What if we could put our lives on hold and meet somewhere inside of the world? I would meet you. Would you meet me? - Blue October, 'what if we could'


A rather long individual, R'sner looks as if he never quite made it out of that awkward, lanky growth phase. His face is an elongated oval; nose crooked from a past break, his chin strong and masculine, with a bit of stubble. His hair is shaggy, in need of a trim, and black as ink. His eyes are a dark, cobalt blue beneath black brows. He stands about six and a half feet tall and is lanky rather than bulky. His body is that of a runner; wiry, taunt and toned.



Risner was born and raised in Fort Weyr. His father, a brownrider, fell in love with his mother, a barmaid. They had a rather successful relationship, and Risner is their fourth child (with two more following close behind him). Risner has the unfortunate honor of being the first, and only, son. He clung to whatever male friends he had, and detested all things girly. As a child, he strove to become a dragonrider "just like dad!" But as that dream wasn't realized, and Risner grew older and more mature, he started dabbling in other pursuits. When no craft spoke to him, he began looking for positions around the Weyr. Though he was handy with tools, and OK with animals, he wanted something more specialized. Coming from such a large family, Risner desired the chance to show off and develop something uniquely his. Having been taunt a bit of bartending by his mother, Risner decided to give bartending a shot. He became known as a swift learner and eventually developed a knack for mixing new and creative drinks. He finally found his place behind the counter of a bar.

A few months into his sixteenth turn, Risner found himself Searched (by K'shan's green Nawyth). More of a demand than an offer, Risner accepted Candidacy and all the rules that were required of it, despite his growing affection for a young beastcrafter also recently Searched. He made it through, despite rules and chores that were both unfamiliar and restrictive to the lad. When the Hatching finally came at the unGodly hour of 2am, Risner was among the lucky eleven to walk away with a dragonet: Second-in-Command to No One green Toith.

Other PC Impressions: S'phoj (Joseph) and bronze Tevenoth, M'lo (Milodann) and brown Irelanth, Meo (Moydeo) and brown Furuihaneth, Ely (Elyciana) and green Maglinoth, and N'drei (Wyndrei) and green Shisuth.

Very early on, R'sner knew he was outmatched and overwhelmed by his rambunctious, tomboy of a green. In less than a month, she had broken his nose (accidently of course) and landed him in trouble. It would be the first of a serious of unfortunate events and even more unfortunate punishments. No matter what he did, R'sner found himself on the Weyrlingmaster's bad-side and punishment-list. Toith was rough, tough, loud and messy, driven to prove herself at whatever the cost. Almost at birth, an intense rivalry that borderlined hatred sprang up between Toith and her sister, Maglinoth. R'sner spent most of his Weyrlinghood trying to find a balance of control between himself, Toith, and the rest of the world. But despite all odds, they made it through in one piece and graduated on time.

It was halfway through weyrlingmood that R'sner began to talk with Roc Wingleader, B'ky. Through a serious of unfortunate events (one in which involving a wrestling game between Toith and Avideth), R'sner found himself apologizing more and more to the Roc Wingleader. What began so simply as a conversation turned into a drive to prove himself, and R'sner vowed early on that he would prove to everyone, Weyrlingmaster and Wingleader alike, that Toith had what it took to fill any position within the Weyr. When B'ky made his doubts about her clear. R'sner decided that Roc Wing was where he wanted to be. He would prove beyond a doubt that Toith was capable of more than troublemaking. Toward the end of Weyrlinghood, he took the initiative to approach B'ky and ask for a posting in Roc. Test us howeveryou want, we will succeed. That was R'sner's promise. And he succeeded. Upon graduation, R'sner and Toith were tapped into the transport wing, Roc.

While life as a dragonrider is far from what it was as a bartender, R'sner settled in with ease. A place of his own was a luxury he had never had before, and the greenrider took pride in his weyr. With time on his hands, R'sner sought additional hobbies and activities around Fort Weyr, and Pern itself. It was on this quest that he got to know the archivist, and bluerider, A'di better. As things tend to do, what started off as a casual acquaintanceship turned into a friendship and, eventually, a romantic relationship though it did not last.


Name Relation Location Position Status
<name> Mother Fort Weyr Barmaid NPC
<name> Father Fort Weyr Brownrider (Mikath) NPC
?? Older Sis ?? Housewife NPC
?? Older Sis ?? Engaged NPC
<name> Older Sis Xanadu Weyr Minecraft App. PC-ish
?? Younger Sis Fort Weyr Resident NPC
?? Younger Sis Fort Weyr Resident/brat NPC

Except for Mother/Father, all NPC siblings are "adoptable" under the right circumstances. @mail or Page me in-game to discuss it.



Second-in-Command to No One Green Toith

I got a brand new attitude and I'm gonna wear it tonight. I wanna get in trouble, I wanna start a fight. -p!nk 'so what'

Toith's Inspiration

Vivid verdant veracity encapsulates this hoyden in brash color, fearless in the face of judgement. Built along stout lines and broad frame, an even coat of green-apple perfection covers her brawny musculature and is her only saving grace from mistaken masculine identity. Smudges of fresh-dirt topsoil accentuate her boxy, bulky brawn: along the lines of a square'd headknob, the heavy edge of neckridge, marking the top of strong shoulders and each blunt paw, tipped with chalky talons. Her markings seem to be the summation of her soul: careless and undaunted, a debutante's nightmare, the very vision of a tomboy.



Hatchling: Lady of Internal Disarray Green Hatchling

Electric green shimmers along her smooth hide, darkening only at her wingsails and tail-tip. A narrow muzzle leads towards jutting eyeridges that frame her ever-watchful eyes. Neckridges are tipped in the faintest emerald, the color trickling down her neck and back to spread out like a frost over the tops of her wings. Her legs are stocky, well-muscled, the paws tipped in bronzen talons that glimmer gold in the sunlight. Her body overall is lean and lithe, not the least bit pudgy. The long whip that is her tail twitches now and again at annoyances, giving her a personality as electric as the green on her little body.

Egg: Dry Plains and Vast Expanses Egg

Dry earth settles across this egg in a ruddy undertone, broken only by scrubby low lying bushes and sparce shade. Intermittently, little sprigs of yellow grasses peek up from the barren ground, as if reaching skyward for some reprieve from the daunting heat. White, leafless branches cast arching shadows that stretch out like broken, gnarled fingertips. The far horizon is a pure and peircing blue that stands out against the landscape. Not a single whisp or cloud interrupts the sky as it stretches on to the violent impressions of distant hazy mountains.