunting than doing something proper like dressing up for a fine dinner and acting like a lady.

In her recent past she was scooped up at Western to stand for one of their clutches. What seemed like a good opportunity to eat food prepared by someone else in an actual kitchen, sleep on a cot with pillows and blankets and use the loo like a proper individual in the latrines proved to be both trying and life changing. And so the evolution of Rynn had begun. It was a perplexing moment, being left on the sands while friends she'd made found their lifemates and a forever bond that would compare to none other. She suddenly felt less inclined to cut herself off from civilization and keep mostly to herself out int he woods, and this strange feeling started to spill over in to a desire to help and want to be around others. When an opportunity to assist at Fort arose, she was compelled and happy to bring her hunting skills to the area, despite the frigid weather which is taking some time to get used to.


Name Relation Location Position
Br'enn Weyrmate Fort Weyr Bronzerider
Thacheyl Mother Western Weyr Greenrider
Cherys Sister Harper Hall Journeyman Harper


Title OOC Date Cast
Western Informant April 17, 2014 Kimmila, Th'ero, Therynn
After all, it /is/ a Weyr! May 02, 2014 Brennan, Nae, Therynn
Is This a Party? May 03, 2014 Amethyst, Brennan, Calaban, Inri, Laurali, Nae, Ravyal, Therynn
Exploring May 04, 2014 Therynn, Brennan
Just Visiting? May 05, 2014 Cyrus, Kimmila, Sairon, Therynn, Th'ero
Ice Skatin' Fool! May 03, 2014 Therynn, Calaban, Brennan, Nae
A Question Revisited (*Mature Content*) May 06, 2014 Brennan, Therynn
Studies, Invites and... Recruits? May 06, 2014 Amethyst, Cyrus, Kimmila, Therynn, Th'ero, Abigail
On Life and Other Things May 08, 2014 Borodin, Cyrus, Tifla, Therynn
Nine versus Forty (Kayeth Clutches) May 11, 2014 Abigail, Brennan, Hazelon, Inri, Kera, Kimmila, Kyzen (NPC), Nyalle, Ravyal, Skyler, Th'ero, Therynn, Kayeth, Velokraeth
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood May 11, 2014 Tifla, Therynn, Brennan
Aesthetic Eggs May 11, 2014 Amethyst, Nyalle, Therynn
Romance and Thieves May 15, 2014 Amethyst, Brennan, Cyrus, Therynn
Philosophizing May 15, 2014 Cyrus, Therynn
Fame! I'm gonna live 4eva! May 15, 2014 Borodin, Brennan, Therynn
From Bark to Bodies May 16, 2014 Amethyst, Braln (NPC - Amethyst), Hazelon, Lila (NPC - Amethyst), Mr'az (NPC - Th'ero), Nyalle, Ravyal, Skyler, Therynn
Boots (Therynn and Brennan Are Searched) May 16, 2014 Kimmila, Therynn, Kiena, Brennan
Trapping Triathlon May 18, 2014 Therynn, Brennan, Abigail, Kimmila, Th'ero, Feyran, Sairon, Cyrus, Skyler, Kiena (NPC-Th'ero) Judges: Mahlia, Quorel, Tradal (NPC-Therynn)
Short 'n Sweet (Egg Touching) May 19, 2014 Cyrus, Nyalle, Skyler, Therynn, Th'ero, Kayeth, Velokraeth
Used to the Nothingness May 21, 2014 Therynn, Brennan, Nae
Just a Little One (Egg Touching) May 22, 2014 Amethyst, Nyalle, Th'ero, Therynn, Ciannah (NPC), Farrell (NPC)
What's it Like? May 22, 2104 Anique, Therynn
Meeting in the Bowl May 24, 2014 Amethyst, Cyrus, Kera, Nyalle, Therynn
A Camping They Will Go May 29, 2014 Cyrus, Hazelon, Kimmila, Kyzen, Ravyal, Sairon, Skyler, Th'ero, Therynn
Unfortunate Midnight Rendezvous June 01, 2014 Abigail, Brennan, D'ani Hazelon, Kimmila, Ravyal, Sairon, Th'ero, Therynn, Ustrr and Various NPCs
Fallout and Friendship(?) June 2, 2014 Brennan, Ravyal, Cyrus, Anique, Therynn
Turning a New Leaf June 03, 2014 Kimmila, Therynn
Hardening of the Heart June 04, 2014 Hazelon, Therynn
Is Xanadu Cursed? June 4, 2014 Amethyst, Cyrus, Sairon, Therynn
Just Beyond This Archway (Vignette) June 05, 2014 Therynn
Ain't No Rest for the Wicked June 05, 2104 Cyrus, Therynn
Shake Your... June 06, 2014 Borodin, D'ani, Ravyal, Therynn
The Rule-Abiding Zone June 07, 2014 Brennan, Nyalle, Therynn
Kayeth's and Velokraeth's Clutch Hatches (aka: Liquid Pride) June 08, 2014 Amethyst, Brennan, Cyrus, D'ani, F'rari (npc'd by Inri), Hazelon, Nyalle, Ravyal, Sairon, Skyler, Th'ero, Therynn
The Newly Minted Weyrlings June 9, 2014 Br'enn, C'rus, Ha'ze, Rynn, R'yal, S'ai, Sk'ler, Thys, Tovihasuth, Jaicoureth, Kainaesyth, Mazzolyth, Livanyth, Zeruth, Ciesoveth, Rhenesath
All About Trust June 10, 2014 Abigail, C'rus, Ha'ze, M'icha (NPC), R'yal, Rynn, S'ai, Sk'ler
Wishes and Stars June 13, 2014 C'rus, R'yal, Ralik, Rynn, Thys
Three of a Kind June 17, 2014 C'rus, Br'enn, Rynn
Muddled June 22, 2014 Rynn, Mazzolyth, Nae, Kaiath, Br'enn, Tovihasuth
Thoughts Revealed July 01, 2014 Br'enn, Rynn
The Weyrlings' Dinner Dance July 28, 2014 Abigail, Alister, Br'enn, C'rus, D'ani, Ha'ze, Inri, Kera, Kimmila, Mr'az, Mirinda, Nyalle, R'yal, Ralik, Rynn, Th'ero, Thys, Zhirayr
Fort's Hunting Goes South August 08, 2014 Abigail, Br'enn, C'rus, D'ani, Nyalle, Mr'az, Rynn, Thys, Dremkoth, Kayeth, Mazzolyth, Niumdreoth, Tovihasuth, Zhirazoth, Zuvaleyuth
Muddy Mischief August 10, 2014 Br'enn, Tovihasuth, C'rus, Tovihasuth, Rynn, Mazzolyth
A Rough Reunion August 25, 2014 Rynn, Br'enn
A Good Time for Beginnings September 25, 2014 Br'enn, Rynn
An Evening in Shenanigan's September 26, 2014 K'drozen, Rynn, Thys
Late Night Reunion October 17, 2014 Ha'ze, Rynn, Br'enn
Quiet by the Ocean November 10, 2014 Haze, Rynn, C'rus


If ever there were a Fur Beast of a firelizard, this brownie would be it. In Earth terminology, he is nothing short of monkey like. A froth of champagne tinged brown bubbles across snout towards headknobs, frilled and spiked as if it were tufts of hair fringed about facial features. His stance is rather ape-ish too, wide set on his haunches and stocky all around. Large wedged head toils the light colors from snout and muddles them in to a rich mahogany color that is offset by swirling, luminescent eyes. These dark sable shades spill down short neck, where tints of gold and abalone wash over back side to wingsails. The accent of rum tones lines the leading edges to spars, and it is only due to unmistakably large wings that one discerns he is indeed a firelizard. The rest of him is large, round and brown, shades of chocolate and klah flowing over rotund tummy, down hind quarters and deepening in to a muddy coal towards spaded tail tip. The same murky tones gleam as mired accents of sharp talons that clamor about in a very non-human primate like manner.

While no hulking green bohemoth, this little 'beauty' still commands a respectable size for her gender with bulk and brawn enough to take down certainly a wayward blue - maybe even the rowdiest of bronzes, if she puts her heart to it. She'll certainly not win by seduction, that's for sure; her washed-out straw-green is a sickly sort of shade, which does nothing to mask the broadness of her flat face. In fact, her crooked, humped nose and bulging eyes are likely brought even more to the fore by the sapphire freckles that mottled around them. There'll be no prizes won by her smile, either, as this lady's teeth are crooked - and missing, in the case of two. The same story continues along her length, with a neck that's too short to carry her testosterone-pumped thickness, muscles making limbs too heavy for her should-be dainty frame, and wings that look weak in comparison to her adopted warrior's figure.