Portrayed By Rafael Lazzini
Gender Male
Aliases Ral
Place of Birth Lemos
Current Location Fort Weyr
Occupation Journeyman Glasscrafter
Craft Glasscraft
Speciality Delicate Glasswork


Ralik looks as if he spends a lot of time outside, possibly pushing rocks around. He's tall, with a sturdy frame covered in solid muscle and skin that seems browned more by exposure to heat more than nature, enough so that a variety of freckles are actually standing out along his forearms, shoulders, and certain other places. He has hard lines to his features, with a square jaw and angular cheekbones, one of his eyebrows actually showing a small scar where the hair has not grown back. His eyes are best classified as a bit intense, giving the impression of mild glaring even when he's carrying a neutral expression. The eyes are somewhat offset by their color, a warm, liquid amber, flecked with black and a hint of green around the pupil; unfortunately, they tend to get darker when he's mad, so it doesn't help all that much. His hair is a thick, dark brown with faint hints of red, unruly and untenable when it's loose, but typically drawn back in a tight, short ponytail to keep it out of his face. It seems to suffer from a distinct apathy of style. Even with his sharp features, his mouth is almost unfortunately expressive, broad and somewhat sensitive so that it twitches in response to his moods.


The oldest son of Rayati and Valik, a farming couple on the edges of Lemos, Ralik grew up with the understanding that he had one job in life and that was to follow in his father's footsteps. He didn't want to, farming is quite possibly the most mind-numbing task you can be left with (in his opinion, anyway), but he was the oldest and that's how it works. Having to deal with his parents' somewhat demanding personalities far before his other two siblings, it might be understood that Ralik typifies your surly young farmer personality. He found ways to spend the time that wasn't getting put into the ground, albeit no one ever had any idea what he was doing most of the time. None of their business, was it? Perhaps resenting his younger siblings' seemingly less pressured positions in the family, he was never any closer to them than he was to anyone else. That doesn't mean he doesn't care about them, of course, but no teenager enjoys bearing the brunt of the family's future squarely on their unwilling head.

It was when Ralik was sixteen that his younger brother, Ravyal, decided he wasn't going to be a farmer and left to join the Weavercraft. For Ralik, who had never even considered there might be another option in life, it was something of a slap upside the head. Ralik was built for farmwork, unlike his brother, but they shared a lack of real interest in it. A shock to his parents, he promptly left only a month later, intent on joining GlassCraft, something no one had seen coming. He had apparently been spending all that free time off hanging out with the Hold's resident GlassCrafter, learning something no one would've attributed to him. Despite being an older apprentice, the resident GlassCrafter was willing to speak for him and he moved fairly smoothly through his classes. During this time, he had no contact with his family, albeit not entirely intentionally. His parents had a much more negative reaction to him leaving than to Ravyal and generally tried to keep it quiet, lest people (including his brother) learn that their kids were jumping ship, so to speak. Now that he's twenty-two, he's a late bloomed journeyman who is tired of small Holdwork and is seeking a contract at Fort Weyr, partially after hearing the news that his brother has become a Candidate for the current clutch, partially because they have some wicked stonework there. Whatever the case, his teachers are just hoping he gets sent back in one piece.


Name Relation Location Position
Rayati Mother Lemos Farmer
Valik Father Lemos Farmer
R'yal Brother Fort Weyr Wingrider
Unnamed Sister Lemos -

Gratuitous Hotness



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