Layered hair is cut to frame this man's rounded face, short through the back and sides and left slightly longer but chipped on top and styled with gel for a carefully mussed look. Time in the sun has given the uneven strands a multiple different hues, ranging from a dusty ash to light blond on the uppermost layers. Settled between sage green eyes is a nose that borders on petite, with just a hint of a turning up at the tip. The pale eyes appear somewhat large due to the contrast against his tanned skin. A stubbornly set jaw adds just enough in the way of corners to offset the softness of his features. Despite this they still lend to a boyish appearance, though there are hints of creases beginning to form around his eyes and across his forehead.


Rhalin was born soon after his Journeyman weaver parents moved from Igen hold to Keroon hold, leaving his older brother Ta'sin behind. Sadly his older sister Rhelia also came with to Keroon so quickly she became his permanent babysitter while his parents did their craft thing. This worked mainly fine, and though Rhelia's bossy behavior caused the boy to begin to rebel, he mainly stayed in check. Once his older sister reached puberty though, she quickly started paying much more attention to boys her age, and next to little time keeping an eye on her brother. This caused problems to say the least, especially as he became something of an attention-seeker, getting it however he could. So finally Talia and Rhesin decided to send the boy off to his greenrider brother at the weyr, hoping he could keep a better eye on the boy. Or at least pay attention to him.


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Insatiable Gaunt Beauty of a Green Niarleth


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