Portrayed By Rachel Hurd-Wood
Gender Female
Aliases Roo, "Laynie"
Place of Birth Fort Weyr
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Dragonhealer (Grade 1)
Theme Song True Colours (DS3 Cover)


Rulayn is a woman whose fair skin is dry and quite pale. Her hair is a shade of light brown, although from a closer inspection one would notice that there are various streaks of a lighter blonde and fawn which form an uneven set of bangs. Her hair is trimmed back to shoulder-length with a few messy strands hanging loose across her face. Sunken blue-grey eyes seem alert enough and they constantly flicker around, studying the various occupants and scenery surrounding her. The other more prominent features of the woman's young face were a petite, upturned nose and soft, pink lips. Her cheekbones are high and slightly gaunt, but her face seems framed in a pretty average manner despite the slightly asymmetrical appearance. She couldn't exactly be considered beautiful nor ugly.

Rulayn's body itself is slender in appearance, with a build similar to a sprinter. In fact, at a first glance, she seems underweight. What little muscle there is visible can be found clearly in the woman's thighs and upper arms. Long, thin fingers hold well-groomed nails although often there is visible dirt beneath them. Despite this, she doesn't seem unclean. In fact, she smells of a variety of spices which wouldn't be out of place around the kitchen! Often her clothing seems filthy as a result of her work, but never tattered or well-worn.


Born in Fort Weyr as a whelp to a resident Harper and an unknown (and "unfortunate") Rider, Rulayn grew up with songs of Threadfall and the stories of how the great peril had been cleansed from Pern forever. Far too young to know history, Rulayn's education mostly came from her mother and consisted of learning the basics of her trade and the past generations who flew the skies to eradicate the Thread. Never did Rulayn learn the identity of her Rider father, nor ever feel inclined to. Being a "bastard" child as many others were, the girl naturally assumed many children such as herself would never learn the identity of their Rider parent.

As soon as Rulayn was old enough to perform tasks she would assist the drudges with their duties - from carrying laundry to sweeping floors and serving meals. It was only when Rulayn reached the age of a young teenager that her desire to follow a trade finally emerged. Despite her mother's hopes of becoming a performing Harper, Rulayn instead opted for the less glamorous path of Beastcraft. Not before long she was tending to llamas and runners alike, enjoying the colder outdoor climate and the company of other aspiring youngsters who dreamt of pursuing more elaborate crafts involving the vast 'new' technology. Being more of a simple person, Rulayn cared little for such things and continued her work at the Weyr's Beasthold. Often she would visit the feeding grounds when Dragons were making their kills and watch them from a distance.

Shortly after the seventeenth anniversary of her birth, Rulayn found herself elevated to the more complicated task of tending to the great beasts themselves. Summoned with a few others to assist a Weyrhealer as an errand girl, Rulayn quickly proved herself a fast learner as she developed an understanding of Dragon anatomy. As she was not offered the chance to undertake dragonhealing studies at the time, Rulayn's returned to the stables and continued to work there.

Close to Rulayn's twentieth turnday, she left her work behind in the stables and was finally granted a position to study dragonhealing instead. It was around this time she was first Searched for Fort Weyr. Although making every effort to be good and play by the rules, ultimately she was one of the Candidates who was left standing on the Sands.


Name Relation Location Position
Marcine Mother Fort Weyr Harper
??? Father Fort Weyr Green Rider
Lexi Aunt Igen Hold Resident

Notable Information

This list contains information that may be known by other characters (particularly those who are also Weyr residents):

  • Rulayn loves to eat and her favourite things are usually baked treats. Yet surprisingly, despite how much she eats, Rulayn always seems underweight.
    • Despite her appetite, Rulayn rarely drinks and she will not often be found in bars or lounges unless she's looking for company.
  • Rulayn has a 'thing' with Bronzeriders. Whether it's bad luck or just bad habit, Rulayn always seems to end up in the company of one.
    • The results of these interactions are never usually good.
  • Since becoming a Dragonhealer, Rulayn has made many friends among the Infirmary, and often looks up to the greenrider Tiye as a role model.
    • Despite this, Rulayn still also keeps contact with a few of her stablehand friends. Mostly the ones who she used to gamble with.
  • More coming soon!


Title OOC Date Cast
Kayeth and Velokraeth's Eggs Hatch (... and cause a bloody mess) December 2, 2016 A'ster, Aion, Am'ry, C'rus, Doktah, Ibreily, Jeltje, K'shok, L'gan, Leimna, M'icha, Merek, Metan, Nyalle, Rulayn, S'ic, Sygni, Th'ero, Thys, Vossrik, Xhanfyr
Post-Hatching Surprises December 2, 2016 A'ster, Aion, Ashwin, Doktah, J'en, K'shok, Raemar, Rulayn, S'dny, Th'ero, Thys


Make me a Deal Green Hatchling - "Petite"

Petite would be a kind word to call this green, with her smallish frame and lean, if not slender, build. She'd be every bit of a well-bred Lady if… she were one, for she is a creature of ethereal beauty and innocently sweet to the common eye. Polished jade masks her feminine features, not unlike the porcelain mask of a doll, as the pale, ghostly hues sweep over the curve of her head knobs. They are abruptly met by tumbling locks of pastel spring greens that cascade down the proud arch of her slender neck to pool over her back and shoulders. Faded grass green cloaks the rest of her body in an unblemished sweep from chest, curve of belly and to the tip of her whip-cord tail. Only her front forepaws carry that same jade hue as her face and the wicked curve of her talons so paled they are almost white. Her long and well portioned wings display a ghostly whirl of stardust in muted yellow-greens, forever trapped to dance along the edges of wingsails.

Not a Shrimp Blue Hatchling - "Jelly"

This blue firelizard is on the larger side of mid-sized, though his odd construction makes him seem longer. His limbs, neck, and tail are overly long - this, when paired with a build that's definitely on the lean side, gives him an odd and frail appearance. His eyes are huge, his nose is blunt, and his neckridges appear stretched into silliness. Patchy, faintly iridescent blues cover his hide, ranging from true blue to a slate blue that, when seen from afar, gives him the illusion of plates or scales - his neck and scale even look segmented, like some strange insect, though his hide is utterly smooth to the touch. And then there are his wings: long and narrow and a startlingly clear cobalt blue with an iridescent sheen to complete the appearance of a firelizard that might be trying to be something else just to fit in.


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