Portrayed By Alex Pettyfer
Gender Male
Aliases Raya
Place of Birth Stonehaven Cothold, Fort Region
Current Location Harper Hall / Fort Weyr
Occupation Journeyman Harper


Standing at roughly 6’2”, at first there is little remarkable about Rayathess and he seems not to mind that in the least. Tall though he is, he is lean in an athletic sort of way, his build muscular but not overly so. Wavy, dirty blonde hair is kept short cropped and forever giving him a tousled appearance and suits his lightly tanned complexion. His face is squared but with a strong jawline, giving him a slightly more matured edge. Narrowed hazel eyes appear bright and keen, his thicker eyebrows lending an almost gentling touch, while his nose is short and rounded at the end and set above a full lipped mouth.

His tastes in clothing seem to favor a modest sort of streak and preference towards practical and sturdy, rather than anything fancy. Most days he can be seen wearing a sturdy woven short sleeved tunic, either left undyed or of a neutral shade of off-white, grey, beige or brown. His pants are also made of a sturdy material, well fitted to his build and height. Around his waist he wears a thick leather belt and at his left hip he always wears a few knives — tools mostly, or so he leads on. On his feet he wears a pair of worn but thick, black leather boots and he carries an Apprentice Harper's knot pinned to his shoulder.


At his core, Rayathess is a confident but easy going young man, not without a humorous and joking streak to him even though he appears to be quiet and contemplative. He is sociable but does not actively seek it. Since his younger Turns, he’s been a fast learner and proven to be quite adaptable, which lead to him developing a rather imaginative, self-sufficient and resourceful traits. He has an interesting quirk of being good with names, able to recall many of them and any of them. But when it comes to landmarks or other details, such as facial features, he is woefully poor at recall which both baffles and frustrates him.

Due to the events in his life and the significant trauma, he has developed a few new changes in his personality, most of which are a result of him having to cope and shield himself from the stress. Where he was once easy going, he is now resilient and focused to a near flaw. Often tense and edgy, he no longer has as much confidence and is prone to lapsing into self-doubt when too analytical. As a result, he avoids making decisions from fear of choosing the wrong one. This in turn causes him to be impatient at times and lash out if he’s pushed too much. He will become restless, tired of waiting and ready to move and DO something — which leads many to think he’s in fact impulsive and hasty, if not completely hot-headed.

He has also developed a rather cynical mindset and point of view, seeing nothing but the worst in other people until they can earn his trust. Until then, most of their actions he’ll see as nothing more than feeding selfish motives and is not overly trusting of others. Some could call him jumpy and skittish and they wouldn’t be far off the mark. Almost without meaning to, he is callous as well when under too much pressure or stress and in particular about his emotions and relationships, showing a lack of sympathy to others and an insecurity to himself. He’ll shield and push people away, looking out only for himself and his interests.

But there is one relationship few know about and one Rayathess is very protective over and that is of his sister. He is super focused and devoted to her, perhaps to make up for all that occured to their family.

While still possessing an imaginative mind, it’s almost as he’s found a limit — likely self-imposed — as he is disinterested in anything “new” or “radical”. Having been fed Laris’ warped views, he has lapsed back to traditional views with an almost fervent passion and can be almost superstitious in some instances.

And he is not without his flaws, though for most of his life Rayathess only had minor ones. Little things that would either have people shaking their heads or chuckling over it. Those likely still remain, but now he carries more serious flaws with him — quietly. There is shame and self-blame which linger from the traumatic change in his life. He also carries mild cases of what we know as Stockholm syndrome (towards his captives, not Laris) and PTSD. In time they may mend and part of him is aware that he is flawed, so the symptoms will rarely manifest in public unless he’s put under a great deal of stress.


Rayathess is a plot-specific character to the Stonehaven/Laris TP arc, so parts of his past are intentionally left vague. If you have any questions regarding the TP, please feel feel to @mail Fort Staff.

Rayathess is the first born son of Ezra (Sr) and Aleutai, both cotholders to a remote holding deep in the northern regions of Fort’s territory. The cotholds location high in the mountains was previously a mine outpost, but when the mines ran dry, a family of cotholders took over the area and have held it for generations. Rayathess’ name in fact comes from the first founder of Stonehaven, which has always instilled a bit of pride in him since he was a young boy.

His early life was without much hardship. He was well loved and cared for and despite some harsher Turns, he had all he needed and did not go wanting. Even as his younger brother was born and then later his sister, he continued to learn under his parents and the other adults in the cothold how to tend to what livestock they had, as well as the rudimentary start to Stonecrafting and Woodcrafting for the autumn and winter months when snow and ice would isolate their holding. But it also prepared him for a better understanding for how Stonehaven ran and how it survived being so remote and relying on such crucial and minimal exports.

Rayathess developed a strong bond with his siblings, though there were still the occasional spats of rivalry between them. But there was no denying that Stonehaven also flourished, as it was, because of the traditions and familial bonds. He had no major ambitions, beyond working dutifully to his tasks and under his parents watchful eye. As the eldest son, he was no doubt beginning to be groomed as a possible successor, something that Rayathess thought upon and then discarded. Why worry over it when there were still many Turns to go and even then it was uncertain?

One mid-winter night changed everything, however and his idyllic life ended in a blur of chaos and violence. Now he is far from his home, his memories haunted with snippets of his father and other Stonehaven cotholders lying dead in the snow and he being bound and blindfolded as he and his sister were transported to some southern and remote location. He has no idea if his mother has survived or what fate his youngest sibling, Ezra, has come to.

It has been Turns since then and Rayathess has changed in his struggle to survive in the new world he finds himself in. He’s with a different sort of “family” now, one he adopted as a shield to protect himself and his younger sister. But now things are moving forwards… and he is taking the first risks he may ever have done in his life in an attempt to save them both.


Name Relation Location Position
Ezra (Sr.) Father (deceased) Stonehaven Cothold cotholder
Aleutai Mother (missing) Unknown cotholder
Ezra Brother Stonehaven Cothold / Fort Weyr Lord Heir
Anrila Sister Fort Weyr Child


"Smile, Mr. Vulcan!" Brown Neelix
At hatching, this peppy brown is definitely bigger than one would expect, especially around the middle. He's girthy and a little rotund but that in no way dampens his ability to move with confidence and never-ending-curiosity. His hide is very pale tan, though dark splotches of ochre and mahogany form heavily at the base of his sound receptors and flow ever downward towards his tail. His wings are his finest — and darkest — feature, colored deep, reddish brown with whispy, almost whisker-ish looking striations of thin, pale striping swathing across and down the sails. In terms of personality, this firelizard is all. about. FUN! No frowning in his presence! Some bark-brown coloring around the corners of his muzzle make him look as if perpetually smiling, which mixes well with his antics of trying to make others laugh through comedic movements and comically timed noises. If a room's mood is a little too dour, you can expect him to start prancing around and trying to lighten things up a little. And while it may not be apparent just from looking at him, this guy is more empathetic than most firelizards and will always stay close to his owner and try to brighten things up when they get too dark. Given his girth — he must have sucked every single drop of nutrients out of his egg before hatching — this brown is prone to overeating and may need to be trained well to prevent getting too heavy to fly.

Off With Her Head Green Cervena
Large for a green, this still small hatchling is covered in a olive drab green hide. Patches of light green, lime and occasional flecks of brown are interspersed from head to tail. Her muzzle is mainly of the light green, although the skin around her eyes and mouth is brillantly lime in color. Be careful not to lose this little one in the vegetation!

Wheels Go Round Brown Gren
This firelizard is fat. Or fluffy. It's difficult to tell, really, except to say that he looks…poofy. So luxuriously poofy and almost soft, striations across his hide giving it a fur-like texture. His coloration is mixed and mottled, a light tan starting between his eyes and over his muzzle, darkening in streaks over his cheeks and down his neck and throat. Across his neckridges and back more indistinct stripes and spots are patterned, randomly but with an evenness to their placement. The darker brown color continues to grow across his haunches, until it takes over the coloring of his tail, down to its fork. Paws are dipped in cream, which continues along his belly to end at his back legs.



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