Portrayed By Ollie Edwards
Gender Male
Aliases Russ
Place of Birth Fort Weyr
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Guard Sergeant


Neither bulky nor slim, Russall's build is a pleasant, athletic in-between; he's got muscles in the right places and is clearly a worker, but he's also lean and lithe. His eyes are a clear, bright blue and his hair is a coppery shade that falls somewhere between blonde and brown, depending on the season and the light - summer accents it with lighter streaks, which fade in winter. He's around 6'2 when all's said and done, pleasingly proportioned from head to toe and with a complexion that's tanned by Rukbat's rays.


Russall was born in Fort Weyr's lower caverns, to a Weaver mother and a cook father. He grew up as all Weyr-born children do, learning from the Harpers and trying to figure out his place once he was of an apprenticeship age. Persuasion from his mother saw him dabble in the Weavercraft, but it didn't take long to realise that just wasn't his thing; fabric and threads and stitching? No thanks! What he did find, though, was that he was interested in the tricks of a Holdless entertainer that he saw while at the Weaver Hall, and he soon became fascinated with trying to emulate them.

After several turns of dossing around in Fort's lower caverns and helping out where and when required (while working on his magic tricks - no, illusions!), Russall finally found a spot where he thought he might fit in: as a guard recruit.


Name Relation Location Position
Sallaya Mother Fort Weyr Master Weaver
Clarrus Father Fort Weyr Cook


Title OOC Date Cast
Longstaff January 22, 2016 Russall, R'yal
The First Rule of Fort Club... October 26, 2016 Doktah, Metan, Pamberna, Russall
Suspicious? November 3, 2016 Rulayn, Russall